Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

I’ve Seen All Good People

Didn’t do much of anything yesterday, just watched TV. It was dreary, skies threatening to rain. I went out and got the papers and ran a couple of errands throughout the day. It certainly wasn’t turning out to be a beach day. I did put it out there to Julio earlier in the week but he mentioned that his air conditioner in his car isn’t working right now due to a leak of freon. He scoffed at my idea of using duct tape to cover up the leak. It sounded good to me, but then again, what do I know?

I got the papers for Julio and Stine, no bagels since they are on the no carbs diet thing that pops up in their lives every now and then. Good for them I say! More bagels for everyone. I watched Venus, starring Peter O’Toole the night before. It was better than I expected. A very nice story, once again from one of my favorite screenwriters, Hanif Kureishi. He wrote Sammy and Rosie Get Laid and My Beautiful Laundrette, which is one of my all time favorite films. He also wrote the Buddha of Suburbia which I never saw and that has a soundtrack by David Bowie.

Venus was great, it shows a glimpse into the lives of old men and women. I think I understood how old men are from that movie than from seeing the old men and women in my life. Well, a nicer British version perhaps. The wonderful Vanessa Redgrave was in the film too and I love her. Always loved her since seeing Camelot on TV at 7 Riverview Avenue, where I watched it with Marge Williams who reminded me of Vanessa Redgrave. Marge mentioned to me that she loved Vanessa Redgrave so I guess I caught it from her. She was no Zionist hoodlum. Jodie Whittaker was a bit annoying at first but by the end she’s likable. It’s recommended.

No Juan this weekend, he was doing his own thing, as was Julio and Stine and Bill, who had gone to church. No church for Julio and Stine that is. Julio was mowing grass in West New York before the rain came. Stine was doing whatever it is that she does while Julio mows lawns. I wandered around Hoboken going to the store and that store and not buying anything. The park was overrun by children and their parents so that was a must to avoid.

I came home and watched something on the telly which I don’t remember. (Actually The Stand again. Brother Frank called from the hospital and told me it was on. We talked a few times throughout the day) Then I put on the Da Vinci Code for background noise. Bill came home soon after than and we both got caught up in the movie which was flawed but a good way to kill some time as the rain poured down. Audrey Tautou is always good to watch, and everybody loves Tom Hanks. And Ian McKellan is in it too for bonus points.

We watched The Sopranos which was crazy excellent and surprising and sad. No spoilers. I’m not giving anything away, though if you have a chance to watch it, do so. Entourage was good too but a bit of a come down after watching the Sopranos. Next week is the series finale for Tony and company. Things had be be resolved by then.

Up for work this morning, more rain. Got to work, did whatever it was that I do, including some more errands from which I was a bit wet on my return. The day past by fast enough and by the end of the day it changed from steady rain to some mists. Frank is scheduled for an operation tomorrow morning so you praying types out there, PRAY. For everyone else, good vibrations in the direction of Frank in Hackensack. He’ll appreciate it and I know we all will. Mankind that is.

Initial it, with loving care…