Daily Archives: June 2, 2007

Metal Postcard

It’s Saturday. The other day when Juan was over the weather forecast was for rain every day until next Wednesday. It hasn’t happened. Maybe a spritz here and there but that’s it. I’m not complaining as I just got back from the hospital where I saw brother Frank once again. I went last night and I went today. Yesterday was because I heard how depressed he was, being stuck in a hospital for the second week will do that to you. I went to cheer him up. I printed out some Maureen Dowd columns from the New York Times as well as a few by Dick Cavett, and some reviews of various shows and exhibitions around Manhattan. I also burned a few cds, some Eno stuff including some ambient pieces, an Xtc live cd, and a few Beatles cds including Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as it is the 40th anniversary weekend of that record.

I thought it would tie in nicely with the Revolution in the Head book that I gave him the other day so he can listen to certain tracks and read about how they were recorded, what color socks Paul was wearing, what type of acid John had just come down from, what digestive biscuits was George eating and whether or not Ringo had rewritten someone else’s song. Yes it’s anal like that, but not as anal as the Marc Lewisohn’s book, The Beatles Sessions, which is fun, has a few pictures and also in hardcover which doesn’t lend itself to easy portability. But what does these days anyway?

My niece Cory was there yesterday with Elaine and we all had a nice talk. I was there for three hours and I did want to go home. I was offered a ride but begged off since I had a feeling it was going to have a few detours that would have delayed my going home. I was talking to Annemarie as I was walking to the bus stop and had a change of heart and decided to take the offer of a ride home with Elaine and Cory. Yes there was a delay but it wasn’t too bad. Meghan was running around Century Park and wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to go hang out in Garfield and Cory drove me home to Hoboken after a dirty look from Meghan. She’s 25 so she’s entitled I guess.

I came home and was quite tired. I turned on Law and Order for some background noise and decided not to write last night. Bill came home a little after 10:00 while a commercial break was on and asked me how Frank was doing. I proceeded to tell him then Law and Order came back on and Bill’s attention was totally taken by the show. That upset me but I didn’t say anything. Bigger fish to fry and after 6 years with Bill and me tuning him out a lot when he rambles on and on, I suppose it’s quid pro quo for him to tune me out when fat head Fred Thompson spiels forth with his homespun wisdom written by the liberal Hollywood elite. I do hope fat head Fred runs for president since that means they won’t be showing the episodes featuring fat head Fred until after the election.

This morning I woke up after not sleeping so well yet again. I had some coffee, showered and went out for the papers and some bagels. Came home, Bill was awake. I was so so. Had some breakfast and read the papers while Bill did his vocal exercises in the bedroom. I did some laundry and after that decided to go back out to Hackensack. If I was bored I’d rather be bored with Frank who was also bored. Caught a bus to Union City then waited for another bus to Hackensack. Frank was in bed watching the beginning of Goodfellas which is a classic movie and we sat there pointing out who was who, mainly picking out faces that would later turn up in episodes of the Sopranos. Elaine and Cory showed up once again, only this time with no offer of a ride back to Hoboken. I didn’t mind, it wasn’t raining.

Caught a bus to Union City and got off and walked to the Four Star Diner where I had a burger which I walked off on my walk down to Hoboken, dodging cars that don’t stop at stop signs and being startled by goofy teenagers who just got their licenses and having passengers scream out the window as they drive by, slamming on their brakes. I trust karma to do it’s job, I just know I won’t be around when it does happen.