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You Really Got A Hold On Me

Monday, back to work day. I’m sure Eddie and Mary Ann will pop up somewhere down the line, just not tonight at least. Judging by all the feedback I got from that piece of fiction, and considering the feedback I get from most everything I write, it’s amazing that I write at all. But that’s neither here nor there, for still I write. It’s end of the month and that means I need a new bus pass. I could’ve gotten it on Saturday but forgot all about it, so I figured on getting it today but a hundred other people had the same idea.

Bill and I watched the Sopranos last night which was excellent of course, then Entourage which was good and the De La Hoya/Mayweather documentary which has Bill and myself looking forward to the bout this weekend. Then it was off to bed for Bill with me watching some of the news before I eventually joined him in a horizontal state of slumber. It was a good sleep, no apocalyptic dreams as far as I could remember and I didn’t hit Bill in my sleep. It was totally win win.

Then it was shower, coffee, cereal, email and weather reports as well as checking out Otis Livingston to see what he’s wearing today. It’s uncanny we’re almost always in sync mostly, today though, not so much. He’s a good looking cat, that much I do know. Definite eye candy. I ran for the bus this morning, something I never do, but I know if I can get this certain bus it would be an easy ride. If not, then it’s a twenty minute wait and that changes everything. I finally finished the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and I still highly recommend it. He also has a website, if you can’t make it to your library.

Work was good today and I learned a major secret about being an office manager. An office manager delegates and I delegated. I have so much to do and I’m not complaining about the amount of work, but one thing distracts me from another thing I’m working on, then someone asks me to do something else and this goes on all day and the original thing I was working at falls by the wayside and when I get back to it I have no idea what I was doing. So I delegated a project I’ve been working on and it’s almost finished, allowing me to continue on my merry way.

I subscribe to the New York Times online and I was invited to a seminar at the Institudo Cervantes, the Spanish Institute which happens to be across the street from my office. It was about acting with Raul Esparza, Lauren Velez, Daphne Rubin Vega and Moises Kaufman talking about being Latino actors and directing. I brought Bill along and ran into his parent’s neighbor Jane and her kid Janelle. That was nice, after the entertaining seminar we had wine in the courtyard on a beautiful spring evening.

We held hands on the bus ride home as Bill talked about his acting and looking forward to the two of us sitting in the audience at an awards show when Bill’s name gets called. He sits there speechless, not knowing what is going on as I mouth the words ‘Get up motherfucker! You won!’ For some reason I can easily see that happening, as well as my sister watching it on TV and screaming. We sat there laughing and holding hands and in the back of my mind, I think about how uneasy some people around us might be by the fact that we’re holding hands.

Nothing happened, but it is still a revolutionary act, holding hands.

Miracle Cure


Eddie and Mary Ann were not having a good power walk. It was an okay day but the two of them started off on the wrong foot. Mary Ann went out with her girlfriends last night and didn’t get home until late or rather, early in the morning. Eddie wasn’t upset at all about that, since he went out with his boys the night before. No, he was upset with the fact that Mary Ann was hungover as hell. He told her to eat before she went out but she didn’t pay him any mind and now she was paying the price.


Even though she gave up smoking a few months ago, she had a few cigarettes last night and he had no cause for complaints for he too did the same the night before. They walked around Pier A in Hoboken, attempting a fast pace but not achieving it since Mary Ann wasn’t operating on all cylinders. She was a bit stressed about the upcoming work week and she was also stressed about that guy from the bar who wanted to buy her a drink. She turned him down politely and thought that would be the end of that. But it wasn’t.


She didn’t want to tell Eddie but it looked like the guy who tried to buy her a drink was following the two of them. Maybe it was him, maybe it wasn’t. Things did get a bit blurry the night before and with all the joggers and runners and power walkers in Hoboken, could she really be sure that this guy was the same one? And the three guys they had just walked past, could it be that they were at the bar last night too? Have all the demons from hell, or from the bar come to haunt her on this melancholy Sunday?


Eddie was oblivious to it all as usual and Mary Ann was annoyed with the fact that Eddie wasn’t tuned into her hung over paranoia. But she could let him know. Maybe he would attribute it to her menstrual cycle. He really didn’t know when her time of the month came, just noted her discomfort. Then he usually took cover and made himself scarce, which according to Mary Ann was a good thing. Mary Ann was tired now and wanted a nap. If the sun was out and shining, she would suggest that she and Eddie just lay in the grass for a little while.


But everything was soggy from all the rain the past few days. It was a good idea for Mary Ann and Eddie just to keep power walking on, past her past. Eddie just wanted to get home and watch TV. He didn’t care much. He didn’t notice the jogger a dozen yards behind them, pacing himself to keep a safe distance from Mary Ann. Eddie asked her if she maybe wanted a pizza later on and she gave him a look that reminded him that she was on yet another diet.


Mirror In The Bathroom

Well the day started out watching 300 on a bootlegged dvd that I bought for $5.00 last week and it’s very good quality. A copy from a dvd, not much loss generation-wise. Now it’s later than usual and I’m watching again, this time with Roda and Bill. It’s been an interesting day to say the least. I woke up around 7-ish which was ok. Did the usual Saturday thing, bagels, papers, supermarket. Laundry I did yesterday thanks to Julio and his awesome suggestion on getting a new power strip. Since I had read the papers it seemed like a good enough time to watch 300.

Of course it’s violent, but done in a comic book style and since I used to read comic books all the time and still do on that rare occasion, I really didn’t mind the gore. Those Spartans sure looked good in their leather speedos. Each and everyone of them were remarkably cut. Lot’s of CG as well, almost as good as the Lord of the Rings movies. I know Pedro really liked it, he called me up soon after he saw it, giving it rave reviews. It would’ve been a perfect movie to see with him

I also have The Queen, Notes on A Scandal, and Color Me Kubrick from Netflix that I haven’t seen yet. I am looking forward to all three and since it’s Netflix I can take my time. The day was cloudy and warm and I decided to head into the city. I took the bus in and walked over to Grand Central Station to see Kathe Charas where she works selling bags and whatnot. It was fun, I hadn’t seen her in quite a while. She seems happy and we swapped stories about rotten teeth.

Then I hopped on the 6 train and headed down to Canal Street looking for a set of headphones like the ones I had a few months ago. I really liked them and they had a volume control and cost about $17.00. I’ve seen them in Times Square for about $50.00. They’re not that good. $17.00 is the best price, but I’m used to the ones I have now anyway, just no volume control. Boo hoo. I walked through Soho, a nice place to visit if you don’t work there, but I was nowhere near McMann and Tate’s offices. Walked past what used to be CBGB’s, it’s now closed, nothing there anymore.

Walked down St. Mark’s Place and went into Sounds to kill sometime before I surprised Bill at the final performance of The Crooner at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Bought the English Beat Greatest Hits cd, then went to Veselka where I had a burger. Walked though Tompkins Square Park past two dudes playing ultimate Frisbee with acrobatic moves. Talked to Annemarie on the phone outside the Cafe before heading in. After the phone call I see some guy who looks familiar, turns out to be Roda who Bill had run into a few days before.

He looked good, dressed really well and lost some pounds. He’s such a great friend, it was good to hang out with Roda, he’d never been to the Cafe before and I sounded almost like a veteran, having been there over a dozen times at least. Now it’s late and I’m going to bed.


Here’s some pics!






Weather Radio

It’s Friday and I think I did jinx myself and not only that, I was thisclose to being an idiot. The jinx part first. Today was the slowest day of work so far and I jinxed it yesterday by writing about how fast the days go flying by. I knew that might happen when I was writing it but I did it anyway. Tempting fate? Perhaps. The idiot part was the fact that the washing machine that I do my laundry in, located in the kitchen has been behaving oddly. I thought the machine was on it’s last legs and I dreaded asking the invisible man of a landlord about it.

The thing is, when I moved in here 5 years ago the invisible man of a landlord wanted to jack up my rent $100 for the washing machine. I said no thanks, he can take it. I really didn’t use the machine for months until Pedro hipped me to the fact that the landlord was never going to take it away. So with Pedro’s backing me up (he’d beat up the landlord if I asked him to) I have been using it almost every weekend. Like I said it’s been acting up so I asked Julio if he knew anything about washing machines since Julio knows most things about everything and if he doesn’t, he acts like he does. It’s all part of his charm.

And charmingly enough, Julio said, ‘Maybe it’s your power strip.’ So after days of forgetting about the power strip I remembered to buy one on the way home. I asked the cute guy in the hardware store where the power strips were and he pointed to his amply packed crotch. “I got a nice power strip here for you, long and hard. Ready for some good pluggin’. Are you down with that?” How could I say no? Well there was nothing really to say because it didn’t really happen. He did ask again for what I was looking for, and I told him a power strip for plugging things in. He thought I meant a wall stripper, whatever that was. Heavens no. He himself could’ve made some money being a stripper though.

I came home a little while ago and decided to start on the laundry and sure enough Julio is a genius. The old power strip was kaput after all. That Julio can be brilliant sometimes. And other times? Well I’m not going there right now, but I am giving credit where credit is due. I chatted briefly online with yet another Latin named friend, Juan yesterday, letting him know that the Bjork tickets came in finally. We’re going to see her at Radio City next Wednesday, but we’re not sitting together. I was only able to get good seats individually, not together. So not together, we’re sitting on opposite sides of the orchestra. I’m looking forward to that. A week after that it’s Arcade Fire with brother Frank, where we will be sitting together, in decent seats on the first mezzanine.

Work was interesting today at least, though like I said, dreadfully slow. Tom Chin was better today, not the high strung thing he was yesterday. As I left with Vivek, I told him in the elevator that I like working there. He told me he thought it was great having me there, longingly caressing the his amply packed crotch. No wait. Too much xtube I guess. Slamming me against the elevator wall and forcing his tongue down my throat…oops! He really did say that it was great having me there and I was doing better than expected which is weird since, between you and me, I’m still trying to figure it all out. Could it be while fumbling about in the dark, I’m impressing them? It must be my edible crotchless panties.

Happy Birthday Song. 34 Years Young.

soldier story link

Monster Mash

Thursday. I went to sleep around 9:30 after feeling a bit light headed. Decided to record Lost as I planned and also recorded the rebroadcast of the Daily Show and The Colbert Report this morning since Ugly Betty and My Name is Earl/The Office is on during yet another broadcast. Yeah yeah I know, who cares? I slept really well though. Bill stayed up and did not watch Lost so I have no idea what actually happened. I had a really deep sleep and it felt good since I was so achy. Now, today I feel good enough for a play date.

I woke up, showered, coffee, cereal and the email. Bill went off to work before I did leaving me with a kiss. He looked so cute in his suit and tie and his rumpled hat. I feel like such a parent sometimes dealing with Bill. I made sure he had his umbrella just in case it rained and I spit on my fingers to smooth out his hair. Hey, I’ve got a poetic license to kill. For some reason I feel I should tell you here that I was reading the Republic of T last night and I recommend the entries about The Queer Thing About School Shooters. He wrote three pieces but I’ve only read the first two.

Work was busy and so far, day nine, and I am constantly surprised by how fast the day goes by. Of course, having written that I have jinxed myself and the days will crawl. Still working on working on a system while doing just about everything that is asked of me. Today I asked Tom Chin, the Chief Financial Officer how I was doing and he said I was doing really well and he’s happy with my work, mentioning that Greg Stevens and Vivek are happy with me too. Tom Chin also apologized for snapping at me earlier.

I had asked him this morning for some information and he proceeded to read me the info from a sheet of paper he had in his hands. I craned my neck to see what it was so I could write notes and that’s when he snapped. It wasn’t so bad and certainly wasn’t akin to Felicia snapping at me. He later told me he had some confidential documents that I wasn’t supposed to see and someone earlier had done a similar thing. He did apologize a few times and I let him off the hook. That’s me, Mr. Nice Guy. Hello! After you!

Now I’m home, just watched some of Ugly Betty. I was talking to Sweet Sarah on the phone. Been a while since we had spoken and I was recording Ugly Betty anyway. I guess I will watch those tomorrow night since nothing is on Fridays anyway and I certainly don’t go out and do anything anymore. Wait, that’s not true. I am going to see Bjork on May 2 and Arcade Fire on May 9 and in between is the Hoboken Art & Music Festival and Dr. John is headlining and an old friend Karen Kuhl is also on the bill.

Bend Down Low

It’s now a rainy Wednesday though it didn’t start out that way. I am now congested and have a sinus headache and I didn’t start out that way either. I went to bed at a decent hour last night after watching the Gilmore Girls, then Frontline about Global Warming and how the idiots in the White House are in total denial. Jeezy Creezy I hate them so much. I don’t think I’ve hated anyone as much as I hated these two motherfuckers. I don’t think I hated Ronald Reagan as much as these fools and that is saying quite a bit.

I woke up a few minutes earlier than the alarm clock, Bill was home and taking the day off to clean the apartment. I don’t exactly know what that means. The bed was made so I guess that might qualify. Bill wasn’t home so I couldn’t ask him. I felt fine as I showered and had some breakfast, got on the bus as usual and I noticed that my head was feeling congested. I continued reading Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’ and I highly recommend it. I’m now in the chapter where Dawkins is going through the old and new testaments, dissecting the books and chapters and wondering how so many people could believe these stories.

He easily refutes modern theologians statements about how no one takes the book of Genesis as literal truth, when actually a lot of people do. From the banishment from the Garden of Eden (what ever happened to the Garden once Adam and Eve were kicked out?), Noah and the flood, where god decides to just kill everyone except for Noah and his family and two of each animal. It seems like god is such a petty monster, to Abraham about to kill Isaac then changing his mind, Abraham pimping his wife Sarah to an Egyptian pharaoh, telling the pharaoh that Sarah was his sister (Genesis 12: 18-19). When the pharaoh found out, kicked their asses out of Egypt and Abe and Sarah wind up with the King of Gerar, where Ol’ Abe starts pimping Sarah again.

Could you imagine the psychological damage Isaac had after nearly being killed by his father, who in true Nuremberg style, was only following orders. I do so enjoy reading these dissections. I could go on, but I recommend reading the book. I enjoy it and certainly have gotten a few chuckles out of it. In an interesting note, I was just kicked out of a yahoo group for my atheism. I had a few words with a moderator who had a problem with Wiccans. I pointed out that his problems with the Wiccans could easily be applied to any religion. I guess I lined that cross, or maybe crossed that line. No big deal. I did rejoin under one of my noms de web just to follow the progress in group. What a Malaka.

This morning I had to help Greg Stevens get his passport renewed before he flies off to Bermuda on Friday morning. I was on hold with the State Department for nearly thirty minutes to no avail. Then I tried getting info from some companies that promise to be able to get a passport in 24 hours. It would cost close to $600 but that’s nothing really to these people. Greg was able to talk his way into the passport office, (located around the block from McMann and Tate) and will be picking up his renewed passport by 5:00 tomorrow. So he was happy and thanked me, though all I did was actually give him directions to the passport office.

I left work an hour earlier than usual, feeling stuffed up in the head and achy in the bones. I felt ok out on the street but indoors, I was woozy. Now I’m home, feeling ok and very hungry despite having a tuna sandwich a little while ago. I think it’s allergies since the weather is playing havoc with the pollen and whatnot. I’m going to take it easy tonight, just chill out, maybe watch Lost. I’m recording it just in case I can’t stay awake. I plan on going back to work tomorrow.

Spoke with Miriam today who just got home from the hospital after giving birth to a daughter, Meriah Grace Mazzerella, 7 lbs 10 oz. Yay! Mother, father and daughter are doing well.

Ride A White Swan

Today is Tuesday. It’s been a good day despite that George Bush was staying at the Waldorf Astoria around the block from my office which put my area in lockdown for a spell this afternoon. That was something. Tons of cops that I could see and there were probably quite a few that I couldn’t see, hidden away on rooftops. Yes, the chimp in charge flew into Manhattan and landed in the middle of Central Park via helicopter. He then headed up to Harlem to promote his No Child Left Behind nonsense in a charter school, surrounded by blocks of children that have been left behind.

Bill was at his folks last night so I was solo. I watched Heroes which you read about last night, and even watched the Daily Show so I could watch the Gilmore Girls, who I think, like the Sopranos are headed to the series finale. That would be something if Stars Hollow gets invaded by a bunch of goombahs on the lam, staying at the Dragonfly Inn. I could easily see Paulie Walnuts hitting on Rory. Both shows have dramatic story lines edged with comedy, I think that a crossover would work very nicely.

The day once again had temperatures in the upper 70’s. It was toasty warm this morning when I walked to work and of course I was drenched. That means that I will need to have an extra T-shirt on hand when I get to the office to change when I get to work. Luckily no one is actually in the office when I get there so I could probably change at my desk but I wouldn’t. I’d use the bathroom. I was busy enough today, Carla the receptionist was out today and Ted the chief financial officer was out as well. I was busier than ever and I didn’t mind. Vivek has been after me to clean out my desk so that I could have my own space, and the previous occupant who comes in at 7:30 to do some sort of work wold have her own cube.

I don’t think the previous occupant really works there, but helps out whomever she supported when she did. She doesn’t respond to my emails though and she does have information that I do need but she doesn’t communicate with me at all, just moves things on my desk. Also uses my computer and I know that because her log in screen is usually on my screen when I come in. She even left work for me to do but didn’t sign it so I really didn’t know who left it behind. And I tried to do it, but didn’t have any one I could ask about it. Plus I had plenty of my own work to do.

Due to the lockdown of the chimp I decided to run out and grab a quick lunch, no time for a salad hunt and no time at all for a Helen Hunt. Can’t stand her. Just wanted to add that for a long time and use it before it actually expired. I ate a burger and worked through my lunch and I really didn’t mind. I think I proved something today. I booked travel for a few partners, arranged for a shoe shine guy to come to the office a few times a week to shine shoes at $4.00 a pair, and no, I’m not getting a cut of it. Slowly but surely I think I’m developing a system, and if it doesn’t work out, well at least they’ll have nice shiny shoes.

Diamond Dogs

It’s Monday and I remembered what I watched on Saturday night. Watched 3 hours of Heroes. It’s like my memory was erased for three hours. There are a few hours I’d like to have erased, but they’re not in consecutive order. Now I’m starting this later than usual due to something I had to do after work and now the newest episode of Heroes is on and of course I’m distracted.. Ok, Jess from Gilmore Girls is now Peter and he was just knocked out by Syler the resident baddie. I used to read comic books all the time so this is all a bit familiar.

I do like this show though I was hesitant at first, now I’m hooked. Last night was a good night. Bill and I had steaks at Arthur’s and that was fun, then we walked around town and came home in time to catch the Sopranos which was great. It keeps getting more and more intense with each week. Though it’s not the intensity that occurred the first season, somebody got whacked but it was only a supporting character again. They did that last week too. I don’t mind. It’s all leading up to something big in a few more weeks, then it’s arrivederci Tony.

Entourage was pretty good last night as well. It was more about Ari which made it spicy. That’s a great character, Jeremy Piven really stepped in shit for that one. That’s a Hoboken saying, quite possibly a Lodi expression since a lot of Hobokeners moved out to that area in the fifties and sixties during that white flight. I know the Crowleys in Saddle Brook and the Scilaros on Blue Ridge Drive moved from Hoboken back then. There was even a Hoboken Paint on Industrial Lane back in the day.

Slept well last night after we watched a boxing documentary series on HBO about the upcoming Mayweather and De La Hoya bout. I do enjoy watching a boxing match occasionally. This looks like a good bout from what we saw on the documentary. There’s one person I know who loves the sweet science and I should ask him what he thinks. Next time I talk to Pedro I’ll ask. If I remember. I plan on going back there to Otisville now that the weather is nice again. Perhaps I go up and watch the fight.

Work was work and it was good. I think I’m finding my footing as an office manager. When I was an office manager in every way but having the title there was a system set up where I operated. Now, I have to create the system. It’s relatively daunting, but I think I’ll be up for it. I just hope they have patience. So far, so good.

Now Wedding Crashers is on, following Heroes. It’s the premiere episode and it sure is funny to watch straight couples trash their own wedding, because you know how sacred an institution marriage is. I’m sure they’re getting paid for their participation and I’m sure the money is going to charity which makes it worthwhile. Yes they seem like the charitable types, these couples. Such a sacred institution. Where’s the church? Yes the RC Church who just today equated same sex marriage an evil and abortion being terrorism. Listen to those men in gowns. And such lovely gowns too.

It’s a cool evening, a nice breeze flowing through the open windows. Nice cross ventilation in a top floor apartment.

Elaine doesn’t control the purse strings. Elaine doesn’t control the purse strings. If he thinks I’m going to write this a hundred times he’s crazy.

Smile Away

Sunday Sunday. Pretty gorgeous day today. Woke up later than yesterday, closer to 9:00. Juan came over and hung out for an hour before driving back to school. He was up for some family event and it was good for me to see him. He looked great with his new haircut and as spiffy as ever. I don’t remember what I watched last night actually. Could barely keep my eyes open I was sofa king tired. Luckily I had the foresight to record SNL which was hosted by Scarlett Johansen and the musical guest was none other than Bjork. I don’t think Juan would have a chance to see it so there’s another reason why it was good to record.

Fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and slept uninterrupted. Woke up a little more than 8 hours later. Had some coffee before heading out for bagels and the papers. Called Julio as I headed towards Washington Street and got his voice mail so I hung up. Minutes later I got a call from Julio saying that he was on Washington Street buying the papers. I knew he wasn’t telling the truth and he wasn’t. He was at home with Stine listening to me walk down the stairs told me he said ‘There goes John’ when I walked past his apartment but I didn’t hear him.

Julio is on a no carb diet and Stine didn’t want a bagel so it was just the newspaper for them. It was a beautiful morning as I walked back to the apartment, nearly singing a song, but not having enough coffee I hummed as I climbed the flights to my apartment. Bill was gone already as I made my breakfast. I sat down and read the papers as I ate, a nice breeze coming in through the window. After breakfast I read more newspapers and turned on SNL and watched last night’s performance.

Scarlett was very funny again and Bjork was as captivating as I expected her to be. I’m sure she’s going to put on a great show when Juan and I go to see her at Radio City in May which is fast approaching. I called Julio and Stine around noon to see what they were doing for the day. Julio mentioned bicycling and I wasn’t that into it. I told him I would meet him outside, downstairs. Surprisingly enough I found myself pulling out my bike and pumping my deflated tires. Julio joined me and soon Stine was with us and we were pedaling through the streets of Hoboken.

We rode around on a sunny afternoon. Julio and I deferring to Stine’s judgment. Wherever Stine wanted to ride, that’s where we would ride. So we rode over to Pier A, where it was even more packed than it was yesterday. We then rode up to 14th Street in Hoboken where we had some nice salads, then we rode to a coffee shop where Julio and Stine had coffee and the three of us sat outside in the outdoor cafe chatting away. Then it was to the back yard of our building where we used to barbecue a few years ago before it was overrun by cats.

We gingerly sidestepped cat shit and tried not to gag from the smell of cat piss. Chris Gohorel our neighbor has taken it upon himself to feed all the strays in the neighborhood and Julio counted 15 cats this morning. Stine did some research on how to get rid of cats and heard that lavender is something that cats hate so I suggested getting lavender seeds and throwing them every where in the backyard. If they take then the cat problem might be solved, welcoming us as liberators. If the cats stay then we’ll have a backyard that smells like lavender.

Bill came home and took me out to dinner at Arthur’s, then we walked around Hoboken. Now we sit inside waiting for the Sopranos. Not a bad day, eh?


It’s Saturday, a beautiful day with temperatures around 78 degrees. Once again we’ve gone from winter into summer. Last night I hung out and watched Frailty, directed by Bill Paxton. A little gruesome but a tense thriller with a religious theme. I recommend it. I originally saw it when it first came out in the theaters and liked it enough to rent it via Netflix a few years later. Bill and I stayed up to watch Bill Maher and soon we were fast asleep in bed. Woke up and took a shower, had some coffee then headed out into the world for bagels and newspapers while Bill slept.

He doesn’t eat bagels and doesn’t read the newspapers so it was an easy errand. It was a beautiful morning though. Nice day for a bike ride I thought but didn’t want to deal with getting it tuned up and ship shape. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend. I had some breakfast, read the papers and checked email while Bill stirred and got himself ready for his acting and voice classes. I watched another dvd called Fuck, about the use of the word fuck in present society. It was alright, nothing that I didn’t fucking know already.

I went out for a walk around Hoboken and wore a blazer but it was too warm for that. I looked good though I was overdressed. I wandered over to Pier A and most of the grass was covered with people sunbathing. I snagged a spot by the wall and looked at Manhattan. I tried reading but there was so much going on that I was too distracted to concentrate on a book. After about an hour I went shopping at the supermarket and came home and chilled out. Juan came over for an hour and chilled with me.

That’s about it for my day. Time for a shuffle.

Hollywood Swinging – Kool and the Gang
Funky pop from Jersey City, pre-JT. These cats were quite a party band. When JT joined they started singing songs like Joanna and for me that wasn’t up to par.

Tenement Yard – Jacob Miller
Classic reggae about how dreadlocks can’t live in a tenement yard. Jacob Miller had such a great voice and a dynamic presence on stage and he was on the chunky side. Died in a car crash in the 70’s. His backing band were Inner Circle known for the Bad Boys theme from Cops on TV.

Foolish Love – Rufus Wainwright
First song on his first record. Not my favorite of his but still better than most. He’s playing the Gramercy Theater five nights in June. Can’t get a ticket. Not even one. This song has a great stride to it, when it gets past the beginning.

So Cruel – U2
From Achtung Baby. If there were any records that U2 made that I really like, most of this would be one, but for sure it would be the one that followed this, Zooropa. More adventurous and engaging and shows a big Eno influence.

You Got the Silver – The Rolling Stones
I think this is Keef’s first lead vocal from Let It Bleed. Pretty cool, laid back country-esque type of thing. Must have been a Gram Parson influence.

Kurt’s Rejoinder

It’s Friday and I’m happy. No talking to proctological refugees today on the phone and I didn’t mind at all. Last night I watched Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Scrubs and Earl, missed the Office since it was a repeat. It was a mellow evening, especially after having written over 1300 words last night. It was an accomplishment as well as being therapeutic. I went to sleep around 11:30 and slept ok, waking up at 4:00 then finally at 6:00. I woke up ok. Picked out my suit and tie for today last night since I asked if they had casual Fridays at the job and was told they didn’t.

I found out they actually did have casual Fridays at work so I was the only one in a suit and tie. Not that I minded, I do enjoy wearing a suit and tie after all. It was also a beautiful day so I didn’t have to wear a top coat. I strolled across town enjoying the morning and walked through Grand Central Station stopping by a Tie Shop that had very nice ties at very expensive prices. Some very nice braces too which were priced in triple figures. Out of my league and my price range. Grand Central was also in the process of setting up for Earth Day festivities.

Got to work and no one in at 8:05. I made coffee and turned on the lights and printers and copiers. Greg Stevens made it in, looking dapper. He heads to the Hamptons every Friday afternoon at 1:00 and was dressed for it. It was good to see that he wasn’t dead since there was a front page obituary on the New York Sun, stating that Greg Stevens had died. So that was reassuring to see Greg Stevens in the flesh even though his name has been changed to protect the relatively innocent, meaning me.

I was asked to hang two pictures in one of the conference room which should have been really easy since I had done it several times throughout the office this past week. I also had the experience of hanging pictures when I lived with Willie B. all those years in Weehawken. He was an artist and expert framer and there was always a lot of artwork needing to be hung throughout the apartment and hallway. This turned out to be quite the comedy of errors.

I had two nearly identical pictures and though I had to nail through plaster into cinder block, the first one went up without a hitch. The second went like a bitch. Hey, I just used that word because it rhymed. Sue me, it’s a Friday. I had a hammer and I swung it in the morning, but since the nails I was using couldn’t make it through the cinder block like the previous picture, I was relieved of swinging that hammer in the evening as well as all over the land. I went through about 20 nails which made me start to bite my nails. Not easy to do while hammering. Also trying to avoid the Jimmy Grant scenario.

Jimmy Grant was a kid in my neighborhood when I was growing up. This story actually happened before I achieved consciousness of life in general. Jimmy was hammering something and from what I heard he had swung the hammer above his head and the nail remover part became embedded in his skull. Of course he started screaming and crying and the only adults in the neighborhood were Jimmy Foglio and my mother who took him to the hospital. Every time I use a hammer I think of Jimmy Grant.

So I went out and bought nails at a hardware store in the neighborhood of Wanker Banker. I was tempted to see if anyone was around but decided against it. I went back to my office and started hammering. I bent about a dozen nails before I gave up. Some plaster fell to the floor too. I went back to the hardware store and bought more nails, and spackle for the wall. Eventually I found a large nail and decide to forgo the thing that is used to actually hang the picture and hung it on the nail itself. That large nail went through the cinder block easily. I hope it stays hung over the weekend. Interpret at will.


This is odd. It’s Thursday which isn’t so odd. The odd thing is that I’m writing this before eating. 4 out of 5 doctors recommend eating before writing a blog but I’m ignoring their sound medical advice. I watched the Gilmore Girls last night which I recorded the night before. It was good but I’m getting tired of the trials and tribulations of Lorelei and Rory. Don’t get me wrong it’s an entertaining show but I’ve been watching it for some time and how long can I watch these Gilmore Girls. The thrill is gone. Maybe it’s because they canned the Executive Producer between seasons last year, but I’m over it.

I watched Lost with Bill last night after the Gilmores and that was good. Not much explained just more stories. It was good that Charlie wasn’t killed. Yet. And I do love my Kate. She’s hot and she rocks. After that it was more of the idiot scumbag on TV getting his wish and having his hate filled screed broadcast around the world. Yes his hand and voice reaching out from beyond the grave. I’m more than sure it was horrible for the relatives of the victims to hear and see it, not to mention that it was on the front page of most of the newspapers, but the idiot scumbag’s parents had to hear it and are probably thinking where did we go wrong?

I slept well in Bill arms and woke up after hitting the snooze button then realizing that I had to get up at 6:00, no more 6:30 for me. I jumped in the shower, not as an ogre, but as a man. I realized that looking down and washing my private parts, confirming that yes, I am indeed a man. Had a manly breakfast too. Reveling in my accredited butchness, I had my cereal and coffee, checked some email and the weather and what Otis Livingston was wearing when he said the sports news on Today in New York. I sometimes takes my tips on what to wear on what Otis is wearing. He is a mad cutie.

Got to the office a little after 8:00 and no one was in. I walked around turning machines on, making coffee and sat in my cube starting my computer and wondering what it was I was going to do today. I have to compile notes for a to do list and I think that’s number one on the to do list. Number One: Make a list. People came in, I interacted. And stress was due to arrive soon enough, little did I know. It wasn’t the phone call with my brother Frank. He wants to go see Company on Broadway, the 1970’s Sondheim musical. I’d like to see it too. Maybe I could afford it, if I scrimp. There is a deal though with cheap tickets and I think Frank is checking into that. He also has to check with Elaine, his wife, the holder of the purse strings.

The stress was actually seeded on Monday, my first day. My office, like a lot of offices in Manhattan require a key card to get access. The thing is they didn’t have extra cards, not one for me and it’s my job to get extra cards for the office. I got the number for who to call and I called the All Time Detection Systems in Westchester. They had been in the office soon after my people moved in in February on a service call and to little old me, it didn’t seem like a big thing. So I called this company and spoke to Jeffrey who took my order and said that he’d send them over right away. I expected it to be done right away, and when I didn’t get them on Tuesday I called and left a voice mail message. Actually left two messages.

On Wednesday when they didn’t arrive by noon I called and left 2 more messages. Jeffrey didn’t seem to be returning my calls so I tried to get in contact with someone else. I spoke with Marie and explained that I couldn’t get through to Jeffrey and could I get someone else? She got someone named Jason who was of no help whatsoever. Today came and Carla the receptionist got a phone call from someone who said they had a package from All Time Detection Systems. Yes the cards were shipped to the wrong location. A few blocks away. Carla went out and got them.

It turns out the cards don’t work. So once again I get acquainted to Jeffrey’s voice mail. I wound up staying later than I expected to when my phone rang at 5:30. It was Jeffrey. He admitted sending the package to the wrong address and knew the cards weren’t activated. That was something that had to be done on my end. He told me to look in the computer room and there was a few computers, but no monitors. Clearly I wouldn’t know what to do. He mentioned that he could send someone down in a week to teach me how to program cards. Knowing his record with time, a week could possibly mean two. I mentioned that this could have been done with if we had gotten the cards sooner. Especially since when I spoke with him on Monday he told me that he could have dropped them off since he was in the area that day. But of course I was talking to him after the fact. When he heard me mention getting the cards sooner, Jeffrey lost it.

“I don’t need this. I have hundreds of other customers. I don’t need this fucking shit.” I was down shifting and he was revving up. I told him to relax, that all I said was we should have gotten the cards sooner. He wasn’t hearing it, despite me telling him to stop going bananas. I was cool headed, he was nuts. The call ended badly. I called up his company and asked the receptionist who the owner of the company was and could I speak to him. Surprisingly enough, I got him. I told Mike Bender (the owner) about Jeffrey, what he said, how he sent the cards to the wrong location, how he told me he basically built the company with his bare hands. Mike seemed sympathetic.

He listened to me and then told me that Jeffrey was on the other line. He got off the phone with me and took Jeffrey’s call. Fifteen minutes later the owner of All Time Detection Systems called me back, telling me that Jeffrey worked at the company for 22 years and Mike had never heard of my company. Also mentioned that he has hundreds of clients making big money and the cards were negligible. Basically we weren’t worth his time. I recited everything on the invoice from his company stating that they had indeed did business with us already. True we don’t have a maintenance contract but we do make service calls. At 240.00 an hour at that.

He offered to make an appointment for next week so someone could stop by to show me how to program cards, but I told him I don’t have the authority to make that call. Actually I do, but at 240.00 an hour? I don’t think so. I’d have to run by the CFO just to be on the safe side, but tomorrow I’m getting in touch with building management to see if there is anything they can do or recommend a not as abusive security company as All Time Detection Systems. I guess they’re detectives and I guess that makes them dicks.

And it was this day, last year that I started working at McMann and Tate, aka Wolff Olins.

Funky Drummer

Wednesday, a hump day. So far work has been such a dream. Finding things to do, and it was day three and I started to take projects that were started by other people and make them my own. Communication is not a strong point in this office and it’s up to me to change that. I’ve been working with Carla the receptionist and trying to figure things out through her. She’s a good kid, going to FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology and she’s from North Carolina. She has an idea but sometimes it’s not the correct one.

But then again, maybe she’s been given the wrong information. She is a receptionist which is something that I’ve done for the past fifteen years, so I do know what receptionists go through. She’s under my supervision and I’m trying to be benevolent. Like I said it’s only day three and I don’t have to hit a home run every time I’m up at bat. I do like working there, the people are nice and there really isn’t stress involved (yet) and no high maintenance people to either avoid or look after and that’s a really good thing. I’m sure of it.

I’m working across the street from Smith and Wollensky’s Steak House which is where Bill and I had a romantic Valentine’s dinner 7 (?) years ago, and that’s a story to tell some other time. The office is a block away from 47th and Third which is where the really big book company I worked for used to be. I walked around the neighborhood on an errand. I used to see Kurt Vonnegut walking around but since he died a week ago, I doubt I’ll run into him. Katherine Hepburn lived in the neighborhood as well and she too is dead. Stephen Sondheim lives there still though but I haven’t seen him. I’d love to say hello to him though. I give him pop star status.

I spend my lunch hour walking around trying to find a decent salad which is my food for lunch for the past year. It actually started at McMann and Tate, having a salad every day. I try to keep it down to $5.00 but there aren’t many options, especially when across the street from a steakhouse. Having someone make your salad is all the lunch craze in Manhattan but in some spots it’s more than $5.00. I spoke to Jason who works in the office as he was eating his salad and he paid $9.50. Sure it was a lot of lettuce but at that price, I’ll have a hamburger deluxe thank you very much.

Tonight on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams played a video of the idiot scumbag killer that was sent to NBC in New York. In the video the idiot scumbag talks about how bad his life is, he rails against the rich and privileged, and claims the other idiot scumbags that shot up Columbine were martyrs. What the fuck? I was picked on, spat on and suffered through various degrees of torment for the four years of high school I attended and sure I wished certain people death, but it never happened and I wasn’t about to take matters in my own hands. Then again I wasn’t on different medications. That wasn’t an option then and even if it was I don’t think I would have made use of it.

Mellow Yellow

Tuesday. Nice day. Not much in the rain department. Bill was at his folks, I slept alone comfortably. I watched TV, no Heroes, just the repeat of the Daily Show and then the Colbert Report, followed by I don’t know what. Then I watched Dateline from the Virginia Tech campus where 32 people were slaughtered by a nut job who somehow bought two guns in a month and went on a killing spree. I had read a blog on ABC News website about how the media got the type of gun wrong thereby showing a liberal bias. If you can get past their spelling errors run to the bathroom so you can vomit for these people are generally idiot gun owners.

The Today Show was live from the campus but since I leave the apartment at 7:00 instead of 7:30 I didn’t catch it, not that they would have anything new to say. Meredith Viera looked a bit shaken as I turned off the TV and headed out the door though. I walked to the bus stop listening to the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose singing Treat Her Like a Lady. Good lessons to learn if you’re into the ladies. I walked across midtown and got into the office only 5 minutes late which was fine. Greg Stevens made it in before me and he was glad to see me.

I had plenty of things to do today and one of those things involved walking up to the Bed Bath and Beyond on 60th street and First Avenue. It was a nice walk and I enjoyed seeing the sights that I used to see when I worked at Wanker Banker. I window shopped as I walked up the avenue, remembering past rendezvous’ and bars where I partied years before. Saw some nice architecture that I had never seen before by the 59th Street Bridge. Of course the time to rent an apartment in such a building was long gone by about 20 years.

Across from Bed Bath and Beyonce was a store called Straight from the Crate. I decided to take a chance and go in. Bargain by The Who was playing on the store’s stereo as I asked the sales girl if they had a cart for serving food on it. I followed her and found a nice silver metal cart and she said she would order one for me. I told her I needed it today so she went and checked to see if one was in stock. She was doubtful though. As I waited another Who song came on, this time it was I Can See For Miles. I asked some guy who worked there if Pete or Roger from the Who died and he asked why.

I told him usually if I hear more than one song by a band or an artist the first thing I think of is that someone had died. He didn’t remember the previous song being by the Who and I told him it was. Then he remembered it was Tuesday meaning it was Two For Tuesday on the radio. So Pete and Roger are still alive, and I’m still not in any rush to go see them again. Saw the Who in 1979 and was bored mainly. I was also traumatized since my brother Brian had threatened to tell my parents that I was gay while I waited for our brother Frank coming to take me to the show.

Nothing Compares 2 U

Well today was the day. A little guilty about moving on from Golden Staffing but it’s not a crippling guilt. I did get comfortable there in only a few months. It was a new day, a new job. Last night Bill and I hung out and watched the Sopranos which was excellent and Entourage which was amusing and a bit touching. It stopped raining for a bit and I brought in the pots and pans in the hallway. A few hours later it poured and the neighbors put out their pots and pans which made for a risky navigation on the stairway this morning.

Bill was up and out before I was. I got up earlier than usual. Got up at 6:00 instead of a half hour later which made things that much more interesting. Bill and I bumping into each other and I was a bit of an ogre. He was great as usual, letting my non morning persona roll off his back. I was grouchy. I’m sure my sibling in Arcata can relate or her husband and son at least. I had my coffee, my cereal, and a kiss goodbye from my loving partner.

I walked out the door, sidestepping the pots and pans and walked out into the remnants of the Nor’Easter which even though it wasn’t as bad as they said it would be, a large wall collapsed in Union City by the 14th Street Viaduct a bit north of the Doric apartment tower. And there was also a fire a few blocks away in Hoboken but that was in the afternoon, the wall collapse happened around 10:00PM. The power also went out last night for less than a minute which made Bill and I miss the first moments in the Sopranos. But that was all yesterday and last night.

Today I rode on the bus, reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I’m really enjoying it, there are some really funny lines in there. Of course it’s all about religion, but it’s written by an atheist for atheists. It really does make sense. Got to the Port Authority earlier than usual and this is how it’s going to be from now on. Early rising, different, more frantic commuters. A whole different mindset to these commuters. It’s funny how things could change in a half hour.

Got to the new building at 50th and Third Avenue. I checked in with the security team in the lobby. Sinead O’Connor playing over the PA system. Got up to the fourth floor and found myself to be the first one in. The door was locked but with a slight tug I gained access. So much for security. I turned on the lights, walked around. No one in yet. It was 8:05 and I made some coffee and put my things in my cube. People came in eventually. The space is leased by my company, DNA Inc. and subleased to two other companies. So there are people I work with directly and people I don’t. But everyone seems nice. Very low key office, I filled out tax forms, and health forms and who to call in case of emergency forms. Bill is top of the list, my brother Frank who would probably be annoyed is number two. He’d be annoyed at the phone call, not his placing on the list.

Here’s a few of the things that I did today:
Fixed security lock on door
got signatures on contracts from the CEO (Vivek) and the President (Greg Stevens)
canceled hotel reservations in Boston
ran an errand
checked with vendors regarding deliveries
moved large table
hung pictures
polished a conference room table
made some copies

See? Number one was fixing the security lock on the front door. I saved the company some money already.

Tonight Bill is at his folks so he can take his father to the VA hospital tomorrow morning. I’m hanging out.

Today in Virginia the country was given 33 reasons for stricter, stronger gun control laws.
Melt the guns now.

live blog from the Virginia campus, cut n’paste:


It’s a rainy Sunday. Nothing but rain rain rain. So far the high winds haven’t hit but it’s been pissing all day. Some streets are flooded, the skylight outside our apartment in the hallway has a leak and I had to put some pots out there to collect the water and I’ve been popping my head out there to make sure they don’t overflow. I called Peter Amin, the landlord about it but so far he hasn’t shown. Not that he could do anything about it in the middle of the storm. This happened a few years ago and it was fixed then, but once again soggy carpeted stairways abound.

I think I’ve been outdoors more times today than I was yesterday and yesterday was the better day to be outdoors. I went out for the bagels and went to the supermarket and also played nurse practitioner to Julio and Stine’s headaches. Seems like the pipers union was in town for them this morning, due to the fact that they had gone out the night before, Julio not eating, and mixing the grain with the grape, drinking wine, champagne and beer, and Stine having something to eat, with just a general hangover, i.e. Dehydration. I hung out with them for a bit this morning after the emergency call for aspirin, or Tylenol, or Advil and luckily for them I had all three.

They had quite a good time it seemed at a surprise party for Julio’s cousin’s 40th birthday. Julio turns 40 next year which should make for a good reason for a great party. I’m sure Stine will come up with something.Last night I hung out and watched Volver, Almodovar’s latest. It was good but not as good as All About My Mother or Talk to Her. Penelope Cruz was great and it was wonderful to see Carmen Maura in an Almodovar film again. Almodovar’s films have definitely evolved over the years from when Julio and I first saw Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown at the Bleecker Street Cinema in 1987.

And it continues to rain. Just looked out onto the pots and there’s maybe an inch of water in both of them. It’s supposed to rain for the next couple of days actually. I’m taking the rain to be a good omen for me with the new job. When I first interviewed with Wanker Banker it was during a deluge and tomorrow promises to be exactly that. I’m pretty much psyched for it. I just looked at the list of responsibilities for the job and looking forward to doing each and every one of them since they were cherry picked from my resume, so I have no doubt I can do this.

Julio and Stine wished me good luck this week and then they went about trying to decide to go to another family party out in NJ somewhere or go back to bed. They were really struggling with the decision when I left and I don’t know what it was that they decided to do. That’s about it for this rainy Sunday, April 15, 2007.

Here Comes The Night

Saturday and not doing much of anything. A bit of a hangover from last night. I think I had six pints over the course of a few hours and went to bed at 11:00 soon after Bill came home. Slept ok, just a few feet behind the rest of the world today. Woke up around 8:30 this morning, had some coffee, took a shower then went out and got a haircut. The guys in Mr. L’s were talking about Imus and the sorry state of affairs the world is in right now. Well, actually it was all about Imus.

I thought about chiming in about how Rush Limbaugh should be next, followed by Michael Savage et al., but instead I kept my mouth shut, after all I only had one cup of coffee. Tony did an excellent job, also trimmed my goatee, nose and ear hair as well as my eyebrows. And it’s definitely better than the Jean Seberg do I had last month. After that I walked up to Washington Street, got my bagels then to the supermarket, walking like a robot due to the hangover and not enough coffee. Luckily I didn’t have to communicate with anyone after the haircut until I got home where Bill was up and about doing his ‘Bill’ thing.

Had a nice breakfast, Bill puttering around, then he was off to his vocal classes. I did the laundry and sat around reading the papers. Took a short walk around Hoboken, talked to Julio on the phone and took a nap. I also watched Bill Maher’s rebroadcast from last night and it was very good. Bill Bradley, Dana Carvey and Scott McClellan former press officer for the White House Bush regime. Of course McClellan towed the Bush junta line and Bill Bradley shot him down most every time. I wonder why Bradley doesn’t attempt another White House run? Dana Carvey was a borderline idiot breaking into schtick and impersonations of Bush every chance he could get.

And then I napped. Haven’t napped in a few weeks and it was really only for a few minutes, maybe twenty. I watched a dreadful dvd called Circuit which I read a decent review in the New York Times about the party circuit in gay circles. Oh man it was bad soft core porn with wooden acting and flaccid cocks. Lost interest after the lead character tried his first drugs after years on the police force. Oh it was bad. Immediately I put it back in the Netflix envelope, knowing that I would be able to get rid of it soon enough.

Then I watched Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Farrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It was ok. Not the bees knees. It was like the movie didn’t know what type of movie it wanted to be. No need to watch it a second time. Despite the prevalence of buses I don’t think I’m recommending it to Bill due to the fact that I’m returning it tomorrow and don’t want to watch it again.

Tomorrow a Nor’ Easter is expected. Whee!

Give It Up Or Turn It Loose

Well as Juan said it was my swan song. Though at first I didn’t think I knew what he was talking about and I wasn’t sure if he knew what he was talking about but he did. It was my last day at Golden Staffing and it was even more of a waste of time that the previous days this week. The day started out ok, nothing special, just coffee, no cereal and then it was off to the bus. I got to the office and no one was in yet, I was the first. Last time I’d be using the office key as I opened the door and walked in turning on various lights and machines.

About 30 minutes later people started coming in. President Naomi was out today and I knew that after giving her a good bye hug the day before as I was leaving. I have no hard feelings and I don’t think they do either. I really made a good impression and did quite a bit in that office for the 3 months that I’ve been there and they were all impressed, but I couldn’t stay there. It was too limiting and not enough challenges and if I was feeling that after 3 months how would it be after 6 months? After a year? No I did the right thing and left while the getting was good.

It wasn’t as teary eyed as it was when I left Wanker Banker and it wasn’t as bitter as it was when I left McMann and Tate, but it was nice. I did buy cupcakes yesterday which was a nice touch I think. No cupcakes today, I did have Tuck sitting next to me. Tuck was the temp who worked the front desk when I initially came in for the interview in December. He was also the guy I suggested to replace me since he is also an actor between acting jobs and he knew everyone and everyone liked him. And since he sat next to me throughout the day I had nothing to do since it was best for him to get better acclimated to the front desk which had changed since January.

Wally was a bit upset that nothing was really being done so I did find something for me to do which was all about cleaning out the desk, throwing various memos out that were there since before I was even there. I did go outside a lot more today, just to get away from the office. That was nice, I said good bye to the guy who makes my salads each day and said good bye to the cashier. They wouldn’t notice either way if I never showed up again but the closure helped me out.

After work Wally, Cynthia, Ron, Jack and Tuck took me out for drinks at Figaro a restaurant in the building. I had a few pints, maybe four or five. We hung out and talked around the table and I conceded to myself that I had Wally totally figured out all wrong. He’s actually a funny guy and probably had a few of the same experiences I had in the past. We ran down a list of a few clubs that we both had used to go to in the past and we basically had gone to the same spots. After an hour or two we all had had enough and it was time to go, hugs and handshakes all around and promises to stay in touch with a mention of that if it didn’t work out with where I’m going I could always come back. Thanks, but no thanks.

Before the Next Teardrop Falls

It’s Thursday, the penultimate day for my employment at Golden Staffing. It’s been a decent run and a bittersweet final week for me. They really don’t want to see me go, but I’m feeling like a fish in a bowl and I’ve outgrown my environment. I think they realize that. I bought some cupcakes to share with everyone in the office and when I gave President Naomi her cupcake there were tears in her eyes. I think it was because I was leaving not because she doesn’t care particularly for cupcakes. I told them that the cupcakes were my way of letting them know how sweet they are. Cue tears.

Last night I was pretty annoyed not at anything in particular but annoyed with everything in particular. I wrote some nasty stuff that never made it to the blog, self censoring me. It’s all for the best. Last time I did that, Juan was the only one who read what I wrote and told me it was rather mean, so I took it off the blog and wrote something entirely different. Last night was pretty much the same only I made the decision for I am the decider. Bill came home last night and watched Lost with me. I think he’s finally getting into the show and the show has been improving story wise. That Juliet is not to be trusted, obviously.

Work was pretty much mellow as I said. I surfed and chatted with an applicant from Saddle Brook NJ. She lives on Samson Street which is where the bog old book warehouse that I used to work in is. It’s no longer a book warehouse by the way. I told her it was my first job and occasionally I occasionally have dreams about being in the warehouse wandering around which is what I used to do mainly. Other than that the day was boring and I ate a lot of chocolate which definitely adding some zing to the day, and there was so much chocolate that there was no crashing, only more chocolate.

One thing that I like to do while surfing is look up the number one songs of a particular time. Today was 1974-75. I looked up the Best of My Love by the Eagles and found myself on a bus coming back from Old Sturbridge MA. For some reason that was a class trip and it was awfully far for a one day excursion. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by Elton John reminds of me of hanging out at the Parkway Lanes while my mother and brother bowled on Monday nights and I drank a lot of soda while hanging out with other siblings and children of bowlers.

Please Mister Postman by the Carpenters reminds me of going camping in the winter at Camp No Be Bosko somewhere in Northern New Jersey in January with the Boy Scouts. Sledding, many layers of clothes and Music Radio 77 WABC and Tommy Neidhardt. Have You Never Been Mellow? Have you ever tried? To find the comfort from inside you? Olivia Newton John, a philosopher for the ages? You decide! Lady Marmalade by LaBelle, which upset my father. It turns out that he knew what “voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?” meant. Patti, Nona and Sarah in their space age outfits singing on Cher’s variety show. No wonder I’m gay. My formative years.

Rest in Peace Roscoe Lee Browne and Kurt Vonnegut.

From A Whisper to A Scream

Wednesday. Hump day. A day of writing. I’m a little bit annoyed right now and trying to work it out. I just wrote quite a bit of bitterness and don’t want to post it so I may wind up writing twice as much but you will only read half of it. Just a remembrance of past slights. Didn’t see it coming mind you, came up all of a sudden and would like it to dissipate before I see Bill again. Just the usual unscrewed toothpaste cap dilemma.

I need some ME time. How will I get it and when will I get it? I’m about to start a new job, a vertical rather than horizontal move so ME time is really just a concept at this point. I watched This American Life last night and I enjoyed more than I expected. That’s always a fun thing to happen. It was about a guy in Utah who does religious paintings and stages people as models so he can photograph them and then paint from the photo.

He spent a good deal of time looking for men with beards since he was working on a Jesus and the Apostles series. It turned out not to be so easy since there aren’t many bearded men in Utah since Mormons frown on beards. Magic underwear is ok though. I don’t know many Mormons if at all, I do know Bill’s pal, Brad from work is a Mormon but didn’t care to ask about his super under roos. I wonder if Super Brad still reads this blog. I know Bill doesn’t.

Time to get jazzy.

Hack, wheeze and I find myself saying to myself that I do still love Bill, but we’re in a state of suspended animation. He’s doing whatever he wants to do and that’s good I guess. I support him in his endeavors. We should take a trip somewhere. Or Not, I don’t know. I do know that he doesn’t read this blog anymore. Maybe Brad tells him. I did meet Brad once at a party for one of Bill’s coworkers and Brad totally avoided me. I could see the fear in his eyes. Ha ha.

On a lighter note, work was okay today. That’s where the day of writing comes in. I’ve been writing things down about what things I do in the office and so far I have over a thousand words on three pages. Jack, nice guy from IT read it and he said it was great. I’m hesitant to let President Naomi and Wally read it due to the fact that I’m sure they would suggest endless revisions. I think Naomi will be out on Friday. She really doesn’t want me to go, Wally chimes in everyday wishing I wouldn’t go and it’s starting to make me feel a bit guilty.

They’re good people but I’ve outgrown the position. Not just at Golden Staffing but overall. I’m tired of answering the phone, lying for people, having to basically ask to go to the bathroom. It’s on to the next level for me.

It’s a Mormon kind of day after all. I posted this about an hour ago and just minutes ago I opened up an email from the New Yorker inviting me to an advance screening about MORMONS. Seriously, Dude…WTF?

No Fine Lines

Tuesday again. Bill was at his folks so I slept alone, and ok. No difficulty sleeping. No difficulty waking up. Big empty bed though. I watched what I had hoped would be a good TV show last night, Thank God Your Here, with David Allen Grier (sometimes funny) and Dave Foley (always funny). It just wasn’t that good. It seemed painful to watch Dave Foley sitting there as various comedians showed their improvisation chops. Didn’t really hold my attention. The New Adventures of Old Christine which also had a cast out of improv was a lot funnier.

Had my shower, my coffee, my cereal this morning. Checked the email and got dressed all suit and tie, looking spiffy I must say. Rode the bus in and read the New Yorker which I am a week behind due to the fact they screwed me out of a week and the day I reported it, the missing issue arrived. The bus filled up but not to capacity. Some people don’t look hard enough and wind up standing even though there were a few empty seats in the area towards the back of the bus where I sit. Their loss definitely not mine. I had a seat.

Got off the bus, listening to a new Bjork track that was leaked from her new record called Earth Intruders. Very percussive and of course Bjork’s vocals soaring above throughout the song. Should be a killer show, I know I’m psyched as is Juan. It shouldn’t be the trouble that we had going to Philly to see the Scissor Sisters. Don’t get me wrong, the Scissors were great and Juan made for good company but the hassle of trying to find the Electric Factory was taxing and we missed the first half hour. This time we know where the venue, Radio City Music Hall is.

Yesterday I got my suit that I ordered through Macy’s online. A nice two button navy pinstriped suit from Sean John. Actually only got the pants that definitely need some alterations. The suit jacket is presently being shipped by UPS which I missed yesterday and no ticket today. That will need alterations as well. A nice pair of tasseled loafers and a gold tie are en route also. I just want them by the end of June for my niece’s wedding. Plenty of time I say, while tempting fate. William, my ex room mate would always say ‘don’t tempt providence’ but that’s not right is it?

I did call UPS this morning and hoped that the package would be at the pick up spot in Hoboken so I came home, got changed into my play clothes and walked over to the pick up spot where the UPS guy told me it should be there tomorrow. I didn’t care, I was in a good mood anyhow. I’ll have to get it tomorrow and if it’s the jacket then it’s off to the tailors this weekend. Such foresight! I am impressed. Nothing else to do tonight but to watch TV and dat’s da name of dat tune.

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

It’s Monday. Big deal. It’s also my last week at Golden Staffing which, for me, is a big deal. Still the occasional, ‘Don’t Leave’ passes through the lips or in an instant message but I just let it go. Last night Juan came over for a little while, he was gone by 9:00, picking up his buddy Andrew at Secaucus Junction and driving on back to school. Bill made it home in time for the Sopranos with a two gallon tin of kettle corn popcorn. It certainly was worth the wait. Not too salty and a touch of sweetness, we devoured it in no time. Juan made a nice dent in the tin before he hit the road.

Bill was up and out this morning, right on time and I soon followed after the shower, the shave, the cereal and the email with coffee. It was a bit chilly this morning as I walked to the bus stop. It’s an odd thing, sometimes you see someone day after day and then you don’t see them anymore. Either they died or got a new job, or they moved. Someone always takes the place, filling the vacuum. It’s fun to watch them try to figure out getting off the bus when it arrives at the terminal, screaming about opening up the back door.

I walked along listening to the Arctic Monkeys, various songs I downloaded off co-workers at McMann and Tate. Saved me a few bucks, though I lost a few songs and albums when I left and didn’t get a chance to burn those tracks. So I’ll have to get the Minutemen some other time as well as a few other bands. The Arctic Monkeys are fairly current and also the major story in both Mojo and Uncut Magazines. I am such a sucker for accent like these blokes and their musicianship is pretty good too with some funny lyrics, like the song titled, Who the Fuck are the Arctic Monkeys?

Work was slow and I expect it to be this way for the rest of the week. I surfed, did a little work, surfed some more, did some more work, answered the phone listening to belligerent applicants upset that the voice mails they’ve left went unanswered, I tried to reassure them and was convincing most of the time though my heart certainly wasn’t in it. One applicant who came in today remembered me. Turns out she temped with me at Wanker Banker, Valentine’s Week. She mentioned that she was thinking about me the other day. Her name is Amber and she was nice.

I do remember that Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t too good. Bill and I arguing about giving each other gifts. He wasn’t into and tried quoting me about how we don’t do what all the other couples do etc. I wasn’t having it and told him that every year we had been together we exchanged presents etc. 2005 wasn’t a good year for either of us it seems. It’s a lot better now. Amber also reminded me that I bought her flowers on her last day of temping because of my mood that week. That was awfully nice of me, wasn’t it?

I found the James Baldwin tape and need to get it to California.


Sunday. Easter Sunday. Easter stopped meaning anything to me about 23 years ago or so. I remember doing acid across the street from the White House with Jet and Billie on the way to some club in 1984. It was an event to my mother since it was the first time I decided not to participate in the traditional dyeing of the eggs. It was also the first time I spent the night with someone. That was fun yet turned odd when I literally saw a swastika hanging in his closet. I soon left there the next morning. Some right wing trust fund character from Texas. He was going to get married somewhere down the line so he can get the rest of his trust find. Travis was his name I think. Also a member of the Heritage Foundation.

That’s an Easter memory. The other Easter memory is going to a CBGB’s matinée to see Let’s Active (Mitch Easter’s band) and stumbling upon Richard Barone and someone else thisclose to each others lips. Last night Juan came over and we watched the Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros dvd, Let’s Rock Again. Juan remarked what a nice guy Joe Strummer seemed to be and I had to agree. It was good to watch it again and I’ll probably lend it to my brother Frank when I seem him again. The Arcade Fire at Radio City which is now only a few weeks away. After the Joe Strummer dvd we watched an episode of the Sopranos

Bill came home after Juan left, around midnight. I stayed up and listened to Bill talk about the evening’s performance which was a benefit at a hundred dollars a pop. It seemed to have gone well and it was good to see that Bill listened to my advice and shaved his beard. Bill was up early this morning since it was Easter, I think he wanted to get a head start on his church’s Easter egg hunt. I went out and got the bagels and the papers. I figured that Julio wasn’t going to though I did keep an eye out for him when I was on the boulevard.

I also went to the supermarket and bought whatever things I thought I might need. I came home and put the Post and the bagels in a separate bag and hung it on Julio and Stine’s door. By the time I got to my apartment, my cell phone rang. It was Julio who was out and just bought me the papers and the bagels. So now I have double the amount which was actually ok, though I really don’t need 2 New York Posts. One is more than is necessary.

Had a nice breakfast and decided to watch Who Killed the Electric Car. A documentary directed by a friend of Rand’s, Chris Paine. I met Chris a few times and crashed on his floor in San Francisco in the eighties. Though I rented it out of familiarity, I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would have. Just another documentary about how this country, or even this world is run by the military industrial complex and big oil which is under the protection of the complex. I also watched, Why We Fight the other day which is also recommended.

As I was about to take a walk I surfed through the channels and found the very good James Baldwin documentary on American Masters, The Price of the Ticket. I’ve seen it a few times and it is still inspiring and woefully unavailable on dvd. And we’ve been having some snow flurries today.

Sueno Con Serpientes

Saturday shuffle. Too bad.

One More Dub – The Clash
From the sprawling and magnificent Sandinista comes the dub of One More Time. Fitting especially since I’ve been playing Joe Strummer a lot and when Juan comes over tonight we’ll watch the dvd of ‘Let’s Rock Again’ the documentary of Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. I got this for my nephew a few years ago. Perhaps it was too soon?

Round Midnight – Thelonius Monk
Jazz? Me? I do get jazzy but jazz? Me? I bought this when Bill was stage managing the one man show about Thelonius Monk, called Monk. Not much of a jazz fan here, but I can drop the right names at the right parties.

Fell Down the Stairs – Tilly and the Wall
Courtesy of Juan. Don’t know much about them but they do feature tap dancing, so let’s focus on that. Actually from wikipedia (and you know what that means) Tilly and the Wall is an indie pop group from Omaha, Nebraska. Their name originated from a children’s book called Tillie and the Wall, written by Leo Lionni. See for yourself!

Orange Appled – Cocteau Twins
What rhymes with orange? You got me. Don’t ask Liz Fraser from the Cocteaus because you wouldn’t understand her answer anyhow. Towards the end of the Cocteau Twins, due to drugs etc.

Blue Moon of Kentucky – Rockpile
Rockpile was a band consisting of Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds mainly. Classic rock and roll with pop. Saw them a lot back in the day with my brother Brian. Depending on whether Nick or Dave had an album to promote they’d be billed as either one’s Rockpile.

Eleanor Rigby(Strings Only) – The Beatles
From the Anthology series. Very interesting to hear but not as interesting as the Pet Sounds backing tracks. Now that’s cool. This is cool too but can’t really touch God Only Knows or Caroline, No.

Night of the Living Baseheads – Public Enemy
One of my all time favorite rap songs. I used to have the 12 inch remix of this was was explosive. This is cool too. From Public Enemy’s second record, which I feel is their best. Many memories attached to this.

Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960 – Brian Eno
180 degrees from Public Enemy this is from the On Land album in the Ambient series I believe. This is actually from the Eno boxed set of instrumentals. I used to play this quite a bit when I lived in Weehawken so long ago.

Look at this Face (Oh My god they’re Gorgeous) -Handsome Boy Modeling School
The concept album based on a Chris Elliot skit from his TV show, Get A Life by Prince Paul and Dan the Automator’s record, So, How’s Your Girl? Very silly and not played too often.

Over You – The Velvet Underground
Live in San Francisco in 1969 I believe. Definitely the non-threatening Velvets, post John Cale. Would’ve been an interesting show to be at.

Sunday Morning -The Velvet Underground and Nico
Odd. The chances of a shuffle repeating the same band, though it really isn’t. Lazy shuffle staying in the V’s. Good song to play anytime but sounds best on a Sunday Morning.


Cool ‘N’ Out

It’s Friday and it took it’s sweet time getting here. I mean, Really. It’s a good Friday and it’s Good Friday at that. It’s 5:54 and I’m at home, doing my laundry, just because I can. Thank god I’m an atheist since I was able to bounce out of work at 4:00 for the religious holiday. Turns out I never told anyone in the office of my lack of a religious affiliation so I lied and concocted a story concerning my brother (which one?) picking Bill and myself up (but where?) so we can have dinner at his house with his family and not rely on public transportation to get to the Highlands. Life would be nice if either Brian or Frank lived in the Highlands. They’d see a lot more of me on weekends during the summer.

They don’t live in the Highlands but the concept of them living there enabled me to leave earlier than usual. Last night I watched The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Andy Barker P.I. and My Name Is Earl. Earl was the weakest and also a repeat. Still good though. The Office was brilliant and as unnerving as usual. I was chatting with Juan online while it was on and he remarked that he’d like to get a job in an office just to have the experience. Ok, I paraphrased a bit, but if Juan is following in my size 12’s, then he’s got a bit of time before his first office gig happens.

30 Rock was very funny and risque which is always good. Someone thinks Alec Baldwin is hot. Actually a few guys I know think he’s hot. I suppose I do too on occasion. I know I know, get in line. Scrubs looked promising. I know they were killing off a character and I know which one it was. I won’t say who. I wound up talking on the phone to Billie in DC while it was on. It was being recorded and I changed the channel with the volume muted. Last year at this time Bill and I went down to DC to visit. I had just left Wanker Banker. We reminisced and caught up. I told him of my employment escapades and he told me his. He quit his job and he too was in demand, much like myself with Greg Stevens and Vivek.

It was a fun call and glad I wasn’t distracted by what was unfolding on Scrubs. Also spoke to Pedro who was dealing with his crisis from the other day in an unexpected manner. I wished him well and watched Andy Barker which I liked. Someone called me out on liking Andy Barker P.I. in an IMDB message board regarding the Black Donnellys. I was so happy they canceled that crap show that I went and posted my happiness on the board. It was similar to reading the website devoted to making the Indian dude on Armenian Idle win. I love reading the messages, perhaps you will too.

It was really a boring day at work today. The Christian half of the office was out today and I had very little to do. I surfed, got a slice of pizza for President Naomi and did a bank run. Now I’m home, doing laundry. It’s cold out. Around 32 degrees, I swear.