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Sweet Gene Vincent

I am glad 2006 is ending. It’s been a less than adequate year for me and for some others that I know of. I can’t speak for anyone else ( I know I can, but won’t) It’s been a lonely two weeks off from work and that’s coming to a close. I am glad I had the two weeks to clear my head of the debris from Wolff and Tate. I’ll be interacting with the human race again so that might be an okay thing to do. Bill and Juan don’t really count as part of that, they’re above it all.

The dreary year had it highpoints. It wasn’t all gloomy. Annemarie, Rex and Earl made it to NJ and I was able to go to the beach with them a few times. Saw the family also when they were here, so that was killing a couple of birds with one stone. Their next scheduled visit should be in June for my niece’s wedding. That’s something to look forward to. A big family function is usually a lot of fun. I don’t know where it is, and I don’t know who’s invited but I expect a good time for all.

I saw some great shows this year, mainly in the past two months. The Slits at McSwells was brilliant, a return to my punk roots in a couple of ways. One was seeing one of the original punk bands from 1977, the other was seeing them at my old stomping grounds, McSwells. Ran into a few old friends there at the show, Stan, Chaz and Carol. Beats running into them at wakes and funerals I tell you. Not that we were able to talk during the show, we were too busy being entertained by Ari Up and Tessa Niles from the original band.

A week after that was Scritti Politti who was way better than I expected. Went with Adam and Lesley from McMann and Olins and had a good time with them though Green Gartside was definitely commanding my Guinness fueled attention in his low key way. The songs were perfectly performed and the band, all recruited from his local pub in Hackney, were very tight and handled all the vocals admirably. I do regret not meeting the band after the show. I didn’t know they did that sort of thing, forgetting Green’s populist approach to most things musical. It was a really great show that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

Finally was this past Thursday with Juan seeing Brazilian Girls at Irving Plaza. They were really great and I loved just about everything they did despite only knowing two songs beforehand. I couldn’t tell you much about the band but I recommend checking out their website. Cut and paste time, .They’re playing tonight for New Years Eve at Irving Plaza again, but I’ve pretty much sworn off going to the city on this night. Not saying never, just not this year.

Like last year, Bill and I are staying local, steaks at Arthur’s Steakhouse in Hoboken, maybe a stroll around town smoking cigars, then finally in where we’ll watch some telly and have a pint or two, and maybe some champagne at midnight. I hope you have a wonderful evening, safe and sound. All the best for the New Year, may it be better than the previous year. Lot’s of love from me and mine to you and yours.

All the best,

PS- Tried posting this earlier tonight but the website was down, so here it is. Bill and I just had some good steaks and then some cigars while walking around Hoboken. Very nice. People going to bars, restaurants and clubs and apartment parties all set on having a good time. Heard from Song who’s in Vegas with Ray and RoDa who still trying to figure out what to do with his New Years Eve. We strolled and chatted and now are glad to be home. Hope you are having or have had a good time.


Never Met a German

The year is winding down finally. Not a particularly a good year and not the worst but somewhere nearly perfectly in the middle. On the pressing home front, McMann and Tate or rather, Wolf Olinz still owes me some pay and it hasn’t come through yet and I don’t think I’ll know anything about that until Tuesday, maybe when the controller, Blue Eyed Knob or the human resources director, Muscle Relaxant return to work and properly ignore my email about what is going on. Obviously I’m using surreal names for the company and for the people because I really don’t give a shit about what they think.

I spoke with Amiable Alan who misses me in the office but realizes that I did the right thing by leaving. They treated him like shit too so perhaps he’s another person planning on leaving that well of dysfunction sooner rather than later. That makes about 4 or 5 people who’ve whispered their plans to leave Wolf Olinz. I’m not naming names but they are good people, hard workers who routinely get treated like crap. I wonder if Brian Babylon, the head of the company in the UK knows about what a horror show his New York office is?

So no bonus, which was expected, whether or not I get the weeks vacation pay seems doubtful but I do believe at least one week’s salary should be coming my way since I did earn it by working for these lunk heads. I don’t know if I mentioned during the last operations meeting as I was answering a question I was asked about how I was doing something, I was talked over which lead me to continue speaking about being talked over about how ridiculous it is to answer questions that were not being heard by the questioners.

Despite my trying to tie loose ends together my actions went unnoticed and now I sit waiting for a paycheck that I know Alan had received, and I’m sure other people’s direct deposits have gone through. Me? I feel like I’m being punished. Punished for taking action for being treated and abused they way they had abused me for nine fucking months. They are quite stupid and ruthlessly paranoid. I mean, these are the people that hired a security guard to sit at the front desk all night for fear that Felicia (who’s real name is Ariane) was going to show up in the middle of the night and do some damage.

They probably did the same when I left though I left voluntarily, whereas Felicia was fired. I just want my fucking money, that is all and I will be far away from them. In one of the last morning announcements I made, I quoted the Smiths, ‘For the good life is out there somewhere/so stay on my arm you little charmer’. I didn’t add the last lines, ‘for I know my luck to well/and I’ll probably never see you again’ from ‘Hand in Glove’. Douche bags.

Now it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Juan and I saw ‘Brazilian Girls’ at Irving Plaza last night. They were great and a lot of fun and Juan and I had a great time saying snarky things about various people around us. Nothing too malicious, just a good natured ribbing between friends. It was a blast and I’m glad Juan enjoyed the show. The band was great and charismatic amongst the lights and smoke machines. I’d definitely see them again and I plan on asking Juan to burn me some cd’s of their stuff. I’m utterly charmed by deadpan vocals from a chanteuse in a top hat. I can be so easy.

All You Need is Love

Well it’s back to the drawing board of sorts. Though there is no drawing, and the only thing board is you, meaning bored. I’m kidding of course. You are never bored dear reader. Obviously I’ve taken the past couple of days off. Just didn’t think I had anything to write about and I was tired of trying to find something to write. I’ve been off the past few days and just mainly chillin’ in the apartment, not doing much of anything at all. The holidays have come and gone, taking the anxiety of the holidays with it to my relief.

Just hanging around Hoboken, going out sometimes during the day to venture out and interact with people. Friends are working or out of town or out of the country. I felt bad about my sister and her family and the troubles they’ve had trying to get from Eureka airport to Orlando. They wound up staying in Arcata much to their chagrin. So on Christmas Eve I headed out to Barnes and Noble in Hoboken and bought Annemarie a book about the E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen’s group. I sent it out to them via FedEx and courtesy of Wanker Banker.

Bill had rented a Zip Car which we’ve been doing the past few years to go visit my brother Brian and Karen and their kids, Hillary, Brian and Cassie on Xmas Eve, where we are joined by Frank and Elaine and their daughters Meghan and Corinne, and Meghan’s betrothed, Rob. Bill and I got there before Frank and company, finding the kids are happy and tension between Brian and Karen. High drama on the holidays, a lot like everyone else. I thought we always sidestepped ill feeling at this time of year but this time it caught up to my family.

Meghan and Rob arrived after Bill and I and we all settled in, trying to avoid the frostiness between Brain and Karen. It definitely got colder when Frank and Elaine showed up with Corinne who sat in the back seat listening to her parents bicker. The temperature dropped somewhat but slowly things thawed out over dinner and after drinks and handing out presents. Dinner was as usual great thanks to Karen sweating all afternoon in the kitchen. Nothing really beats a homemade meal and I certainly hadn’t been cooking too much lately. And the Guinness helped that’s for sure.

Bill and I came home. I gave him the second part of his present. The first part was taking him to see the Manhattan Transfer at the Blue Note the weekend previous. The second part was a poster I had gotten framed of Rosa Parks on a bus celebrating the Civil Rights movement. Bill always said she was an inspiration for him to drive a bus and he actually had gotten the poster for me months earlier. I had planned on framing it for his birthday but I wasn’t able to get it then so it worked out quite nicely, don’t you think?

For his part, Bill had gotten me a Bass Guitar, by Brownsville in the shape of a Hofner Bass like Macca used to play with the Fabs and still plays to this day on occasion. And an amplifier to go with it. I hope the neighbors don’t mind. I’m sure Bill doesn’t.

Tonight I had a lovely dinner with Song and Ray and Ray’s friend Robert. They hoped to meet Bill but perhaps next time. I’m sure Bill would love Ray, he’s just Bill’s type. I hope they have a safe flight to Vegas and then to Sydney in the New Year.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The One You Love

Last night was fun, Juan came over soon after Bill went to sleep. Juan and I just hung out, drinking beers and watched TV. I guess Julio made it to Copenhagen since there were no reports of any catastrophes. It was all very mellow and all very good. It’s nice to have Juan around, he is so intelligent and funny and a bona fide drinking companion. We bought tickets to see the Scissor Sisters in Philadelphia on March 3. It’s cheaper than the NY show and easier for Juan since he’s going to school in Trenton.

I woke up late, since drinking into the morning will do that to you. Bill took off because of his ankle which wasn’t swollen as much as it was yesterday. He was up and about way before me but didn’t go get any bagels or the papers so it was up to me, all fuzzy headed to roam the streets of Hoboken in the noonday sun. It wasn’t so bad, I was even able to be pleasant to various people I came into contact with. That was a surprise. I think it was a little bit of the holiday spirit, finally.

Bad news on the travel front for Annemarie, Rex and Earl. They were scheduled to fly to Orlando FL, from Arcata CA with tickets they had purchased with frequent flier miles a few months before. United seems to have sold their tickets and rescheduled the travel route, and were going to send them via Denver CO which was impossible and impassable since Denver is currently under 22 inches of snow. Stupid United airlines. Because of this they won’t be in Orlando after all, staying in Arcata for the holidays after making arrangements to not be there. No visit to Rex’s family, Earl’s grandmother and cousins. It’s a drag and United Airline SUCKS BIG TIME.

Good news for New Jersey Gays and Lesbians. Governor Jon Corzine signed into law the civil unions bill, enabling gays and lesbians to have the same rights as opposite sex couples, regarding taxes, wills, medical decisions and the right to not testify in court against one’s partner. It’s not marriage, and it does reek of segregation. Separate water fountains for now, but it is a start. The mayor of Bogota has gone on record that he will not grant civil unions to same sex couples, he’s more than likely preferring to stay in the last row of the Queen Anne theatre, raincoat on his lap.

I did make it into the city, still can’t think of anything to get my brothers for the holidays. I don’t know why it’s so difficult this year to get motivated or come up with any ideas. I wandered around midtown, wisely avoiding the crowds. Even had a Padron which definitely kept people away from me. I walked down Park Avenue South and who do I see walking towards me, but Rufus Wainwright. I smiled and said ‘Hi Rufus’. He smiled and said hello back. I wished him a Happy Christmas and he did the same for me. That was cool. I didn’t pull out the camera because I didn’t want to be intrusive. A Hello and a Happy Christmas was alright with me.

Pretzel Logic

It is Wednesday and everyone is still at work. No one is off this week. Juan is back from school though and is expected to stop by tonight so that should be fun. Bill twisted his ankle so no rugby for him tonight. I’ve been trying to get into the holiday spirit and it’s not so easy this year. Last year I was more comfortable even though I was adrift at Wanker Banker. This year I’m between jobs and I feel somewhat gloomy. Bill is talking about various NFL players right now. If I couldn’t get into it while being dragged to Giants games back in the day, I’m not into it in 2006.

But he’s in pain with his ankle. I’m doing my best to help, gave him two Tylenol PM to knock him out with his leg elevated. I’ll be checking in on him while Juan and I hang out. Should’ve given him a bell to ring, but he’s not the bellowing type, so I shouldn’t be concerned too much. He was merely walking on the sidewalk, slipped a bit on a crack and his ankle swells up. Of course I try to help when I got home, asking him if he took any aspirin, Advil or Tylenol and he proceeds to tell me everything but the answer to my question, hence the two Tylenol PM. All out of roofies.

I was out and about in the city, trying to get in the holiday spirit by getting some presents. Got something for Annemarie, for Rex I got a Donald Fagen solo CD, a two cd set of Marvin Gaye’s Hits and Steely Dan’s ‘Two against Nature’ and for Earl I got a Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders Best of CD, the book of Hindu deities and a few Grateful Dead badges. I also had to pick up a new set of headphones since I discovered mine were shot once I hit the street. I was distressed since I wasn’t sure if it was the iPod or the headphones.

I hoped to run into someone on the street that I knew that was wearing headphones but I guess they saw me first. I had to swing by McMann and Tate because they had a check of mine, and since they told me they were mailing it on Monday and they hadn’t, I didn’t want to take a chance and not get it. No, it wasn’t a bonus, I don’t think I’ll be getting one especially since they gave them away already. I’m sure I was entitled to one since they had a great year but no, none for me. Their punishment. My retribution was not being there with 25 clients running around the office needing to be fed and walked and cleaned up after. Fuck em! I did meet Urszula on the street who gave me my expense check and we walked and smoked cigarettes before I headed off wishing her a Happy Christmas. She also lent me her headphones to check to see what the problem was.

I ran downtown got the California contingent their gifts, ran uptown to the Apple store for a iTunes gift card for Earl. That was pandemonium but I was out of there in 5 minutes. Then I ran back downtown to Farfetched to say hello to Sharon who’s a sweetheart. Back home, slice of pizza for me, doped Bill and now I await Juan. Julio phoned from the duty free shop as he was off to Copenhagen and not thinking it will be fun since there is a vigil for Stine’s grandmother.

I just ordered some Stella Artois from the corner store, too tired to get it myself. Watching the Celluloid Closet on Logo. That’s it for me, for now.


Well today was a turn around of sorts. Went to bed early because I was tired from working at Farfetched and having part of two bottles of Ponseca with Harpy and Lois. Didn’t drink after that and ate dinner but around 10:45 I was exhausted. So I slept, Bill once again kissing me good bye as he headed off to work, me just laying there, drifting in and out of sleep until about 8:30. But of course the drawback is, no one is around. Juan was scheduled to come back tomorrow, Julio flies off to Denmark and Bill is wherever Bill wants to be.

I showered, had some coffee and went out for the papers and a bagel. Not many people out on the street, the rush hour had just about ended. I walked along Washington Street and found a text message from Renee back at McMann and Tate saying how she missed me. When I got home and checked my email there were a few other emails from Linda, and Lizzie Borden telling me basically the same thing. I knew I picked a good time to leave since today and tomorrow were promising to be hectic days and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

Amiable Alan also phoned but he was returning a phone call I made to him. Obviously Renee or Alan couldn’t talk in the office, but could outside on their cell phones. It’s nice to be missed. I also sent out a bunch of Christmas cards for family and friends, including Kay Benkovitch who lived across the street from my family when I was growing up. The holidays are fast approaching and I do have some last minute shopping for various persons in my life. That’s going to entail going into the city tomorrow so that should be fun.

Juan is back in town a day earlier and we’re going to hang out tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. He isn’t as disappointed as he used to be when we first started hanging out and I suppose it’s a good thing. Bill has been asking about him lately, he’s become such a fixture in the apartment. I certainly enjoy his company and Bill does as well. On the music side of things, I played a remix cd of holiday songs by Bing Crosby and Dean Martin and Andy Williams reconfigured by contemporary DJ’s like Dan the Automator.

Harpy made it for me from the Farfetched holiday collection. I played Scritti Politti ‘White Bread Black Beer’ which is long but way worth the payout. That is definitely my favorite release of 2006, as well as best show. That is unless Brazilian Girls kick ass next week at Irving Plaza. Going with Juan. I’m taking him to the show for his Christmas present. He’d better be surprised.

I do know that I’m doing the right thing by taking these two weeks off between jobs to clear my head from McMann and Tate and start anew in the New Year.

Hang On To Yourself

Ahh Monday. Sleeping in, is a nice way to wake up. Bill leaned over and kissed me as he was off to work all dapper with his fedora. I didn’t have anything to do really. I’m off for the next two weeks until I start the new job on January 2. Julio’s working until Wednesday, Juan’s at school until Wednesday, and Bill is doing whatever it is that Bill does probably way past Wednesday until the end of my life which could be and should be a long time. Actually all I have to do is work at Farfetched on Saturday. I worked today and it was slow going but didn’t pick up until the sparkling wine hit the liver.

It was ok but I wish I had something to do. Over the weekend I was able to check my email at McMann and Tate and I thanked most everyone, no, actually I thanked EVERYONE for the party via the external mail website that I was excluded from today. So it’s official I am out. Which is a mixed bag. On one hand I’m happy but on the other I am just weirded out by the whole situation. You know the self doubt. Did I do the right thing? What am I moving into?

I seem to be feeling it more than I did when I left Wanker Banker. But this is life and you leave, you move on and chances are you will never see any of these people again. I sort of got the picture after leaving the holiday party and not being invited to any of the after parties. That happened in September during their idiotic ‘Back to School’ party. These people are so insular that I should have known better. But still I held out hope. I figured Will Heath would’ve invited me to his flat for after hour drinks since we seemed to be friends, but a good host wouldn’t invite someone that makes people uncomfortable.

I make people uncomfortable, at least in that’s in the office. It may be a fair trade off since they made me uncomfortable for about nine months, a most uneasy gestation. I did send some pictures that I had taken at the party and only one person that I sent them to responded, telling me how they loved me. Oh that Renee. Everyone else seemed to have fallen by the wayside, including Linda who despite her telling me that if I was unhappy I should go since she would do the same if only she didn’t have those pesky Visa problems.

I think she was talking about traveling papers and not her credit card but who knows? Scatterbrained is as scatterbrained does. But she is still sweet and I would always say hello and buy her a drink at the pub should our paths ever cross again.

Farfetched was fine, just Lois, Harry and myself. I asked for a reprieve from the holiday music and was able to play Black Bread, White Beer by Scritti Politti which seems to fit almost any occasion that it is played during. Two bottles of Ponseca and I was looped. We should’ve started drinking earlier. Like around 12:30PM.

Lullaby of Birdland

A truly lazy Sunday. Yesterday was lazy too. I didn’t have to work at Farfetched since I had switched working on Monday instead. I took Bill to see the Manhattan Transfer at the Blue Note Jazz Club in the Village. Bill saw them about 20 years ago at Radio City and I felt it might be fun to see them in a more intimate setting. I planned this a few months ago and I was surprised I was able to keep it a secret for so long, but Bill was preoccupied with many things so it wasn’t very difficult. And it was a reason to get dressed up.

The original plan was that I was going to work at Farfetched from 11:00 to 6:30, and I was going to do that in a suit and tie. Susan came up with the idea to switch days so it worked out fine for all concerned. Bill had his rehearsal for a play that is going to be performed in February and then his vocal coach and was supposed to meet me at Farfetched, both looking dapper. I thought he knew but apparently forgot or wasn’t listening since I was home when he called asking if he could go the way he was dressed.

Blue Jeans and a faded Nuyorican Poets Café sweatshirt. I told him if that is what he wanted to wear that would be fine. I was going to be dressed up. He came home with some brownies and offered me two. I took one, leaving the other for later on as I was about to jump into the shower. I started to get dressed and Bill saw what I was wearing so he decided to get dressed up as well. I got a phone call from Julio, inviting me to stop by before we left.

I went down to Julio’s where he was hanging out with Simon a Danish friend staying at Claire’s apartment. Simon had procured some Moroccan spice which he was rolling into a nice Scandinavian Spliff. Had a swig from a beer and a puff and I was feeling fine as Bill stopped by and we were out the door soon after. We got to the Path train which was filled with people heading into the city on a Saturday night. It was jam packed as we stood and chatted getting off at the Ninth Street station.

I thought it would be a good idea to walk along Washington Square to throw off any ideas that Bill might be having and were online outside the Blue Note in no time. The doorman saw me and asked for my name and I told him, to which he said, ‘follow me’. Apparently we were VIP’s and were soon escorted to a prime, yet cramped table about 10 feet from the stage.

The Manhattan Transfer came out and sang beautifully for about 90 minutes. I remember seeing them on TV in the seventies and I could’ve sworn both of the guys were gay, though Alan Paul, the younger looking guy dedicated a song to Angela, his wife of 25 years. Okay…

We were back in Hoboken by 10:00. Julio and Simon had come back from getting some food and I joined them for about 45 minutes before heading back upstairs. I was focused on the other brownie but all I could find was the empty bag. Turns out Bill ate all of them, thinking that I had both of mine. I just went to bed.

The Great Pretender

Let me start off by saying there were no bonuses given out and no gifts either at the McMann and Tate holiday party. It was a good party. I left the apartment last night after writing last night’s entry. I had a beer before I left and was feeling quite nice. Got to the city, looking fly I must say. Or perhaps banging. I walked through Washington Square Park, towards Soho. The party was at a gallery at 446 Broadway on the fifth floor. To my surprise they successfully pulled it off. By the time I got up stairs the party was in full swing.

It was a good year financially for McMann and Tate though I have my doubts I will be sharing in that pie. That’s up to them and I am ambivalent about getting bonuses since I rarely get them. Lot’s of friendly faces, everyone in a good mood and many people telling me how much they will miss me, my dark sense of humor, my quotes on the morning announcement. Some people told me they thought I was doing a good job and they were sorry to see me go. I told them I wished they had told me that a month earlier.
Basically when people asked why I was leaving I told them it was because I was burnt out.

Also because I was on the receiving end of more negativity than positivity. It didn’t matter, I had a good time nonetheless. The McMann and Taters looking very nice in their James Bond attire. I opted for a Sharkskin suit by Phat Farm. I looked great and mingled with everyone while drinking a Stella Artois and occasionally dancing. Smoked a jazz cigarette with a few Taters, and even joined one or two in the bathroom a couple of times for some Freudian excess.

When I first interviewed for McMann and Tate, I was interviewed by a woman named Susie. She used to work at the office and I think she once held my job. It was ironic that she would turn up on my last outing with McMann and Tate. She asked what had happened and I told her, once again that I was burned out. She seemed to understand and offered me her business card. Surprisingly a few employees told me that they plan to leave McMann and Tate in the upcoming months.

Found out that a few coworkers are pregnant so that will also be a shake up in the office. I sure picked a good time to leave. I’m glad I gave them notice and didn’t leave them hanging, though it was tempting.

Lizzie Borden was there with her boyfriend, Michael. She’s great, he’s a nice guy and I felt compelled to state my hipster credentials to him, emphasizing that I use to work at McSwells back in the day. One too many trips to the loo with others probably brought on that fit of paranoia. He just laughed. I was supposed to hang out with Juan who was up for the night and to my eternal gratitude, he came into the city and picked me up and drove me home where we wound up hanging out, drinking beers and playing music for each other until 4:00AM. He slept over and left this morning. What a great guy.

Thanks Juan!

E Preciso Perodar

I woke up before the alarm clock this morning. Just couldn’t sleep anymore. This is/was my last day at McMann and Tate. As I’ve been saying, it’s the ‘End of an Error’. Yesterday was tiresome, running around Manhattan and the Bronx with Marcus and Shauna. I forgot to mention that Shauna asked me if I had any kids and I of course said no. Then she asked if I had a girlfriend and I went into closet hetero mode, saying that my life is too complicated for sharing with a woman and kids, and if I really wanted to I could watch them on Television.

Same with dogs. They asked if I had one and I said no, too complicated, and there’s always TV. Got to walk the dog? Change the channel. I walked to the path train, probably not going to see Plantain Man anytime soon. Just as well, he’s been all bundled up and not sporting much wood. Oh Ramon, your time has come and gone and will probably come again though I won’t be around to see it. We did exchange names you see. I got off the train, got my bagels and headed to the office for the last time.

People trickled in, and I sat at the desk watching them float by. Donna came in and asked for some info which she put in an email that was sent throughout the office. Coworkers started coming up, apparently they hadn’t heard and some were actually sad to see me go. I know the feeling. I’ve said goodbye to some good coworkers before while staying behind. Eventually I had my exit interview with Donna which went alright. I didn’t bad mouth anyone and only told them that they need to improve their lines of communication. Actually they need lines of communication, then they can improve on them.

I made my rounds in the neighborhood. Talked to the Mexican guys who make my broccoli, lettuce and chicken salad every day. I wished them well. And the girls at the counter who were sad to see me go and made me promise to stop by and say hello. I made the promise, but will I keep it? Seems like a long way to go for a salad. I guess Homer and Bart were wrong when they told Lisa, ‘You don’t make friends with salad.’ The building staff and various delivery guys from FedEx, UPS and DHL all stopped by to give me the brother hug.

I sent my own email out before I left the office. It read,
Subject: Adieu

As you may or may not have heard, today is my last day, and I will be
leaving the employ of McMann and Tate to help people find new employment at a
staffing agency in Midtown as an Office manager. It’s something that I had
done before.
Once I get settled in the new gig, if you know someone who is looking for
work, you can email me at

Best wishes for the New Year, JOT. Peace out/in!

Obviously I am now back at home writing this. In a little while, I’ll be getting ready to go back to the city and attend the McMann and Tate holiday party. It has a James Bond theme, so I think I’ll be wearing a sharkskin suit. I might pick up a stalk of broccoli in case anyone has any questions and I’ll tell them I’m Cubby Broccoli. Then I’ll have to explain to them just exactly who Cubby Broccoli is.



It’s technically hump day, known to most everyone as Wednesday. Another dark day, waking up in near total darkness with Bill in silhouette, getting ready to go to work. I wandered into the shower and did my thing, had some cereal and coffee and was soon out the door myself, listening to Juan’s last cd collection and digging it very much. Once again I was able to get a seat on the Path train with no blind pregnant women to give me bad vibes. I sat and read the New Yorker, looking for some humor but all I could find was an article on Arlen Specter and that wasn’t funny at all.

Got an email from Jenn about how her father had surgery and she was going to be in about a half hour late. That was fine, but Mark who used to be cool was acting like a jerk since there wasn’t any whole milk only skim. He even sent me a bitchy email about it, insisting that I do something about it so it doesn’t happen again next week. Next week I won’t be working there so does he really think I give a shit? So I went out.

I walked down Houston over to MacDougal where I saw Patti Smith leaving her apartment building. I didn’t say anything, though I did know she lived on MacDougal and figured it would be in this lower part of the street. It was nice to know where to send a holiday card. I thought about telling her how much I enjoy her blog through Columbia/Sony Records but I had to buy milk and she was gone by the time I thought of it. I doubt Patti would remember me from years ago, giving her and her band their per diem from Arista Records.

After the milk run I was out of the office running around the Village purchasing last minute items for the presents to give to the underprivileged in the Bronx. It was pissing rain and it was a pain in the ass but I also was able to squeeze in a brief visit to Farfetched, saying hello to Sharon and Lois and popped into Tower Records which is rapidly going under. Lot’s of bare bones to pick over and picked out Teddy Thompson ‘Separate Ways’ for $5.10 and Soft Cell ‘Non Stop Erotic Cabaret’ with three versions of ‘Tainted Love’ including a dub! Schwing!

Best Buy on Broadway and Bleecker said they had the clock radio that was requested by the underprivileged and when I got there, they didn’t. SO I hopped on a subway to 23rd Street where they actually did have it. I hopped onto the subway and made it back to the office. Then it was off to the Bronx with the courier service to wrap the presents. I instilled a crumb of paranoia into Donna, the de facto office manager (who everyone is asking me if she’s pregnant) and she insisted that I take a ride to the Bronx. Big and scary to just about everyone in the office, to me it was just another borough.

Unfortunately there was a lot of traffic since it was raining most everyone was traveling above ground in an automobile, add the fact that the van driven by Marcus had commercial plates, severely restricting travel. Marcus and his girlfriend Shauna, were both from Haiti and a lot of fun to travel with. Marcus and I agreed that smoking jazz cigarettes is a very good thing and I immediately regretted not having any on my person.
We nearly got lost in the South Bronx, but having cell phones made all the difference. We dropped off the goods at 285 East 171st Street, off Morris Avenue and soon we were slowly heading back into the canyons of midtown Manhattan. I was tired when I got back to the office and I distributed the mail and headed home, still tired.

What comes before Part B? Partay!

Hand In Glove

It’s Tuesday and man is it creeping to hump day, though since I was told that Thursday is going to be my last day while getting paid for Friday, so hump day might have occurred around 3:47PM. It was a crawling and appalling day. The usual drill first, wake up, darkness, shower, coffee, cereal, seeing Bill of to work and finally me off to work. It wasn’t too cold this morning as I played Gang of Four, ‘Entertainment’ walking to the Path train. Scored another seat on the train, things are looking up. Taking advantage of pregnant women who have to stand works every time. And yes, I’m being facetious.

She wasn’t pregnant. She was blind. She didn’t know there was an empty seat. I politely ignored all the angry, disgusted stares from my fellow passengers and sat there reading the New Yorker. I’m two weeks behind and I need to catch up. I did wish there was an edition in Braille so that the blind woman hugging the pole in front of me could enjoy the latest piece by David Sedaris. It was quite funny. All that was missing was a song by Wynton Marsalis. He has such a great voice.

Work was drudgery and I occasionally wrestled with fear and guilt. Fear about going to a new job, and guilt about leaving this job. The guilt passed like gas after a pound of broccoli. There was the usual operations meeting, it being a Tuesday afternoon and all. Since everyone knew I was leaving there were a few questions and the oddest thing would happen. Whenever I would answer their questions they would talk over me and drown me out. Mark who used to be ‘cool’ was question why I was ordering so many supplies and I had to explain to him that it so they wouldn’t be caught short after I left.

He couldn’t wrap his brain around that and I had to break it down even more. Eventually I got through to him and everyone else but it certainly wasn’t easy. I am trying to leave McMann and Tate with no hard feelings which is awfully big of me. There are a few people that I will miss, but the job is way too stressful for me to stay. And the lack of coherence doesn’t help at all. I kept on keeping on, doing my job with one eye on the clock and the other eye on the door.

McMann and Tate’s Holiday party is Thursday and I’ve been very ambivalent about the whole thing. One thing is that it starts at 8:00 at a gallery on Broadway. I get out of work at 5:30, so I’d be left hanging around for 2 and a half hours. The other part is that it has a James Bond, Casino Royale theme so the guys have to dress like James Bond characters and the women have to dress like high priced call girls. Which for most of them isn’t too far a stretch. It would be weird for me to go.

What do the reader(s) think. I’d like your input. No, really I would. Please let me know if you think I should go to the party. Post a comment, damn it. Why am I the one doing all the writing?

No Feelings

After a fun weekend, Mondays are generally a drag and working at McMann and Tate really makes it a drag. I was in a good mood though, despite Bill being sick most of the night with a head cold and I believe my pillows are trying to kill me. Bill has been a nonstop drip drip drip of mucous. Tissues are suddenly a scarce commodity in the apartment. I don’t mind looking after him, since he’s so helpless. To his credit he was able to go to an audition and pick up a new computer chair at Office Depot this afternoon.

I woke up in darkness again, with Bill sleeping, snoring and wheezing. He wasn’t going anywhere so I stumbled about, making coffee and jumping into the shower. I found a pair of clean blue jeans to wear and since the temperature was inching towards 60 degrees I opted for the 5 dollar Target shirt I bought over the summer. Got on the Path train which had a seat waiting for me. Got off at Ninth Street and got my bagel, walking down Sixth Avenue, for what could be one of the last times in the early hours of the work day.

Picked up the free morning papers from the bruthas by the IFC film center (formerly the Waverly Theater), poked my head in to see if the new Mojo was on sale yet and it wasn’t. I was able to pick up Uncut and The Word at Virgin on Saturday before going to work at Farfetched. The Word, which I never bought before had an excellent interview with Tom Waits. If you see it, snap it up. Great photographs by Anton Corbijn as well. Why is it that the Brits have much better music magazines that the US? The days of Trouser Press and New York Rocker are long gone and I’m becoming a codger.

I was about to walk through the revolving door in the building when I saw the girl named after Fabric, Terry waiting for the elevator. I decided to keep walking. I did not want to be stuck in such confined quarters for any amount of time. After a very long thirty seconds she was gone and I was waiting for an elevator myself. I set up the office and checked my email when the head of McMann and Tate US stopped by. He said he heard about my leaving and asked what I had planned. He said he wanted to talk to me about my leaving, maybe we could have lunch, or drinks. Whatevs.

He’s a day late and a dollar short but I went along with his idea. The day proceeded as every soul crushing day went before it. Clients in, double chinned account managers underestimating the amount of guests making me leave the office to find additional sandwiches, and sodas. I didn’t mind. Any time away from the office is good time. I was sitting at my desk in a short sleeved shirt when various reptiles came up to me complaining about how cold it was. I raised the temperature to 32 Celsius, which is 90 Fahrenheit. And still they complained.

My coworkers had their lunch in the kitchen and still can’t find the garbage pails. Today’s record was over an hour for a box of take away rice to be thrown out after sitting on the counter. I left after setting the office up with beer and wine so they can wrap their holiday gifts for under privileged families. They seem to be horrid beast all year so this one act of charity, which can be expensed by the way, makes up for being douche bags all year round.

What You Need

Yesterday was Saturday and today is Sunday. Yesterday had to work at Farfetched with Susan, Jessica and Harpy. I didn’t have to, I was asked and committed to it. I’ve been working there for almost ten years mainly during the holiday season. I enjoy it and the store has a great staff. Susan and Lois have been putting a lot into their store for over twenty years and it’s a fun place to shop and it’s also a fun place to work. I’ve been working with Harpy on and off for about twenty years so that’s fun and occasionally competitive.

It was fairly busy and sometime there’s some jostling for airplay on the stereo between Harpy and myself while ringing up customers purchases. I worked from noon until 8:00. I had a break to go out and get some food so I made a little detour to stop by the box office at Irving Plaza and pick up two tickets to see the Brazilian Girls on December 29 with Juan. I’m taking him for Christmas so if he reads this he’d better act surprised and it had better be a good show. I am sure it will be.

Got phone calls towards the end of my shift from both Juan and Julio, both of them asking what I was up to after work. I didn’t have any clear plans and decided it would be cool if I merged both hanging out with Juan and hanging out with Julio and Stine. Surprisingly I was able to bring both groups together all in Julio and Stine’s apartment. I asked Julio if I should bring anything and he suggested red wine. Since I was drinking at Farfetched, Susan, Harpy and I dispatched three bottles of Italian champagne after Jessica had left, I bought a bottle of Korbel and brought it to the apartment.

Juan arrived soon after I got there and we all sat around the table, listening to Brian Wilson’s Smile album and just drinking champagne and talking. Lot’s of talking. We talked about my job status, working at Farfetched, Stine’s job working as an architect for Julio’s cousin. They are flying to Denmark on the 20th for the holidays and they told tales of previous New Years celebrations in Copenhagen. It all sounds so drunken, at least from the way Julio describes it. Both Juan and I were entranced as we moved from the champagne to the merlot.

I even brought my guitar and promptly destroyed a few Beatles songs much to everyone’s annoyment.

Somehow we wound up discussing religion, or god. Mythology I pronounced it, Julio sort of agreed and Stine and Juan holding up the religious end. It didn’t come to fisticuffs though at around 2:00 in the morning I realized that I was way too fucked up to proceed and getting into bed seemed the best route. Juan was to far gone to make it home so he crashed on the couch as I climbed into bed with Bill who is coming down with a nasty cold.

I was supposed to go to church with him but wound up sleeping in after I unsuccessfully tried to convince him to stay home and get better. He had to read the liturgy so there was no stopping him, just a lot of wadded tissues in his wake. Juan slept fitfully on the couch and Julio and Stine nursed their hangovers. I somehow was able to go out and get bagels and Gatorade and the newspapers, making breakfast for Juan and myself, watched a DVD about Man Ray, then sending Juan back home and me off for a two hour nap, waking up feeling almost human.

Slow Down

It’s Friday and I’m happy. I am also a lame duck, sort of like Bush but I’d like to think I am way smarter. Well that’s what Bill just said. Bill was at his folks again last night, Juan was scheduled to come over but was stuck in traffic so I enjoyed a mellow night alone at home. Just watched television mainly. Watched My Name is Earl, Scrubs and 30 Rock, none of The Office as it wasn’t on. I read some of the New Yorker, once again about two or three weeks behind. Very funny article by David Sedaris in the Cartoon Issue.

Woke up this morning and it was dark and way cold. Last week the temperature was pushing 70 degrees, this morning it was pushing 20 degrees. Very cold. Time to dress in layers. Too cold for cereal. Coffee and vitamins will do until I get my bagel in the city. It was freezing out with sharp winds that cut like a clichéd knife. I hustled down to the train and stood with everyone else, gloves on and hanging onto the pole. I’d never make it as a pole dancer, that seems to be for sure. The world’s loss.

I got to the office and it was just as I like it. Empty. Major players were out of town, Boston and London. That meant most of the B-players were running the show and they’re easily avoided and occasionally manipulated. No manipulation needed since Jenn was in again and it freed me up to make myself invisible. Didn’t do much except make coffee today. It was quiet and nothing to do most of the day. Donna, had a few requests for me to do and that required little effort. Just sat at the desk and made some phone calls.

Jenn was great as usual but there was some drama going on with her and her family that ultimately made her have to leave the office after a few minutes into a crying jag in the ladies room. That was fine and actually made me lamer. Another strange thing, a few people in the office have come up to me and asked if Donna was pregnant. I have no idea as I’m not one of her confidants. I did see what is lately called a baby bump though I called it a baby bulge when discussing it with Lizzie Borden.

The day was slow but pleasant. I left the office at 5:30 under the guise of going to see Philip Beansprout. Most of the employees were drinking hot toddies which they made themselves while leaving the kitchen in a mess, microwave door ajar, rum bottles and glasses everywhere. I knew I wasn’t going to clean it up, I was heading out the door, Padron in pocket. It had warmed up somewhat, being around 30 degrees as I walked down Sixth Avenue towards Canal Street.

Once again, as it’s happened the past few nights, always at Canal and Sixth, someone invariably approaches me and asks for directions. I give generally correct directions, merely pointing east or west, uptown or downtown and say, ‘That way.’ The other night though a middle aged Asian woman asked me for directions to a restaurant and I was walking in that direction, but wound up walking past it for a few blocks, finally checked the numbers on a building to see I had taken her off course. I turned her around and sent her back. I guess I have a face that can be trusted, my willingness to help is what others sometimes see. Strangers can see it, though the majority of my soon to be former coworkers couldn’t. Their loss.

Too Late To Turn Back Now

Thursday has arrived. I had to get to the office early again, clients and all. I woke up in darkness. Actually woke up to Bill’s alarm clock and had to ask him to hit the snooze button. I eventually got up soon after Bill, shower, cereal, coffee, email and dress slacks. That was all I was concerned with as puttered around the office. I walked down the street listening to Magical Mystery Tour and strolled through Church Square Park. I walked over to River Street, no need to see Plantain Man, he’s dressing in layers due to the temperature.

Got on the Path train, crowded but I found that I generally get on the train with a good looking guy to peruse and there was a shorty about three feet away from me. He was shorter than me, hence the name ‘shorty’. Nicely dressed, nice shoes, very nice shirt, no tie with a nice pair of shades on his head, not covering his eyes which made me think that his hair is light sensitive. A flaw in this otherwise nice picture. As the train approached Ninth Street, he turned as if to get off the train but he was checking himself out in the reflection of the door glass. It was worth looking at.

Got my bagel and walked onto work, listening to ‘Baby You’re a Rich Man’ and ‘All You Need is Love’. It put me in a good mood. I set everything up in time for clients that were late. Not a big deal, Jenn had come in to temp once again which freed me up for a lot of things. I didn’t rush around, I was feeling pretty good. In the back of my mind I was wondering about Leslie Thompson. I sent her a thank you email and was paranoid about misspellings despite my running spell check a few times before finally sending it.
Alan and Lizzie Borden both asked how my interview went and I had no news to tell.

I was outside having a smoke when my cellphone rang. It was Leslie Robertson offering me the job. Money is about the same as it is now and benefits are comparable. They would like me to start on January 2. I accepted and went inside and called Bill. He was very happy and restrained because he was at work, but I could feel his enthusiasm. I asked him should I give notice today, tomorrow or Monday and he said today, just to get it over with.

I spoke with Donna after I got off the phone with Bill and told her that next week is my last week, my last day will be December 15. She said in her affected British accent, ‘I suppose if you’re not happy you should go.’ She couldn’t tell? She also made me promise to go to the Holiday Party next Thursday., which could definitely make going to work on Friday a challenge. I challenge I might not be able to meet. Sounds like a plan.

Everybody’s Trying to be My Baby

It’s Wednesday, the day I’ve been waiting for. A hump day. After being told yesterday about what a lousy job the front desk has been doing by the germaphobe known as Donna, I had my hopes set on going to Bill’s wake for his great aunt Betty. I mean, going to the interview after work. I was scheduled to meet the president of the staffing firm, a Leslie Thomson. But first I had to get through the day. I had to go to work earlier than usual. It was no big deal, I was helping Jean, a nice woman from Ireland by way of England.

She’s always been nice to me so it’s a pleasure to be able to help her. She’ll be someone I miss when I leave. I had a dream last night about another nice person in the office, Bill Moore. He’s from English aristocracy, and very down to earth. It’s the wannabees from England that aspire to aristocracy that are the biggest phonies. In the dream it was Bill Moore who was leaving and I gave him a hug and wished him well while dabbing a tear from my eye. He was quite a help today, and he did a lot of dirty work for me since I was in a suit and tie. For the wake.

It was more of the cleaning out of the storage area cum production room. Jenn didn’t make it in today, claiming flu like symptoms but forgetting that she told me about how she had to go to the Korean embassy to get a new passport since she has dual citizenship. It was ok by me, just more shackled to the desk like I hadn’t been in a while. There was a meeting in the production room, myself, Donna, and a few other numb skulls. They stood around discussing moving this and that and whenever I interjected an idea or told them what I had been doing, it was totally ignored.

These people aren’t friendly, nor are they polite. I just stood there like Homer Simpson with Rock and Roll Part Two playing in my head while they sounded like the schoolteachers or adults in various Charlie Brown cartoons. The meeting ended, nothing accomplished except for Bill Moore rolling up his sleeves and throwing things out. I went back to my desk not really running around since Jenn and I were told that the front desk should never be unattended and since I was the only one at the front desk I dared not move.

I found a file on my computer from the previous occupier from January and I found it very interesting. It was about hiring two receptionists.

Here’s a piece of it,
Receptionists – 8.30 – 5.30
Lunch 12.30 – 1.30
Two part-time (because we have burnt out the last two full-timers).
Graduate, presentable, professional, confident, experienced…
Either two shifts / day – 8.30 – 1.30 and 12.30 – 5.30
(total 10 hours at $20 = $200 x 5 = $1000/week)
or divide the week into full days,
(8 hours at $20 = $160 x 5 = $800/week)
Phones, conference rooms, office supplies, kitchen supplies.

Apparently they needed two part time receptionists since one gets burned out. Guess what? I am the one receptionist. And I am burnt out. Nice salary for part time work. It shows me that they recognize what a hard job it is, and how they don’t do a thing about the situation, they just keep losing receptionists. I’m merely the latest to be heading to that revolving door. It’s like they just keep putting Band Aids on an open wound. Fuck them.

I left the desk unattended at 4:00 like I had stated that I needed to do. Linda was supposed to be covering and she was taking her sweet time. I had to go and get my ride to White Plains to attend the wake, and or, get to the interview. I hopped on the 1 train and was soon in Times Square only a block or so away from where the job is. I got there on time naturally and met Leslie Thompson. We sat in her office and discussed my resume and how well regarded I was by the staff in the office who I had only met last week for about twenty minutes.

As she perused my CV, she asked about the music industry and what kind of music I liked. I answered the Beatles, because it’s true. That set her off. Oh my she loves the Beatles. She proceeded to tell me about how much she liked their new CD, ‘Love’ and what a fun experience she had listening to all 25 tracks. I told her I didn’t get it yet because when ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ came out on DVD a few years ago in November I bought it the first day, upsetting my sister because she was hoping to get that for me for the holidays.

She enjoyed meeting me and basically told me the job was mine after we discussed salary and benefits, she just needed to call Wanker Banker and speak to my supervisor Gillian Wallis for a reference. I called up Gillian once I hit the street and gave her the lowdown to which she said she’d give me a glowing review. Now it goes into the waiting game. Leslie Thompson mentioned that if I didn’t hear from her early next week, I should give her a call. They’d want me to start in January by the way. Cross your fingers.

And thanks for the 4:30 good vibes.


Tuesday. A stupid day of course. It just gets worse everyday. Before I get into it though I just want to dispel one of my sister’s worries. I will be working at a staffing agency but I think it won’t be the same because I’m not the same, the company is not the same, and the people that work there are not the same. So yes, maybe this time it will be different. I don’t care if it’s the exact same situation (it won’t be) I’m pretty desperate to get out of the hell that McMann and Tate is becoming.

Today’s shenanigans started when I saw Terry getting off an elevator and I said ‘Hi’. She said nothing in return. There are two things I don’t like about Terry. Namely her face. But I can rest assured that since she’s working full time her acting career is on hold so we won’t be seeing her tired and increasingly fat ass trodding the boards or gracing the silver screen. Thespians around the world can breath a sigh of relief knowing that the 25 year old girl with the ass of a 50 year old mother of five won’t be competing for any roles anytime soon. And I think she’s a virgin. Anyone who has ever gotten laid cannot be as uptight as she is.

You can’t call this character assassination since this chick with the extra chromosomes has no character whatsoever. For some odd reason she wobbled over to my desk to throw out a cup of coffee, then turning back waddling to her desk. This woman is named after cloth by the way, actually named after fabric. Stupid hippy parents I guess. Today I was moving things around in the storage room also known as the production room. Most things get tossed in there that aren’t used anymore, and they get moved around quite a bit. The past week they decided to add more people to the staff and needed to set them up somewhere.

So things that were moved around a few times already actually got moved back to where they were a few months ago. It was a job I do by myself with Linda occasionally fluttering about saying how she thinks I should have someone helping me out with this. There is no one willing to help, hence me moving things about all by myself. This is one of the good things about having to work in jeans. No need to worry about getting my suits dirty.

And the dress code was something that Donna sat down and talked to Jenn and me about today. The main subject was about what a bad job Jenn and I are doing. It turns out, an interviewee came into the office for an interview late Friday afternoon and Jenn and I were in the kitchen setting up for the alcoholic happy hour. Neal, the guy who was interviewing was furious that no one was at the front desk to greet this guy. Ok that’s understandable, but it was rectified in a minute. Donna had to point out that there should always be someone at the front desk. If you need to step away, one should ask Linda, Terry or Donna.

We both knew better than to ask any of them. Donna also mentioned that the front desk was a mess and it needed to be tidied up. When you’re standing in front of the desk there is no way on hell that you would be able to see the post its under the ledge. Also we’re the first people you see when you walk into the office but the situation is such that the front desk is tucked away and you don’t see the front desk. And since we’re the face of McMann and Tate, we should dress better. So despite how dirty the job is or how filthy I get, it really doesn’t matter as long as we look nice. I dislike them all intensely and want to get the fuck out of there as soon as I can. It’s the best for all concerned actually.

If you’re so inclined tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon around 4:30PM EST, please send me some good thoughts and wishes for I will certainly need them.

If and When

It’s Monday despite all of my best efforts. I didn’t know what day it was yesterday, not all day, but after I read the Sunday papers and danced a quick tango with a few jazz cigarettes. And watching the grounded parachutist took my mind off the day of the week. I can get so easily distracted. Today I woke up in darkness. It’s dark out at 6:15. I made the bed and took a shower as Bill was readying himself for work. All I had to do was pick out a pair of jeans and a warm sweater and I was done.

I have a guarded hope, for the call back on Wednesday. The excuse is in place and ready to be launched and I think I may be looking too far ahead in the future. No offer has been made, no salary has been discussed, nor benefits. I am counting on this job regardless and that could be tricky since I simply don’t know if I will please the president of this staffing firm. It was very much like Staffmark back in the day. I saw an ad, responded and was called in for an interview. Back then, Mary Ann Molloy decided to keep me for the company rather than farming me out.

So I stayed there. This office is somewhat different. It’s a lot smaller, and I wouldn’t be working the front desk with anyone I’d be alone, my only company would be those looking for work. Work was ok today by the way. I worked with Jenn who laughs at all my jokes, or at least gets them. She’s supposed to be there for the month so that’s pretty cool. I worked in the production room by myself taking things off shelves and then moving the shelves. Friday ended pretty badly with Linda and she was staying out of my way today. And forget about Terry. We rarely converse.

This has nothing to do with the call back mind you. Linda has always been a bit dotty. She was the one who misheard me saying ‘I was busy’ with ‘I was pissy’. She’s also the one who told to never again order paper towels with patterns on them. This is like the Queen of Hearts party in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ only there is no red or any other color. Everything is white on white on white.

Tonight I am meeting Bill at McSwells. Rand and RoDa have pieces in an Art Benefit for returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who were wounded. Rand sent me the flyer yesterday and Bill was interested so it seems like a good occasion to go out and see some old friends. I have no idea how it’s going to be. I would like to see Martha Keavney if she’s there. It’s been over a year since I’ve last seen her. Or Martha Griffin, though since its McSwells, I sincerely doubt it. She used to work there and I doubt she’d be into going there.


The temperature has dropped considerably the past few days. On Thursday and Friday it was quite muggy and in the upper 60’s. Now, it’s Sunday and it’s in the 40’s with a threat of rain and snow this evening. I’ll believe that when I see it. It’s a do nothing Sunday, though I was busy with laundry. The sun is going down and the lights in the apartment ate turning on. It’s been a fairly quiet day. I was planning on going to church with Bill today to participate in things that make him happy. But it’s not like the church is around the block.

It’s in Manhattan on 86th and Park Avenue. Not like it’s around the block in Hoboken. It’s a hike and a bus ride and then a subway. I passed on going to church. Like I said a while ago, one of the best things about atheism is the fact that you can sleep in on Sundays. I walked Bill to Washington Street and I went to get bagels and the newspapers while he waited for the bus. Nothing but bad news in the papers and I didn’t win the lottery again. Better luck next time?

Last night Bill and I had a date to go to the movies. We decided on seeing Borat. We both had heard a lot of good funny things about it from various trusted family and friends. I was going to take the bus in but that is usually not very dependable if it isn’t rush hour so I walked down to the Path train, listening once again to Scritti Politti ‘White Bread Black Beer’. I really can’t get it out of my head though I often alternate it with Juan’s ‘johnnyo IV’, the latest cd Juan had made for me.

The Path was unusually crowded for 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon so I stood by the door and pulled out ‘The End of Faith’ which I am slowly working my way through. I was going to jump into another, hopefully less crowded car when I looked over and saw my ex-roommate of 11 years, William Charas sitting down next to his bicycle. I stayed in the car and started chatting to him. He was going to a Yoga class in the city and I was off to the movies. We caught up somewhat on what each other was doing and checked to see if anyone we knew had been in contact lately.

It was all in all a low key meeting. He got off on 23rd street to head to the David Barton Gym for his Yoga, I stayed on to 33rd street to brave the holiday shoppers in Herald Square. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected and was able to negotiate the crowds without any injury to myself or anyone else. I waited outside the theatre looking at the people going by waiting for Bill. He showed up and we went in and laughed out loud like everyone else in the theatre.

Here are some pics from walking around Pier A in Hoboken watching a grounded parachutist.





Soul Rebel

Bill was at his parents and I slept alone. It was fine. Quite gray and dark outside this morning, storm clouds approaching. I felt good though. I have hope. Good hope, not Bleedin hope with her phony living in Rome when she’s merely a secretary in San Francisco. Now there’s a reason not to go to San Francisco. She’s polluting the gutters there and with her fat ass it’s problem to step over her to cross the street. Like I said though, I have hope. I sent a thank you email to Jack Cloud for meeting with me and to let him know I am still very much interested in the position we spoke about.

He replied and mentioned that the president of his company will be in on Wednesday and would like to meet with me then. We worked it out that I will meet at 4:30. That means I need an excuse to get out of work early as well as an excuse about why I am wearing a suit. Someone has to die. Preferably someone who is dead already. A compromise has been struck between Bill and myself, a merging of the families. His Aunt Betty will have died and there is a wake I will have to attend in White Plains. No one in the office knows too much about the area, so White Plains will seem far away.

Today’s temp was Jenn, brought to us from Glocap. When you don’t care enough to hire a permanent worker, hire a temp. A temp from Glocap. Jenn is a twenty something woman, a lot of fun, laughed at my jokes and also noticed how cold and unfriendly most everyone in the office is. Well a blind person can see that. This afternoon started with some weirdness from Linda. Nice woman but really scatterbrained. She came into the office around noon, having overslept. Last night a bunch of the account directors went out drinking and she more than likely tagged along.

She had shut off her alarm clock and was a little annoyed that I didn’t call her to see if she was coming in. I think she was suggesting that I call everyone in the office each morning to see if they will be working that day. She also hassled me about a task I was assigned but need the cooperation of a few other people regarding the task. I sent an email to those people and two replied, one affirmative, the other not. Nothing got done and nothing could get done until they stand there telling me what can be tossed away and what could be salvaged.

There was a file cabinet that needed to be moved and when I suggested that it would be easier to move if we emptied it first, she looked at me as if I had two heads. It took me and three other guys to move it a few feet. I told her that I’ve been trying to get things done and it’s been difficult because I have to depend on non cooperative people. I mentioned that I wasn’t pointing fingers since I when you point a finger at someone, three more are pointing back at you. She didn’t understand what that meant and I explained it to her three times, pointing a finger at a wall and physically showing her that three fingers on the same hand were pointing back at me.

As I was heading out the door she instant messaged me, saying that she was sorry for yelling at me. I shut off the computer and left the office.