Monthly Archives: October 2006

Doubt Beat

Today is Halloween and once again it’s merely ok. No dressing up in costume, but rather wearing the black mock turtleneck, dark suit jacket and black jeans. The same attire I wore about twenty five years ago. Black never goes out of style. It fades but black is almost always stylish. Not that I’m aiming for being stylish. It’s more like I just don’t care how I look. I wonder if it’s because when I wore a suit and tie to work, I had a set of work clothes and a set of play clothes. Now it’s all play clothes and me no like.

Today I wore basically the same clothes I wore in last year’s Halloween story. It’s dated October 31, 2005 in case you were wondering. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to be in costume in the office. An email was sent out asking about it, but if there were any replies, they went to the sender. I came in and Terry, co-pilot, was dressed as a tiger. Ears, whiskers and striped tights. With an orange t-shirt under a black blazer. She looked great. I looked like an extra from the Groovy Ghoulies.

A few other costumed people were in today and it created an atmosphere of fun, which melted whatever ice existed previously over the past few days. On the way to work I saw the Hollywood producer, Brian Grazer on a razor scooter following his son on his razor scooter. I thought about whether or not I should offer whatever services he might need for Imagine Films. Perhaps he should read this blog. That should scare him back to Beverly Hills with his spiky hair. He seems like a doting parent though and it was only a pipe dream about approaching him after all.

For lunch I did my usual salad and as I was walking to a different street to get my iced tea, I saw Thomas Friedman on the street talking on his cell phone. I gave him the ‘I know who you are’ look. He writes for the New York Times and has been on the Daily Show as well as a few other programs in case you were wondering. He acknowledged my knowing glance and kept chatting away on his cell phone. I should’ve offered whatever services to him but he was on his phone and I didn’t want to interrupt, putting him into the Sandy Bates character in Stardust Memories with me being one of his annoying fans, interrupting when Sandy’s on a pay phone.

That’s when I slapped the cell phone out of his hands and kicked it into the gutter. He stood there and said, ‘What the fuck?’ and I just stood there and laughed with my hands on my hips and told him to go write a book about it and called him Poindexter. Of course that didn’t happen. Actually it was the other way around. I made it back to the office a bit bruised and ate my salad in relative peace. Later on in the day I was going out for a smoke and as I’m getting off the elevator, coming into the lift was John De Lancie, who played an all powerful, omnipotent being named “Q”.

All in all a pretty decent day, peppered with celebrities.

Skank Bloc Bologna

Ok I’m back. Four comments online, plus one phone call. Thank you Song, Juan and Annemarie and good ol’ Rand, and brother Frank. No particular reason to not write except that I was tired. After over a year of writing at the very least 500 words a day, the conservative total is 187,500 words. That’s quite a bit don’t you think? I watched ‘Almost Famous’ on DVD and the Cameron Crowe character is sweating having to write 3000 words. It can be done, but would it be entertaining? Is anything I write entertaining? Can I write something entertaining? Is this too much navel gazing?

Friday night was the beginning of a rainstorm that didn’t stop until Saturday afternoon. I bided my time since I had rented from Netflix, the super deluxe version of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’. I do like the deluxe versions since they fill in the gaps in the story nicely. I actually started watching disc one Thursday night, but I didn’t realize it was the four version on disc one, followed by two more hours on disc two. So Friday I hunkered down and watched the battles unfold. I do love the movies so much, I just can’t get into the books. A desert island selection I suppose.

Saturday was laundry and more movies. Bill ran off into the maelstrom for his classes and whatnot. I have to pin Bill down so we can sit and have a talk like we used to with Philip Beansprout. I have a lot of things to talk about and I’m pretty sure Bill does as he always has a lot of things to talk about. Nothing earth shattering as far as I can tell but you know how things go. One wrong inflection in the dialogue and it can all turn to shit. He doesn’t even ask about the writing anymore.

We could’ve talked on Saturday night but I decided to play ‘Inside Man’ by Spike Lee and ‘Almost Famous’ by Cameron Crowe. Bill couldn’t stay up for ‘Almost Famous’, he watched maybe two thirds of it before heading off to bed. So little quality time spent together. On the other hand I am tempted to just hop on a plane and go somewhere. Anywhere really. No place in particular. Just pack and go and not say a word to Bill or anyone. Perhaps a post card from wherever it is that I’m at.

Sunday Bill ran off to church then doing his familial duty so I didn’t see him or hear from him all day. Once again, he came home and watched TV then headed off to bed after getting his clothes ready for work on Monday, which he didn’t use since he wound up staying home, unreachable even to me as I stood on the ledge once again at work. Yes Felicia showed her cunty self once again. She started off the day by telling me what a rough weekend she had, not nearly getting enough sleep. I figured that it was due to the messy period she told me about on Friday, and how she had to go home and change her underwear. Nice.

Today she asked me how things were going. After I had to move boxes from this closet shelf and move them to another shelf in another closet I had messed up my back somewhat. So when she asked how things were going, I said ‘It sucks. I think I messed my back up.’ Her response? ‘What do you want me to do about it?’ And not in a good way where one asks the afflicted if there’s anything they might need. She was throwing down a gauntlet of sorts.

I guess she was hoping to leave work early since she was still having that messy period and the weekend of exhaustion. I tried pointing her in the direction of the door when she originally told me earlier in the day how tired she was. That was when things were ok, before the back started acting up and before she saw me as blocking her early exit.

Conveniently some sattelite in her life had fallen ill and she once again had to leave work early. This woman has such terrible luck. It must be a challenge every day, her existence.

She did tell someone in the office that she was busy all weekend counseling cancer victims. I’m sorry but I cannot see that bitch being compassionate, at least not with a few lines of coke on a mirror in front of her. Felicia is a cunt. Plain and simple.

I’ve started looking elsewhere for a new job. The plan to complete a year at McMann and Tate is rather tenuous right now. I feel I would be lucky if I could last until the end of the year. I so want to go in there and say good bye. Or even better, not show up at all and quit via email.