Daily Archives: April 22, 2006

I Dig A Pony

Bill was off to work on his project this morning. I slept in and listened to the rain. Felt good to sleep late again. Just listening to the rain poring down definitely reduced an ambition to get out of bed. I slept like a rock. I was really exhausted last night.

I finally stirred and got out of bed, took a shower, made some coffee before I headed out. I had to go to the Library and renew ‘Teacher Man’ by Frank McCourt. His third memoir. It’s pretty good, as good as ‘Angela’s Ashes’ and ‘Tis’. It’s interesting to read about students and life in New York in the 1950’s and 60’s.

There were a few people sitting on the steps underneath the scaffolding waiting for the Library to open. A motley assortment. I sat down and read some more of the book. About 5 minutes later they opened the Library and I was able to renew my book for two more weeks though I’ll probably be done with it by Monday.

Got the bagels and the papers and came home and made a nice lazy Saturday breakfast.
Truly mellow, not much to do. Coffee, email, Kenny the Shark. I suppose it’s a routine, especially since I know about Kenny the Shark, though I think I turned off the TV before the Pharaoh Zombie Kid.

I spoke to Bill from the set of the project that’s he’s been working towards the past few weeks. That day has finally arrived. We ran lines last night and he was pretty much right on. I was happy for him and quite proud. I did see his work on the lines practically from day one. So all was going well on the set.

When it stopped raining so hard I ventured out again and ran some errands. Running between the raindrops with dry cleaning. Didn’t want to be cooped up in the apartment and didn’t want to go out in the rain either.

Spoke to Annemarie who was having a lot of fun in San Francisco with Rex and Earl. I’d rather have been there that’s for sure but I was here in rainy old Hoboken. Best possible solution, a nap. All that rain was making drowsy any way.

Deep sleep for almost two hours. Felt good. Julio called twice. I answered the second time and was chastised for not returning his call from an hour earlier. Good old Julio. I got out of bed soon after that though I probably could’ve slept throughout the night. I used to do that from time to time, just sleep for twelve hours straight. Or actually, gay.

Julio came up after I ran out and got a chocolate raspberry truffle cake from Stone Cold Creamery with ‘Break a Leg’ written on top for Bill. Julio and I watched Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons in ‘Elizabeth I’ and then ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ both excellent and recommended.

Bill just came home and I showed him the cake and now he’s about to tell me about working on the film.