Daily Archives: April 21, 2006

The Air That I Breathe

Didn’t sleep so well. I think it was because Bill spent the night at his parents. Woke up ok. Dreams of being chased by angry mobs sent by Steve Jobs. ‘One of us’ they kept chanting. It was most disconcerting.

Today was Arcade Fire day. Had them and the Pogues in my head most of the day. Most of the day I was out of sorts. I had a better grasp on things than the day before but still there were the occasional glitches, which caused some considerable stress despite the fact I remembered to take a B-Complex along with my multi-vitamin. I continue to forget about the Ginkgo Biloba though.

Today I felt like Chauncey Gardiner or Chance the gardener. There’s a scene in ‘Being There’ where the doctor, played by Richard Baseheart figures out that Peter Sellers character really is a simpleton and not really much of a threat to anyone. I really related to that scene today. Felt like someone was going to come up to me and say. ‘You’re an idiot aren’t you?’ and of course I’d answer, ‘Yes. Yes I am an idiot’

These are the thoughts that were running through my head despite Julio phoning and making me laugh about my Macanudo problems. Very witty that Julio is. I know I’m not an idiot. These feelings usually coincide with me missing a meal. I see a connection there.

After I ate and spoke to Bill on the phone who politely talked me in off the ledge I felt a whole lot better. Also found that Felicia, my boss / supervisor wasn’t feeling so good today. Nothing was going right for her. She basically said she was sorry if she seemed snippy. And here I thought it was me. She WAS snippy. But snippiness is easily forgiven. And I forgave.

The afternoon flew by after that. Ice seemed to be broken. I was invited to a party one of the designers was having on his rooftop, but since I can’t remember his name it’s probably best not to go. It was a nice invite. I think someone might’ve said, ‘you know you might want to invite the new guy’

One of my fifteen minute jobs from years ago was working at the store at the Museum of Modern Art. I was on my third day and eating my lunch in a cubbyhole in the basement when next to me some co-workers were discussing a party one of them was throwing and how most everyone from work was going. Most everyone. Not me though. I wasn’t invited.

Doesn’t matter. I quit a day later. I had gotten a job at Skyline Studios and on my way to my illustrious future in the music industry. But the moral of that story is, getting invited and not going is better than not being invited at all.

I walked around the Village afterwork. Haven’t really done that in a long time, just a leisurely walk. I was seized by an urge to buy ‘Funeral’ by the Arcade Fire. I have to thank Juan for the inspiration.
I look forward to Juan’s return on the fifth of May. Or maybe the sixth. He doesn’t know and neither do I, but I’m booked to hang with him on his first night back. I’m looking forward to it. I hope he is too.