Daily Archives: April 19, 2006

Back To School Days

Slept well last night. Actually been sleeping just fine lately. No complaints. Woke up great, wrapped in Bill’s arms, where I could’ve stayed all day but the new job was calling and I had to get out of bed. Hadn’t shaved in about a week and had something resembling a beard to get rid of.

Then it was a leisurely walk through Church Square Park and down Garden Street to the train. Playing a singer named Res who I heard years ago in a store and bought her CD. Very good music and lyrics and her voice is good too. Nice alternative vibe to it with a definite R&B feel. That doesn’t happen too often.

The trains are of course, crowded at 7:30 in the morning. Takes a lot of Buddhist tolerance. I only have to go one stop to Christopher Street so it’s ain’t so bad. Then it’s a 15 minute walk to work. It was a gorgeous morning walking down Hudson Street in the springtime.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I had to be at McMann and Tate at 8:00 or 8:30 so I opted for 7:50. Of course that meant I didn’t have to be there until 8:30. I loitered in the street outside. Very busy corner of Soho what with the 1/9 train emptying out at Houston Street. I saw a guy in handcuffs being escorted into a government building across the street. White collar criminal, perhaps mail fraud?

I made it in and walked through the doors with one of the senior managers, introducing myself and sitting around for someone who knew what I supposed to do, to show up. Someone did, David who sat at the desk when I came in for my interviews. He’s a temp, he’s an actor and doesn’t want to be tied down to a 9 to 5 job.

He showed me the ropes and told me his life story so far. An interesting story, yet non-descript. Apparently living with a woman who he’s broken up with a few times and reminds him of his mother. He mentioned that he seems to go for the type that makes one think of Oedipus.

The office started coming to life around 10:00. A bunch of designing hipsters. Nice people, no attitudes detected.

As the way things turn out, I got a phone call from Lawrence on my cell that I had to reject. I called him back a few minutes later. He told me he had a job that seemed perfect for me. I told him thanks, but today was my first day that I started at the new job. He was happy for me and I thanked him for looking out for me. The same thing happened at my last day at Wanker Banker.

I had a phone call from Judy Wagner from another agency. She was asking me if I was still looking for a new job and I told her that I had gotten one and she was catching me at the last day from the old job. She congratulated me and told me if I knew of anyone looking for a job to keep her in mind and refer them to her.

Feast or famine.

I had a glass of wine with the office manager at McMann and Tate before I left. She seems cool. Cool enough to toast the end of my first day. She also noticed the cigar in my pocket. She thanked me as I walked towards the elevator.

I hit the street and lit up a Padron 5000 and walked up to 14th street so I could enjoy it properly. I got so many cigars last week, got to smoke em all.

Much love to everyone who wished me well.