Daily Archives: April 18, 2006

Ceramic Avenue

Today feels almost like the last day of summer vacation though I don’t feel the usual dread that still haunts me every September. I feel good, not much anxiety if at all. I think the new job holds much promise. No feeling of having jinxed the situation by writing this. What is this? Positivity? It seems to fit so I’ll get as much wear and tear out of it as I can.

New chapter, new season, new job.

I wisely took the day off between coming back from Chocolate City and starting the new job. A little decompression time, some time to get things together. I was supposed to have lunch with Christina today but begged off because it would have been way too weird to go back to the Park Avenue Tower and see the people I said good bye to last week. So I told her we didn’t get in until late last night and I had so much to do.

It wasn’t the truth but then the truth would’ve been too weird. I did go into the city though but avoided midtown west. I was on a hunt for comfortable shoes to wear, maybe some black sneakers, which could pass for office footwear in a creative environment. But alas, wearing size 12 shoes, chances are if they had a model I liked they wouldn’t have it in my size. You know what they say, Big Feet…..Big…shoes.

It was a perfect day to take off. The sky was blue, a nice breeze and a temperature in the 70’s. Of course it shouldn’t be like this, what with the global warming. What will the summer hold? There is a movie that I saw a trailer for last week online featuring Al Gore. Very intense. It’s called ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. If you do a search on www.youtube.com you can see it.

Julio and I walked around Hoboken’s waterfront just talking. It was a great night, Manhattan looked like a jewel. Might as well be a jewel since it’s so expensive to live there. Hoboken is almost as expensive. We walked by some new buildings on the waterfront on 14th street that my brother Brian worked on. Julio and I daydreaming about having penthouse apartments there.

I forgot to play the lottery today anyhow so that daydream will be deferred. Washington Street restaurants had their outdoor café’s open with smokers standing a few feet away from their outdoor tables. You can’t sit on this side of the railing and smoke but you can stand on the other side and smoke all you want. Brilliant. Oh and you can smoke in casinos. Big money makers they are.

I heard from RoDa who told me on Saturday night after midnight there were about 60 people outside of McSwells smoking and being rowdy. If Hoboken had a problem with public intoxication and urinating as well as vomiting and all around bad behavior, Hoboken will have a lot more to complain about with the smokers standing around outside.

Off to the new job tomorrow. Wish me luck.