Daily Archives: April 13, 2006

Cao Cao Mani Picao

Wow. It happened. The day had/has ended. Its not officially over, it’s 11:58PM, but we can probably rest assured that no shit is going to happen between now and tomorrow. That would be ironic if those turned out to be my last words.

But I laugh smugly at Death, and Death gives me the bony finger.

Didn’t sleep so well last night, being in an altered state. Rather fitfully. A garden of Gethsemane if you will. T’is the season you know. Had some doubt at 3:00 AM lying there in the dark wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I had a nice time with these co-workers last night, but I had to keep reminding myself that yes they are great but they couldn’t help me, I could only help myself. And this is the only way out.

Today was a bit off kilter, perhaps due to the fact that
a) I didn’t sleep well
b) More than likely hung over.

A double whammy. But still having done less and less the past few days all I had to do was sit there. Which was incredibly easy. I had an exit interview that went incredibly badly. The idiots in the misnomered Human Resources department had me only working at Wanker Banker for two years, when it was actually three and a half years.

I am glad to never have to deal with these assholes again. I stood my ground and actually walked out in the best Costanza move possible. I gathered my things and split. Such a flair for drama. Ahsen wonderful tech guy came to my senses and chilled me out. I went back in and composed an email.

After three and a half years of working at Wanker Banker, I am leaving for a new position.
I have met some wonderful people who I consider to be good friends and I hope to maintain and cultivate these friendships through the oncoming years.
Thank you my friends.

Classy, don’t you think? Of course it was written and rewritten a few times. I did try to find the right words, and phrasing. The other versions were filled with venom not seen since I don’t know what.

I kept trying to leave and it turned out a division of Wanker Banker, the Really Good People Corporation organized a pizza party for me. Awfully nice, many man hugs and one hug and kiss.

It was actually happening. I was leaving. I told a few of the vendors and delivery guys I was leaving and with each person, the bladder moved closer to my eyes. I man hugged Ahsen and had a slight heave. By the time I got to Brenda, we were both hugging each other, sobbing and vowing to keep in touch.

The building staff all wished me well as well as the lobby security. I hope they get the respect from whoever does the job after me.

I had carried most of my things home throughout the week so I was traveling light. It was a gorgeous brilliant blue sky day. I lit up a Padron 5000 N and strolled away from Wanker Banker.

I made it home by 3:30PM. I was actually hoping to be out by noon. But I was glad to just say my goodbyes no matter how long it took. I made it home and crashed, finally gaining the sleep that I didn’t get last night.

Julio came up with a celebratory six pack of Stella and he watched the end of ‘Girlfight’ with Bill and myself, and after Bill went to work on his project, we watched ‘A History of Violence’

Both films, very good.

Bill and I will be going to Washington DC this weekend. I will still be writing but I am thinking the next posting will be when I return on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Which by the way will be my 200th posting.

So feel free to peruse the archives.

Next Up: A new chapter and a new job.

Funny how that worked out, don’t you think?