Daily Archives: April 12, 2006

The Best is Yet to Come

The countdown continues. Today the penultimate day. Went to work of course, have some honor to uphold. I did tell them Thursday would be my last day, and it’s Wednesday. No big deal except for the fact that after arriving at 8:30AM, I was done with my things by 10:30AM. The rest was just watching the clock, which isn’t fun and does not make time move any faster.

Work had stopped being sent my way, so to pass the time I wandered around the office, different floors of the building and outside. No one really noticed my not being around. Some people did make it in from other offices for various reasons and those people made it a point to stop by or invite me into their offices to say thanks for the work I had done for them. Very nice.

There are good people there at Wanker Banker, but basically have no power to make any changes for the good of the company or for myself. Can’t really expect changes for myself from them. I’ve made the change and headed out. Spoke to a few people about drinks tonight, some were coming, other couldn’t. Passover and all. Seders everywhere. Who knew?

The IT guys were bailing except for Vinnie who just happens to be a real sweetheart. A really nice guy. The IT guys bought me some cigars from Davidoff around the corner. They knew to mention my name at the store and were hooked up by the store salespeople who knew who I was. Padrons, both regular and Anniversario. Nice. Two senior executives got me a very nice Zino Davidoff cigar which was great, and Babs, the compliance officer got me a nice selection of La Gloria Cubanas.

I was walking around with my usual Padron 5000 in my shirt pocket and invited as many people as I could to tonight’s drinking festivities. Most were unable, either tied to their desks or going to Seders. I had a nice crowd of about a dozen, including Robert and Fay and Teresa all of whom I’ve worked with before.

I was happy they were able to make it, hadn’t seen Robert or Fay in quite some time. Teresa I saw a few weeks ago. Jamie, Babs, Vinnie, Helen and dear sweet Brenda all made it and had a few drinks with me to celebrate my leaving. When someone left they were replaced by Marilyn and Craig and David.

More nice people. I mentioned to Craig that he looked hot when he dressed in a suit and tie, and had to explain it was a compliment, not a come on. He said he knew that but man he is such a cutie. In a minute I would say. David is a sweetheart and Marilyn seems cool, but Craig. Woof!

Of course he doesn’t play on my team. He looks very sexy in a blue shirt with contrasting collar and cuffs. He could probably get most women and a few men with that look. I noticed a few guys looking great in suits and ties today, which made me think I’m only seeing them since I won’t be seeing or dressing like that much longer.

It really is the only drawback I can see in the new gig at McMann and Tate. Oh suits and ties, you made life so much easier and made me look really good.

This evening was an official Wanker Banker event so that entitled me to a town car home. Sweet. Those days are gone as well. C’est La Vie. I doubt I’d be wandering around midtown at night anymore, working in Soho ten minutes away from the Path train ain’t really so bad.

A new career in a new part of town.

I convinced Jamie to take the town car and drop her off at her place before going to Hoboken. She was sullen, yet saying she was alright. She has a few headaches ahead of her. I told her to give me a call and if I could help her out I would.

She got home ok and I continued onto Hoboken driven by Khalid from Morocco.