Daily Archives: April 11, 2006

Fefe Naa Efe

Oh the time just flies by at Wanker Banker these days. There will be a drink thing after work, at the Carnegie Club, a cigar bar tomorrow night. It should be fun. The Persian Bitch won’t be there and she’ll also be away from work on Thursday my final day at Wanker Banker. Also the thing I’ve alternately called Deborah, Wombus and Linda Natale broke her ankle getting off the bus. Or at least that’s what she said.

So she won’t be around either. Damn and I was soooooo looking forward to a hug from her. There’s just so much to hug. Meow!

I really haven’t been doing much but tie up any loose ends I might have. Work isn’t being sent my way. Christina isn’t taking any initiative to learn anything, but then again she hasn’t really all year. Things I did tell her to do every week still haven’t sunk in. If she doesn’t get up to speed in the next twelve hours at work, she’ll get the sack.

I ran some errands for myself, going down to the village for about 45 minutes. It was also a glorious day and it went perfectly with my state of mind. I also figured out that the Ipod doesn’t have a crush on Brandy, such a fine girl from Tek Serve, but rather doesn’t want to be plugged into the machines at Wanker Banker anymore. Can’t blame the Ipod.

Told a few more people that I was leaving, the woman who cleans the pantry, Walter Taylor the UPS guy. He’s a genuine sweetheart. Digs Bjork and Prince. A definite stand up guy, Walter is. I’ll miss him. Told the lobby security guys and other building personnel. I also told the Hot Dog guy who was sorry to see me go since I was putting his kid through Colgate University.

It’s becoming a reality, my departure. Nothing really bittersweet, just some good people telling me they’ll miss me and I will miss them. In what maybe a recurring role, Matt the cabaret singer from a few weeks ago will be filling in from time to time. But that is not my concern. I sincerely it all works out for those I am concerned about.

I’m constantly bringing the building staff and security bottles of water and Snapple. I doubt that will be maintained. Methinks it will all fall by the wayside. Not my concern I sing again.

Thursday will have my exit interview at 10:00 AM. Don’t know what questions I will be asked, don’t recall ever going through one before. It’s usually been “I QUIT” or “Please leave before security escorts you out”. So what will they ask? Fave color? What type of animal do I want to be? I’ve often thought long AND hard about it and decided I’d like to be a manatee.

Got to represent the manatees since a lot of them are dying in Florida. Destruction of environment you see. Ecotone it’s called.

A day and a half left. Should be interesting.
Gilmores was very good tonight. A little more drama, not as manic as last week. Rory story. Show ended with Angst in my Pants by Sparks. Scrubs was ok. Tom Cavanaugh who I used to like in Ed and loathed in Love Monkey was on the show again. Eh.