Daily Archives: April 5, 2006

Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head

I seem to be going through a recurring theme of things that have gotten under my skin. The New York State Department of Labor nonsense, which I still don’t know how that will pan out despite my being in the clear, the decision in my favor. Still I have a feeling that isn’t over. I expect to hear from them again in a few months.

Today’s drama, which I know isn’t really drama concerns the Ipod. I lost 6347 songs. Those who know me know that music is quite an integral part of my life. All consuming. I am amazed at how attached I am to this thing. Maybe addicted is the proper word. Yes addicted seems a better fit. So like I used to do with cassettes, I would try to play the proper song to fit my mood, my walking around Manhattan to.

Without it, I am bumping into people, buildings, and cars. I need a beat. I need my music.
I got the music in me, but it’s better to hear the original songs, or at least have 6000 songs at my disposal. I think I might have figured something out. But Itunes and Ipod are acting oddly. A family spat perhaps. I have to wait for them to sort it out.

I just made a good joke, which turned into something quite awkward. An episode of Homicide is on, featuring the Law and Order dancers and someone was on screen that Bill mentioned was in the movie, Shaft. I said that I had never seen it. He says he has it on DVD. I told him I knew that and I was waiting for when he could show me his Shaft.

No reaction. Something on TV got his attention. I was merely next to the TV. Perhaps the innuendo made him upset. I wish we were seeing Philip Beanstalk this Monday, but we’re not. Two weeks. I suppose I should write it down, but I already did, didn’t I?

Okay. I’ve reloaded most of my 6000 tracks, actually about 5800 and change. Have to edit and manually reload a lot of things but I do have some good stuff in there. Lot’s of duplicates. Been chatting with Jonathan Gonzalez at Columbia University while he sits in on a meeting of students for something, He seems like a cool guy. Politically aware and active. A good person it seems.

I’m sure in the next few days I’ll be finding songs missing as I walk along the streets of Manhattan. I have songs here at home, actually the bulk of my sings are here. Have some at work. And I’m wary of the machine at work since that is where the trouble started. I’ll probably gamble.

I uploading Gorillaz second disc, Demon Days. Been playing that a lot lately and I would like/need/want that on the Ipod. Oh this hunkering down on the keyboard is killing my neck.

I am such a drama queen aren’t I?

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