Daily Archives: April 4, 2006


Sitting in front of the computer, Bill on the couch, Gilmore Girls on, Scrubs on deck, smoking a La Gloria Cubana Hermoso, feeling good. Very good Gilmores tonight. A return to form. Scrubs should be good too. After that it’s running lines with Bill for a project he just was cast for.

Had an apathetic day. Started out by oversleeping. No hustle at all. Got a later bus and meandered up to work through midtown Manhattan listening to Gorillaz, Demon Days which I am digging more and more. They’re playing at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem this week but all the shows are sold out. Not bad for a cartoon band.

Scrubs is dependably silly. A bit about singing Brick House by the Commodores while dancing reminded Bill that he has video of me on New Year’s Eve dancing with Julio and Stine to Brick House and Julio spanking my butt twice during the video. Bill thinks this is incriminating evidence, suitable for blackmail. I heard suitable for black male.

Roofies reference very funny. A Gilmore Girls reference on Scrubs! Double play! A sure sign of the rapture to come! Brilliant! Koyaanisqatsi reference! Even more brilliant.

Just ran some lines with Bill. I would be so good for the part playing against Bill. Now Bill watches porn, meaning Law and Order. And we run lines during commercial breaks. The things we do for love. It’s actually a pretty good script, at least the parts where Bill’s role has lines. I am getting into the role of Luke. Lives on a farm on Tattooine. It’s vaguely familiar but then again aren’t most stories?

So work was basically doing the most basic functions and getting Christina who sits to my right to start pulling her weight, forcing her to take the initiative. Which isn’t really taking the initiative since that requires little or no prompting. But she needs prompting. She constantly needs to be told what to do. I admit it is partially my fault since I would do a lot of things myself rather than have her screw things up, but after a year of her watching me do my work, she should have at least some clue. But she doesn’t. And I don’t care.

I called up the New York State Department of Labor again. Spoke to someone on the line and faxed over the decision regarding my hearing on June 28, 2005. I anticipate hearing from the NYS DOL again, but hopefully I’ll be at a new job and they will actually have to work to track me down. Or they can call the inhuman Human Resources director and Helen Devilakos would sell me out in a minute. She probably was a high ranking officer in the Vichy regime in France during World War II.

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel? Or just an oncoming express train?

Is that person swimming out there in the water, waving? Or drowning?

And what about that glass? Is it half full or half empty?