Ping Pong Affair

B Complex. Is it all that? I keep forgetting to take it. No visible results. But my sister recommended it, and I trust her more than I trust the Surgeon General whoever that might be. If the Surgeon General was appointed by the idiot in the White House, I definitely do not trust him, or her. I really cannot stand that buffoon.

Will and Grace. It’s time has come and gone. I enjoyed it for a few minutes a while ago but I don’t make an effort to see it anymore. It’s on right now, because I’m waiting for My Name is Earl. Briny Spears is the guest star. None too fond of her either. God it is such crap. Every stereotype about gay men is trotted out.

Earl is great, as is the Office, as is Scrubs. All three shows don’t have laugh tracks, which is great. It was odd the other day. They have been showing an hour of Scrubs and they had it again followed by a crap show called Teachers. After the humor of Scrubs without a laugh track, to watch a show like Teachers was really horrible. Bad script, stupid unbelievable characters, it’ll be a smash.

Then there is the horror show American Idol. Some friends watch it and I just don’t understand why. I am grateful that most of the winners burn out rather quickly and are rarely heard from again. Ruben Stoddard? Justin Whatshisface? I suppose that Kelly girl has some lasting power, but you imagine her in 10 years?

The Office is great. Steve Carrell is great. It is such an edgy show. It is unbearably close to home, or rather close to work. Specifically when I worked with my former supervisor, Bobby Aye. Not that Bobby was as bad as Steve Carrell, but he was almost as anal retentive.

Tonight on my walk to the Path train, smoking my cigar, I was playing the Slits, CUT. They say they could barely play their instruments but I love it and it sounds great. Dave Bell turned me onto them. I also have a specific memory of driving back from New Hampshire with Annemarie and I was playing Typical Girls. She must have wondered what a strange halfling her brother is. I think it was in Massachusetts, that what I recall.

The persistence of memory.

Just got off the phone with Julio. Been also chatting with Juan and Rand. Sending Juan tracks from Brian Eno and David Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Very influential for me and a lot of other people like the guys from Public Enemy and a whole lot of other heavyweights. Like me!

Juan wants Gang of Four tracks. Sending Gang of Four tracks.

It was funny because I’ve also been chatting with Rand about Eno & Byrne. 26 years after it’s original release it is reissued with extra tracks. It’s an amazing record with all the effects coming from tapes and live musicians, all pre-sampling. I’ve been debating whether or not to get it, and I’m pretty much sure I will tomorrow. Which means some one who might get the original cd might be reading this. Any takers? No Qu’Ran though.

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