Lonesome Day Blues

Ok. Not a day to write about but things being what they are, I feel obliged. I had a better attitude today that’s for sure. Appreciating Matt the temp a lot. Cool kid. Lives under Webster Hall. Has a cabaret act at Don’t Tell Mama this month. Also has a blog, which I linked to. Film reviews. Nice style. We had a talk about Brokeback Mountain and I played the soundtrack, which started to bum me out.

The song by Teddy Thompson is great. I put his two albums in my shopping cart at Itunes. Of course he’s down with the Wainwrights. I think he used to go out with Martha. He’s the son of Richard and Linda Thompson. Oh these children of talented parents. I try not to get jealous.

I also recommend David Rakoff’s ‘Don’t Get Too Comfortable’. It’s almost as good as his first book, ‘Fraud’. Wandered around midtown for lunch. Nowhere in particular. Instead of the east side I went west. Exotic. Just to get away from the office. It wasn’t so bad out. Had the Ipod going and walking in the sun. Quite nice.

The other day, Sunday, I was on line at Hoboken Bagels, getting the usual when who is online in front of me? Senator Menendez, who replaced Corzine, when Corzine became governor. I didn’t say anything to him, some customers were deferential, not me. I sent him a nasty email telling him off after he sided with the credit card companies with the bill that makes personal bankruptcy difficult. I was fierce and rude. I told him a great majority of his constituents fall into that category. I’m sure he never saw it, though it’s possible since he was Representative Menendez then.

I also didn’t to trip him on the way out since he was heading down to Belmar to march in Belmar’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. He announced this before he left the bagel store. What a hard working politician. Walk down the street and wave at the people you’ve screwed.

My loins are behaving like spring is here. Why not, the weather’s been so wacky or rather nutty, that the trees are budding. I think it’s happening all over the metro area. The men are getting better looking and bears are coming out of hibernation. And the amount of hits that I’ve been getting are a lot more than usual, which means I’m getting hits. It’s flattering for sure, but then again nonexistent since this is the Internet after all.

I was talking to a fellow blogger Rod and he mentioned that since the Internet most guys (read: gay guys) tend to see sex as an all you can eat salad bar at Wendy’s. That’s almost a direct quote. It’s true. A lot of guys do. Sometimes I’m in the main chat room at gay.com and it’s cock cock cock. Oh my. Then Juan and I will disrupt the natural order of things with our surreal repertoire.

So I am home. I am not the master of my domain. That ended a few days after I wrote it. I’m not complaining. I will be master of my domain once again, maybe next fall. It was Philip Beansprouts’ suggestion anyhow. Oh this frustration.

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