Daily Archives: March 29, 2006

Sweetheart Like You

Nice day today. Finally felt like spring had sprung. Sprung enough for me to forego the overcoat and consider retiring it for the winter. Didn’t hustle again, took my time. No sweat. Nelson Neversweat, that’s me. Had an egg sandwich courtesy of Tony at Smilers. Had a nice short discussion with him about Bob Marley and the state of reggae in general. He laughed hard at my ragamuffin comment.

Walked up to work, listening to Bob Marley’s live version of Want More. Killer kick ass version. Heavy on the balls if you know what I mean. If you don’t, I meant heavy on the bass. And bass is an integral part of reggae music.

It was a nice day to wander around whenever I could, and I did when I had to get some fruit for the office. The temperature was climbing towards sixty. I got back to the office and Helen Devilakos and the PB were waiting for me. This was the follow up meeting to the meeting two weeks ago when we ‘sorted it all out’. The meeting lasted less than three minutes.

Helen: Everything ok?

Me: Yes.

PB: Yes.

Helen: You sure?

Me: Yes we’re cooperating with each other.

PB: Yes, we are.

Helen: Ok. That’s about it then.

A waste of time that allowed Helen to think she’s doing a bang up job as a Human Resources director.

I shrugged it all off. It was meaningless. I continue to be totally apathetic at the office lately. I still do my job and I still do it well, but I really don’t care about how things go. Their loss.

Hung outside a lot with Darrell, a guy who’s doing electrical systems in the building. He usually turns up when I run outside for a smoke. Nice guy. Likes cigars too. We swapped a Padron 5000 for a La Flor Dominicana. I have to say the Padron was in better condition than the La Flor. But he’s a nice guy and I didn’t say anything.

Got through the day when Song called. He and his boyfriend Ray were in Manhattan and were planning on having dinner. They invited Bill and I, but Bill had a wake to attend to in the Bronx. So I went. Ray’s a real nice guy. He and Song seem to compliment each other very well. They are a great couple.

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant on west 48th st. Pongsri Thai Restaurant they call it. Nice place. I was there once before in the nineties when half of it was a gay bar. Now it’s a Thai Restaurant. Funny how that happens. After dinner Song, Ray and I walked through Times Square where I regaled them with stories on how bad Times Square used to be. I told them of my St. Patrick’s Day story about losing my brother in the crowds and how I was the brave little 12 year old making my way through the madness to find brother Brian crying over losing me.

We walked over to the Hippodrome where they gave me a ride back to Hoboken. Quite nice. I told you they were good guys.