Daily Archives: March 28, 2006

Outlaw Blues

There I was, it was almost midnight, and I had no money, with no idea where I was. Maureen dropped me off here, peeling off into the night. I must have said something to piss her off like that. But what it was I don’t know. Jesus, I’m only 24 years old and her I am in no man’s land. I wish I was still in college. It was all so much easier then.

What the fuck am I thinking? I’m free! No worries, nowhere to go. No money either which is worrying though. There I go thinking I can make a silk purse out of a sow’s arse, and then reality sets in, ‘Michael, you need to get your shit together pronto.’

Oh how I hate that voice in my head. A conscience? It pops up from time to time. But what was it that I said that made Maureen to leave me here? ‘Fuck you Michael! I don’t need this shit!’ But what shit was it? I checked my pockets again. I found twenty dollars a few weeks ago, what are the odds of it happening again?

Turns odd the odds weren’t very good at all. No money in these jeans. I walked along the side of the road, heading towards the lights ahead. I guess that’s a town. If my wallet wasn’t in Maureen’s car I’d at least have a bank card.

A car drove by. I put out my thumb to hitch a ride. Not a good idea, but the town seemed far away. I don’t even have my fucking cell phone. Also in the car I bet. Fucking Maureen! Fuck me!

No more cars approaching. Hard to tell distance in the dark. Hard to see at all. So fucking dark I can’t even see my hand in front of me.

I should’ve stayed in the city. I hate the country, I hate the woods. Give me artificial lighting any day.

Shit, I just twisted my ankle. Could things get anymore pathetic?

Wait. What was that? Sounded like a wolf. Maybe a dog. Great. Someone’s lost dog is stalking me, probably rabid. A pit bull probably with my fucking luck tonight.

Wait. I was talking to Gwen Garicki earlier. Maureen hates her. Maureen saw us sitting and laughing, and Maureen probably thought we were laughing at her. Fucking Maureen. There is nothing going on between Gwen and me. She’s a fucking lesbian! What the fuck?

That has to be it. I should’ve listened to Raul and not have anything to do with that crazy bitch. Raul knows the score. He was even engaged to Maureen at some point, before the drugs wore off. I wish he was here right now. He’s a pal. Maybe if I ever get to town, (man my ankle is killing me) I’ll call him collect.

Fuck. It’s Friday night. He’s either working at the bar, or screwing his landlord’s wife. Shit. I could call his brother Alberto, but what’s his fucking number?

Damn. I’m never going anywhere with Maureen again. Never.