Daily Archives: March 26, 2006

Nice Time

Woke up at 4:45AM this morning due to guests from a party on the second floor having an argument on the street. I was going to throw eggs at them but I was out. I stumbled over to the intercom and shouted to them to ‘Shut the Fuck Up!’ It worked and I was able to sleep for a few more hours. I felt bad for Julio who lives right above the party, apparently at some point they even broke out congas and were jamming in their illegal sublet. Luckily for them I’m not a snitch.

I did the bagel run this morning and newspapers. I even got Julio his bagel and paper. He bleary eyed not answering the door, but did call to say thanks and complain about his down stairs neighbors. Tierra del Fuego my ass.

Today was the day of my niece’s birthday party. It is very hard to believe it was 25 years ago that she was born. I remember being at the bowling alley that Monday night when she was born. Many beers were ingested and I wound up with the moniker of ‘punkle’. Punk/Uncle for those playing at home.

She’s a great kid, now a great woman. A teacher in her hometown. She was supported and encouraged by her parents and got good grades, ran track and participated in extracurricular activities. I’m her godfather, though with my atheism, I don’t know if the rules apply and since she’s 25 years old now I don’t think I would have to take care of her like a godparent is supposed to. I’m so proud of her and her sister.

My brother Brian and his wife, Karen with Hillary, Brian and Cassie were there. Lil Brian spent most of the time holed up in Cory’s old room watching the telly. It was good to have most of the family together. Took many pictures too. Too many for some.

Garfield was the usual battleship gray sky. A bit nippy which ensured I wasn’t going to go outside for a smoke. I prepared by having an Arturo Fuente cigar before leaving Hoboken, that a local shopkeeper laid on me in hopes that I would purchase my cigars from him. Very good cigar, but not at all like my Padron 5000 natural, and I wouldn’t get the great deal I get on the Padrons. So maybe in a pinch, but not for a regular supply.

And in a pinch, meaning, I’ll drink Budweiser only if I’m already drunk. Elaine really went overboard on the food, a lot of everything. She was pulling out all stops since my niece’s boyfriend’s parents were there. I guess we were all on our best behavior, but then again we always are when there’s company around. Elaine’s father was there, playing the role of wizened adult, interested in watching golf on TV. He’s earned the right. I do not begrudge him one bit.

Nice train ride home, back in Hoboken in no time. Had a nice Padron and didn’t leave a note in 2R’s mailbox. Now I wait for Julio to watch the Sopranos. Bill’s driving tonight so it’s just me and Julio and the telly.