Daily Archives: March 24, 2006

The True Wheel

Oh the joy of catching a virus from a co-worker who kept coming to work while she was very sick. I left work today, all achy and clammy. Just woke up from a three hour nap. Had something to eat, now I’m tired again and feel like I could sleep a lot more. Friggin Christina just wouldn’t stay home, not out of dedication more out of stupidity. I tried fighting it off, we share a phone sometimes and I kept wiping it down but all it takes is being in close proximity to some germs and voila!

You wind up with me, under the weather on a Friday night. I haven’t heard anything from McMann and Tate, but may have seen a similar position posted online. Similar company, similar duties and a lot more money. I applied for this position as well.


I just visited the site and I was declined for the position. Now I hope I didn’t jeopardize the job I interviewed for yesterday. That would suck. Then again I’m trying to keep my hopes low.

Bill is off doing extra work on ‘Rescue Me’ the show on FX with Denis Leary. I don’t feel clammy anymore, just tired. I hope its just fatigue. I am supposed to go to see the Jean Michel Basquiat show in Chelsea tomorrow with RoDa. We were supposed to go last week but being the day after St. Patrick’s Day we were all waylaid. Tonight I’m not doing anything, but staying home and exerting very little energy. Not that I have much to exert right now.

All in all in was pretty much an optimistic week. Of course it would have to end in such a manner. The wheel lifts you up and also sends you down. How one manages the wheel is the key.

I listened to Me’Shell Ndegeocello ‘Peace Beyond Passion’ today. I forgot what a great and funky record that is. I was working at Right Track Recording when it came out and played it several times a day. Crossed paths with Me’Shell twice that summer. Once she phoned to speak with James Taylor when he was recording at the studio, and I gushed over the phone when I spoke to her.

She seemed embarrassed despite my compliments. Another time was at Summerstage, when Pedro and I scammed into a VIP area, and there she was sitting alone. I didn’t say anything to her then, just let her be. I’ve seen her a few times live. She puts on a great show in nightclubs, but at outdoor shows her music just dissipated into the atmosphere.

Two of the best times I saw Me’Shell was at the Supper Club and at the Bowery Ballroom. The Bowery Ballroom was fantastic, one of those great rock and roll moments where the music stops time and you are somewhere else in the multiverse. And coming back from that is almost orgasmic, just thrown back into your body after astral projecting.

I’d see her again, she still plays around, more jazzy than rock or funk these days, but she’s always interesting. Just don’t tell her that.