Daily Archives: March 22, 2006

Run Away

A pretty good day. Plenty tired from it. Woke up did my think, the usual walk to bus, get on bus, read or look out the window. I usually put some effort into writing it, but now, I am exhausted. Day at work started out shabbily. Got over it, not that I had much choice. After the mellow day of yesterday it would be hard to compare. So I won’t. I’m tired damn it.

There was a contest at work this morning, a trivia contest. Something I’m good at, and it’s known that I’m good at it. 25 questions mostly about entertainment, literature and some films with a dash of sports. What was Michael Jordan’s number when he played for the Chicago Bulls? 23. If it wasn’t multiple choice I probably would not have gotten that one. They were all multiple choice, all 25 questions.

I got 80% of them correct. I am still a B student. Actually I aspired to B status. I scored the highest in the office, and won a ticket to see Monty Python’s Spamalot. Of course I knew that Monty Python had a show on Broadway, just a bit pricey, out of my league. Mezzanine seats are $111.25. And they’re cramped tiny seats. But there is a happy ending.

I was fairly ambivalent about seeing the show, didn’t want to spend the money, but having won a free ticket, well that made all the difference in the world. I told Bill that I had won and he expressed an interest. I didn’t think I could get him a ticket but I would see what I could do.

2 of the IT guys had teamed up and came in fifth place with the trivia contest and I sort of knew that neither one would be able to go, so I offered to buy them lunch in exchange for their ticket. They agreed and I spoke to Jamie about bartering for their ticket. She was fine with the idea, so fine that she suggested that Wanker Banker pays for their lunch.

So we all had burgers! Surprise! Me, eating a burger? And I got their ticket and called up Bill to tell him he was going with me. He was thrilled and as the hour approached, I was getting more and more thrilled.

So after work we made a plan for dinner at John’s Pizza in midtown, a more posh place than the pizza joint on Bleecker Street. More exotic food for me. Bill felt that since I was taking him to a Broadway show, he could take me to dinner. I agreed.

The show was even better than I anticipated. I love the Pythons but feared that Eric Idle might’ve stretched himself too thin. I was happily proven wrong. The show was hilarious, and relatively true to the movie. The audience loved it, the songs were great and the acting was superb. I could probably say a lot more, but like I wrote earlier, I’m damn tired.

Mas manana.