Daily Archives: March 21, 2006

Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Ok. Had a nice long talk with Bill. In depth, hearts on the table. A lot being aired out. It went well. I was pretty tired. We used to have big heart to heart talks a lot, so this was a return to form. It’s usually Bill on the couch and me on the chair. That’s our usual position. I was trying to explain it to Bill that’s how we usually sit, and how we don’t talk enough anymore and that’s bad. It’s actually hard to explain but I had to break it down, saying Talking Good. Not Talking, Bad.

That was humorous. But actually it all had a fantastic effect on today. I was actually in a good mood, having slept very well last night. I walked to the bus stop having missed one and caught one soon after. Walked up Eight Avenue and over to the east side. Bought a bagel, had some coffee. An easy going walk, playing Bob Dylan’s ‘Blonde on Blonde’. Juan and I watched the No Direction Home DVD. Juan not a Dylan fan, but hopefully got some insight watching the DVD.

Knowing Juan, I’d bet that he didn’t.

Lot’s of great footage from the sixties. Great live concert footage from the 1966 tour where every show they had played, Dylan and the Hawks were roundly booed.

I wasn’t that much into Dylan back in the day. I only knew a handful of songs. I do know some people that loved his music though. Ann Boyles would sometimes spend nights playing Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. That’s my main recollection. Back when I worked with Ann, I was definitely not into Bob at all.

Went with ex-roommate William to see Patti Smith open up for Bob in the nineties. We left during Dylan’s set. That’s something I regret, but I guess the timing wasn’t right.

Now I pretty much dig Bob and would love to see him again. He’s doing the rounds this spring and summer playing state fairs with Merle Haggard.

Work was a walk in the park. Not literally. I was fairly easygoing, nothing much pissing me off. Saw some various friends that I see smoking outside. Don’t really know their names, which would make it personal. We make it impersonal. Occasionally someone is out there furiously smoking about the usual office bullshit. Who am I kidding? That’s ME!

Now enjoying a low key Tuesday evening, some good shows on the telly, now I sit listening to Parliament’s Greatest Hits. Another band that totally escaped me before, but now, I do love what I hear. Tis truly would be a hollower world without the P-Funk.
Make my funk the P Funk, I want to get funked up. Make my funk the P Funk, I want my funk uncut.

Were truer words ever spoken? Feeling pretty mellow, funky. Now listening to The Grey Album, the fabled mix of the Beatles ‘White Album’ with Jay-Z’s ‘Black Album’. An illegal item to have. The Fabs sued Danger Mouse, the creator. Jay Z put out an accapella disc so dj’s could put their own shit behind it. Danger Mouse made it Grey. It really is quite an amazing thing!