Daily Archives: March 15, 2006

From A Window to a Screen

I slept until 7:00 this morning, which is the time I usually head out the door for the bus. It was great, the extra sixty minutes to just sleep. No hustles this morning. I had an interview at 9:00AM so I was able to take a lackadaisical walk through midtown. Of course the usual paranoia was there. The terrorist paranoia, not the paranoia from too many jazz cigarettes.

Got to another staffing agency early and filled out the paperwork. The agency usually works with law firms but somehow I had gotten in. I was polished and professional looking and also able to communicate effectively. Apparently this scored points. The agent and I did the tango, she introduced me to another agent and they both said they work to get me a new gig.

I thanked them and walked out into the once again chilly Manhattan morning. I listened to Mamono Mania, a cd made by Juan. It’s a great cd. He’s such a good guy. I love most everything on it, and what I don’t love, I like. He has some excellent taste in music. We have similar things in common about the types of music. He surprised me with the first track by Ani DeFranco. I like her but never really heard her until now.

I’m glad I transferred the music to my Ipod because it made a great soundtrack for my sojourn around midtown. Got to work around 9:45 and watched the day unfold before me. I didn’t see the Persian Bitch so I was able to avoid her ghastly visage throughout most of the day. I believe she is on the ropes. They really let her have it last night, being exposed of being such a lying, conniving bitch. I was fun to watch. Not one speck of remorse in the way she was brought down. Of course being a wounded animal she can actually be a lot more dangerous.

I didn’t mention that after last night’s meeting, the PB cornered me and stated emphatically that she wants to be friends and coworkers. I think she realized that her allies have dwindled down to one. Make that two since that one is so overweight. I just shrugged and walked away.

I left the office to get some fruit. Mamono Mania filling my ears with fresh sounds I had never really heard before though some of it is reminiscent of music I used to listen to about 20 years ago. Part of me, knowing what I know now, feels an urge to form a band with Juan and make something happen. But he wants the band to be named Keytar and I was pushing for The Penelope Tree.

It’ll never work.

Wandered back to work quite lazily. Not hustling despite the cold. I set about my usual drudgeries, having a smoke with the IT guys when they’d go out. I have a lot of laughs with them. And this afternoon we saw a truck damage the overhang at the Drake Hotel across the street. No one got hurt which made it that much more enjoyable.

Finally I left the office to head home, smoking a Padron and listening to the dB’s. I needed to wind down with something familiar and certain songs of the dB’s were floating through my head. An adequate ending to an adequate day.