Daily Archives: March 12, 2006

Nobody’s Fault But My Own

I was told it would be understood if I took a sick day tomorrow. Jamie, the office manager said that. I don’t know whether or not I will. Julio just left and said I probably will. I don’t know. The job is driving me nuts. Just got to hang in there until Tuesday. That’s when I have a sit down in the morning with the Persian Bitch and Helen Devilakos. Then in the afternoon the staff support meeting where it has been told to me that the Persian Bitch will get her comeuppance.

It would be an interesting meeting. I do know that Helen Devilakos wants the staff to leave their prejudiceness behind and go to the meeting with an open mind. I also know that Jamie wants to expose the Persian Bitch for the horrible person she actually is. So it should be interesting either way. In any event I don’t plan on saying anything. I do plan on recording it.

I really do want to be out of that place. Why am I bothering to stay in such a sorry situation like that? If this is how they treat good employees like myself, then it’s like a wake up call. My mental health and some aspects of physical health are being affected by this job and it’s time for me to go. One of the problems with getting the new job is that I get paid more than what the jobs that are out there are offering. I’m priced too high, and I don’t want to take a pay cut.

I have 2.5 agents working on my behalf, or so I’d like to think. Having worked for a staffing agency I know how these companies run. A good agent will make you feel like he or she is working just for you. You just have to stay on top of them and cultivate a good relationship, just don’t be too pushy or annoying.

I supposedly came close a few times last year from interviews but didn’t quite make the cut. The job search actually started in November 2004, when both Sarah and Fay, two women I worked closely with decided to leave at about the same time. I immediately sprung into action, not wanting to work without the two of them, and got an interview for a position at the Time Warner Center for about 500 dollars more a year. I aced the interview and the job was basically mine, but then I found out I’d have to wear a uniform at the front desk.

I was told this wearing my double breasted Givenchy charcoal gray pinstriped suit. A fave suit of mine, very classy. I couldn’t see me wearing a suit with Time Warner Center embroidered on the breast pocket. Especially for 10 extra dollars a week. Sorry no can do. So I passed. Perhaps it would’ve been a different type of misery than the misery I am up to my neck in presently.

I really wouldn’t know. I’m miserable at work but I do look good, despite wearing my misery on the sleeve of a Hugo Boss suit.