Daily Archives: March 11, 2006


Last night was a blur. Apparently Bill came home around 2AM and saw Julio and I just chatting away. Total time displacemnet. A good time. Bill went to sleep around 2:30 and I guess Julio left at around 3AM. Talked about writing a script. Just need an idea to write about. I do remember saying that I would write the dialogue and he could write the direction. It could be cool, but we did try this once before and it ended badly. So once more into the breach I suppose. But then again it was drunk talk.

I slept the sleep of the drunken dead. Arising to rehydrate and take a gel cap. Had to get out of bed due to the wonderful bright sunny day. Bill got the bagels and the papers so I staved off the outside world, full of people. I didn’t want the beautiful day go to waste, mind you. I mustered enough energy to take a walk with Bill who was going off to drive his bus.

On the way I spotted a face from my past from McSwells. Midday. Nice guy partied quite a bit with him back in the day. He asked me if I was still working it, and I didn’t know what that meant. ‘You know, people, places and things’ I said sure. Then he was off to get a six pack for he was doing work on someone’s apartment. Midday really didn’t acknowledge Bill, who found Midday to be dismissive. Then again, I was someone he never expected to see at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Here I was on Washington Street, 12 hours after I drunkenly crashed into sleep and still a bit buzzed form the Absolut. I maintained composure, or at least I’d like to think it did. At least I didn’t mention Midday wearing spandex back in the day and sporting what could have been a grapefruit and banana combination. But of course, Midday is as straight as six o’clock.

I picked up dry cleaning for Bill and myself, almost crumbling underneath the sheer weight of clothes. Then I made it home and slept for about two hours. That was quite necessary and paid off.

Now Juan is here. We just watched ’24 Hour Party People’. It was my umpteenth time, and Juan’s first. He loved it. Most all of my friends do. I remember when it was in the theatres, I went on a winter afternoon with Pedro and Bill. Neither one knew of the story of Factory Records. I sure did. They both really loved it. It appeals to music geeks like myself and people that just want to be entertained by a good flick. It’s certainly a left of center film. I recommend it.

Now Juan and I are watching the Rufus Wainwright DVD. He is also into Rufus despite his earlier misgivings. Rufus is another subject where most of my friends that hear him, usually start to really dig him. He really grows on you.

So just a mellow night, a little hair of the dog. Cheers.