Daily Archives: March 9, 2006

Everything’s Gone Green

I think I’m hypoglycemic. I don’t eat and it all goes to shit. The good doctor Sunshine, aka my sister has the same thing when she doesn’t eat. My mood, my sexual frustration yesterday can all be tied to not eating. So I will eat when necessary. Work, which has been pissing me off, is a major factor in the stress level. Today the Persian Bitch insisted that I meet with Helen Devilakos and the guy that the Persian Bitch supports.

So we sat in the conference room and I was presented with the Persian Bitch’s accusations. I book conference rooms when needed. The Persian Bitch told Helen Devilakos that I change rooms that she has booked without telling her. That is not true. If it does happen I find a different room if the room that was booked runs over from a previous meeting. She says I do this to make her look inept. I don’t have to make her look inept, she IS inept. She insists that it happened on more than one occasion.

On another occasion as I’m doing my daily drudgery, stocking the fridge with Poland Spring, her Louis Vuitton bag was in the way and I said, “could you please move your bag?” With heavy sighing and huffing and puffing she did, but I cannot believe she complained about having to move her bag. This chick is a fucking bitch!

Next up was the accusation that I block her way, or jump in her way if I am walking down the hall or through a doorway. More fucking bullshit. I try not to have anything to do with this bitch, why would I want to be in her way and see her freeze dried face? I explained that I try to minimize any contact with her. I mentioned that I was advised to avoid her by her former coworkers.

Now this made Helen Devilakos think that I was doing research on the Persian Bitch. I explained that I am not doing research on the bitch, just that my partner, Bill had worked with her. And one night while hanging out with them, the coworkers found out that I was working for the Persian Bitch and they had advised me to stay the fuck away from her.

Helen Devilakos proceeds to say that this has got to end. I agree. She mentions that the Persian Bitch is willing to sit down with me and get past this. I say that I don’t want to be alone with this woman. Not for what I may do, because I wouldn’t do a thing, more like what she would say that I did. Helen Devilakos says that she’d be sitting in on this meeting. The two of them. Helen and the Persian Bitch. Two women that have knives out for me.

A team building exercise is on the board for Tuesday at 4PM. An outside team builder is going to come in and tell the support staff how to get along. And if it doesn’t work then whoever is not getting along will be fired. The guy the Persian Bitch supports finally chimes in and says how fed up with the situation. He hasn’t seen shit like this since he graduated in 1993.

He says it’s too cliquish. He gets paid a lot of money. Not for this, but for making money. He’s good at it, but his personal observation skills are mainly for stating the obvious. He is a nice guy though. Just don’t hire him for any detective work. Not even in a Clouseau sense.

So there is a team building thing happening and the guy who the Persian Bitch supports suggested we go to it, meaning the support staff, without skepticism. Helen Devilakos agrees and says we should go into the meeting without predjudice-ness. Yes, really, an exact quote. I recorded the meeting with my pocket tape recorder.