Daily Archives: March 4, 2006

Street Parade

Last night was quite entertaining with my brother Frank. Unfortunately we inadvertently shut Bill out most of the time. Such constant riffing and free associating can be difficult and not to mention the in jokes. Only Brian or Annemarie would be able to keep the pace, we’re that exclusive. Out of the partners or spouses, Elaine, by default would probably be the one who has the best chance to understanding the four siblings since she’s been married to Frank for ages. 30 years? More? It’s a blur.

Playing a track from REM’s ‘Murmur’. Their first album. Man it takes me back to a trip down to visit my cousins for a family reunion. I am so there in the back seat playing ‘Perfect Circle’ on my brand new Walkman2. Visiting the cousins from my mother’s side. The Bordentown contingent. A lovely and lively bunch.

Bill got up early this morning and did my morning routine of bagels and newspapers. I slept in which was quite nice. Slept rather well. Woke up at my leisure, read the papers, had some eggs. Bill had left to fulfill some familial duties.

Today was ST. Patrick’s Day in Hoboken and remembering from past experiences I knew that the bars and pubs would be full at 11AM. By 3PM there will be lines outside of them. It was a bright and sunny day and cold with a nasty bitter wind. Perfect weather for the Irish to have a parade no? Puerto Ricans have the right idea.

So I bundled up, got the camera, the Ipod and of course a Padron. Wandered around on my own. Last year met up with Rand and Lisa but haven’t heard from them in a while. Are they busy? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Am I on the outs? Is it 4:20?

Now playing ‘Isn’t It A Pity’ by George Harrison. I remember I bought this form Annemarie when I visited Arcata in 2001. Really a great record, lush production. I remember Anne saying she forgot how many great songs are on it. I remember going through Two Guy’s Department Store playing it on my pre boombox tape recorder. Loudly.

Bill just called and he’s babysitting his nephews/cousins. For free. I told him babysitters get PAID. The concept escapes him. Then again the last time I baby-sat, I got paid in food and access to cable TV.

Back to the parade. I found an old friend Gary from McSwells. He was watching the parade with his bud Danny from the prime vantage point of my bus stop. Various commentaries from the three of us as various groupings representing city hall, fire departments from around the area and different bars and pubs with a sprinkling of brand recognition pass us by.

And of course that brand recognition did its job and triggered an appetitive for Guinness. I mentioned this to Gary and Danny who seemed nonplussed at the idea. Could it be I forgot that Gary is a nocturnal drinker? But maybe they just vanted to be alone.

They split when the parade ended and I moseyed over to the Liquor store and bought a four pack of Guinness which I didn’t touch until the sun went down. Some kind of restraint.

here’s some pics