Daily Archives: March 3, 2006


Ok. Buzzing in a nice way. Bill went to bed after a two and a half hour visit from my dear brother, Frank. It was nice. The way we riff back and forth is amazing and rapid fire. So much so we shut Bill out unfortunately. I think of all the people I know, Rand is probably the one who can get most, if not all, of the pop culture references. And with me sitting next to the computer, fact finding is so much more easier.

Solves disagreements fast. And with Frank and myself, disagreements or challenges about trivial matters usually occur. We talked through just about everything Bill was watching. We tried, but something would set off a riff and there was no stopping it then.

It was a welcome relief from the horrors of today. That and some jazz cigarettes and some Absolut can’t help but think I jinxed what could have been the Persian Bitch’s last day by writing about it. I am near the end of my tether. The Persian Bitch has the Wanker Banker powers that be in fear of being sued. They have email records of her planning on suing the company dating back to Septemeber 2005, only a week or so after she started.

But she is claiming to be harassed and subject to threats from me. It’s perverse and not in a good way. I had a better day at work yesterday than I did today and I was hung over as fuck yesterday. I was fed up and left work at 3:00. Wandered to the Path train in the cold, finding solace in a Padron cigar.

Jeez I mention Padrons so much they should pay me for publicity. I’m sure the six people who read this are as avid as I am for cigars.

Getting home a few hours earlier than usual enabled me to clean up the apartment somewhat in preparation for Frank’s arrival. Throwing out papers, filing papers, turning over the futon for maximum comfort and also because we should have done it ages ago. It was much easier to do when Bill came home earlier than usual

We succeeded and had some dinner while waiting for the perpetually late Frank. I have to admit when he called me telling me he wasn’t coming over since he was too tired. He made the call outside the apartment building from the cell phone he never uses. He got me good.

Like I said it was good to have him over. Having a good time, lot’s of laughs and in jokes which inadvertently shut Bill out. Elaine gets shut out I’m sure when we riff just like Rex would if I riff with Annemarie or Karen would if I riffed with Brian. Oh the poor spouses of my clan.

Bill was enraptured with the TV anyway, so we were just white noise, probably both literally and figuratively. We watched Bill Maher and Frank slinked off when it ended after a final riff in the hallway.

Bill is in bed, and I am soon to join him.