Train In Vain

Well the representatives from the Pipers Union have been knocking on my skull all day long. You wanna dance, you got to pay the piper. They’ve formed a union and have gotten quite feisty. I danced. I pay. A wonderful party last night in Westwood NJ for my sister in law, Karen’s 50th birthday. Most of her siblings were there, most of my siblings were there. Good food, good music dancing and an open bar. The open bar was more like a kennel, since I was actively seeking out the hair of the dog that had bit me the night before.

My brother Frank was there with Elaine and Meghan and her boyfriend Rob, and Cory. I was with Bill who won the hearts of most of the women there by dancing. I hadn’t seen Bill dance in a long time and he was really cutting up the rug. He really has a good time dancing and it shows. I even got onto the dance floor a few times, dancing with Karen, Hillary, Cassie and their friends, Karen’s friends from the swim club. Danced with Karen to Kool and the Gang’s ‘Celebration’, which was a long running joke.

At Brian and Karen’s wedding, I was having such a good time, that the main thing I remember from the reception is Karen going ‘Woo Hoo’ in her wedding gown on the dance floor. Despite Karen’s statements that she wouldn’t be dancing to ‘Celebration’, there she was on the dance floor with her sisters and me in the middle.

I also danced with Elaine to The B-52’s ‘Love Shack’ The open bar was a calling and I joined my underage niece Cory there for a shot of chilled Absolut. I was in the midst of many good vibes. Karen’s family has always been so warm and welcoming. My cousin, Jack was there with his wife Corinne. Not much dancing for them. For some reason they sat on the opposite side of the room. They did meander over before they headed out. Jack’s a really nice guy, down to earth.

The last of the O’Toole’s. Though he’s my cousin, he was closer in age and spirit to my father. He’s also pretty right wing but politics was wisely avoided. Corinne, his wife is a real sweetheart. I wonder if they discussed how wasted I was. I was handling it all well I thought. But still as Bill will attest, when I hit a certain level of drinking, my lips get all trembly.

Karen’s family had gone through a difficult year or so, losing both parents. When Karen called me last month to tell me about the party, she mentioned the need to get together for a happy occasion. She and Brian pulled it off. Like I said, lot’s of smiles and laughs and clinking of glasses.

I don’t remember the car ride home much, but we got home safe and intact. Had to work at Farfetched today which was difficult at first, got better after a lunch, and then became difficult again. Working retail during the holidays is taxing on a body like mine after 2 nights of parties.

Worked with Harry and Lois, with visits from Bill, and Pedro and his girlfriend Connie. Good feeling abounded this weekend. Must be the holiday season. So now I’m toast. Flat lining and writing this and chatting with Cory thru AIM. I have pics to work on, and send. So I’ll be busy, but oh my bed, it’s a calling and only a matter of a few feet away from me….

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