Just One Of Those Things

I seem to have picked the wrong time to be off of work. There is no one around. Everyone is either working, in Denmark, San Francisco or sick with the flu. Libido was staring me in the face today. And no relief with Bill’s schedule this week. Déjà vu? I don’t think so.

So after doing my morning routine of getting the bagels and the papers, making breakfast and coffee I usually sit in front of a box, either the TV or the computer. And I do one of those things everyday when I’m at work. So I chat or watch TV. And there is really nothing on TV this week. No daily showing of King Kong. Maybe I dreamt all that up.

I was tired of climbing the walls. So I bounced into the city to WTC. Went to Ann Street which was a complete waste of time. Annoying at parts. That was a waste of money, so I walked up up up through Chinatown, Little Italy, Lower East Side and the East Village.

It was a nice day. The sun was shining and I was able to smoke my cigar in relative comfort. Lot’s of cute guys out, all different shapes, sizes and colors. I had my Ipod on playing Led Zeppelin so if they said, “Hey Mister, You Bangin’” I would not have heard it.

When I walk down the street with Bill, he seems to always see guys that are clocking me. Clocking means being checked out. I am usually oblivious to it. I rarely see it. I even see chicks checking out Julio sometimes. I guess everyone gets checked out. I used to be more aware of it then.

Now I have an Ipod.

So who needs my friends who are scattered through out the world? Not me, as long as I got 30GB. I can watch video on it. Probably could download porn somewhere, somehow. I’m sure it’s possible. Then all I have to do is wait for Steve Jobs to come out with a device that does…..

That was a joke. No really.

Ok, Ann Street was busy yet crowded and one pesky Ebola carrying mosquito would not leave me alone. I wonder if it will be reported somewhere that Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been spotted leaving some seedy clubs downtown. I had enough of the mosquito and split.

It was a weird scene. My curiosity was piqued though and my imagination freed. Some pretty good ideas that I may or may not carry on. And a few that I will definitely carry on with. And since I’ve been writing this dreary thing, you’ll find out probably within hours after it happens.

I should’ve suggested this before the Holidays, but you can, of course change that by taking up a collection amongst yourselves, (yes, both of you) and buying me a laptop, fully loaded so that after the things I have in mind happen, you’ll find out instantly.

Well almost instantly. I would have to wash up first.

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  1. T5

    Sorry that I couldn’t accomodate you, bubee. OT like this won’t happen for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. But it’ll happen, it’ll definitely happen.

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