Good Vibrations

I bring thee glad tidings and well wishes. Though tomorrow is but another day, I thought I’d tell you today. The lobster department has made fun of all excess baggage and with ample displays of affection decided you should be alerted to the strange and peculiar dreams you’ve been having.

Yes we in the Fromm Fromm Group have noticed certain abrasions not normally seen to the naked eye. That’s why we decided to close this particular eye. I personally didn’t like the way it’s been looking at me. I’m sorry naked isn’t closed. It’s clothed. Misprint you see.


Heads will roll. What if no one is calling? Yes, that is a good question. Unfortunately there are no easy answers. Plenty of easy questions though. In fact on page 323 in the catalog you will see we have a sale on easy questions. Just enter promo code N967GH
And it will be deducted from the final sale.


Say what? Say what? The muthafuckin show is over. Get your ass outta here, ya heard?
I come correct y’all. Don’t even try it. Why you gotta be all up I my grill and shit? What the fuck is that all about? You got major squabbles son. Major squabbles. Just keep it gully yo.

When I say ‘What’ you say ‘Who’. ‘What’ “WHO’ ‘What’ ‘WHO’ And now a little bit of this, a little bit of that.


Hung out today with Juan. Met up in Bokeyland and rode the Path to Christopher Street. Had a late lunch at the Grey Dog Café on Carmine Street, and then we hit the Anti-imperialist Bookstore across the street. Juan wanted to go to Urban Outfitters, so we strolled up Sixth Avenue.

Juan’s a funny guy. Smart and quick witted. Always good to meet someone fast thinking like that. I have no complaints. Well I do, but not about Juan. He tells me tales of woe regarding his escapades. Or was it Ice Capades? I can’t really see him on ice. I can see him drinking something on ice though.

You will have to visit his blog to find out what is going on in life. I ain’t saying shit.

We came back and watched a Rufus Wainwright DVD that I wanted for Christmas but instead rented through Netflix. Pretty cool DVD. Interviews with Elton and Neil Tennant from Pet Shop Boys and Jake and Baby Daddy from Scissor Sisters. Yes, it was a big gay fest, sans towels.

Diggin the Ipod immensely. Downloaded for free the SNL Digital Short, “Lazy Sunday” which was the short I may have mentioned a few weeks ago. Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell. Brilliant.

Right now listening to the Pet Sounds Sessions that I borrowed from Frank. Now it’s Caesaria Evora from Cape Verde. Love the shuffle.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas or another holiday. Mine was good. Happy to be here, ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is now the paranoid thought that maybe I shouldn’t have written that. Tempting fate they say. William, my ex flatmate used to say Tempting Providence, not knowing that providence is actually a good thing, so tempting it might not be such a bad idea.

And life flows on within you and without you.

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