Beauty and the Beast

Last night had Juan, aka mamonohunterneo from over. Nothing sexual, just hanging out for some drinks. Holiday time you know. It was mellow. He was supposed to come over on Christmas night but schedules and arrivals and departures made it necessary to realign.

Bill initially thought he was coming over for a rendezvous, but I reassured him that it wasn’t the case. So around 9:00 Juan rang the buzzer and started the climb to the fifth floor. He revealed himself to be a lot taller than his online photo would have you believe.

But he was good company, drinking Absolut straight, mine was on the rocks with Diet 7Up and Bill of course didn’t drink. Some blazin’ went on and feeding of cake. We watched the last installment of ‘A Decade Under The Influence’, which featured Star Wars and Jaws.

I had to explain to Juan how big those movies actually were. Major events in my life. I remembered going to the Hiway Theatre in Fair Lawn late one Friday night to see Jaws when that came out. I don’t remember who I went with to see Star Wars, but was able to recollect seeing it 3 times in one day.

After a few hours of drinking and blazin’ I was getting ready to crash. I had hit the plateau a little while earlier, and I knew what was around the corner. We watched some more videos on DVD but Juan started to come down as well. I arranged for a cab to come and drive him home and walked him downstairs.

The cab came soon enough and I came back up and attempted to tie last night’s blog together but all the words kept moving about the screen. I felt it would be best to finalize it this morning, which I did. It was nice to find some people wondering where the blog was for 12.26.

It appeared eventually after some coffee. I had an idea to see King Kong with Bill tonight and made arrangements. Also received word from Juan that his wallet had gone missing. I checked around here to make sure it wasn’t here, nor under the couch and it wasn’t. He must have had it to pay for his cab. I gave him the number of the cab company, but I still don’t think it was turned in.

Met up with Bill and walked to AMC25 on 42nd Street. The 6:20 show was sold out so we bought 7:00 tickets. Then we went to McDonalds to get something to eat. I know, McDonalds. It had been a few years, but we were starving, and King Kong is almost 3 hours long so it was a couple of burgers and fries for the both of us. After wolfing them down, we made the long climb to the theatre that was screening King Kong. It’s a gigantic cinema-plex, 25 theatres.

We settled in and it was sold out shortly after. 15 minutes of commercials and coming attractions and it started. It was great, a good homage to the original 1930’s original. The sets were fantastic for 1930’s Manhattan. And there is the sadness. I was hoping that they could get away, Ann and Kong, but really where would they go?

To the special land where Tony and Maria live when the two of them flee the West Side Story, yeah that’ll do.

The original captivated me. If I remember correctly WOR Channel 9 would show it everyday between Christmas and New Year’s which was great if you were out of school on break like I was.

I was so captivated that I used to drive my mother nuts, constantly asking if she saw King Kong climbing the Empire State Building when she was growing up in 1930’s Bronx. Or ask her the name of the theme song. She knew a lot about music so why wouldn’t it be possible that she wouldn’t know the theme from King Kong?

Well, she didn’t.

Bill and I are planning to go see Brokeback Mountain. I was hoping for Thursday, he was hoping for Friday. I’m on vacation and have nothing to do. He’s working and has his work friends, and made plans with Brad the photog to go to Nat Sherman’s Cigar thing on Thursday. I was surprised and said that I thought Brokeback Mountain was something we should do, but in retrospect, we can go Friday. But Bill’s hesitant.

Really doesn’t matter. I could even join the two of them on Thursday. I think out of the three of us, I’d know about and smoke more cigars than the two of them combined. Plus I had been invited to these Thursday night Cigar things in the past by online chatters, so who knows? Maybe I’ll know some of them…

Still unresolved. I’d like to meet Brad, and I’d like to smoke a cigar, so perhaps.

Bill on the bus
homage to song

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