Progress report courtesy of Absolut. I know, what else is knew. The past entries lately have been fueled by Swedish Vodka. For the left coast, relax, don’t worry. I’m not driving as I write this. It’s mellow, cheap and once again, Tis the season. Believe me left coasters, I know you would if you could!

Friday the 23rd of December. Party weekend indeed. Well I’m partying. Having a fine time. No complaints on this end. Made it to work today. The lie that I put out yesterday became real today. I suppose that might fall under the heading of Karma. Bill is looking at photos that he has taken. And looking at photos that have been taken of him. Hot stuff.

Really. Hot enough that I might join the next photo session. A friend of his from work, Brad has been expanding his photographic vocabulary with sessions with Bill. Highly charged, erotic, and some bearing the work of a fluffer. Which surprisingly enough doesn’t really bother me.

We plan, I suggested that we do a session together. I haven’t met the photog yet, but I do like him. He was someone that Bill spoke to during our troubles and he gave Bill some sage advice. Sage enough for someone younger than both of us. Ok, so maybe sage isn’t the right word. But it was good advice enough to make me appreciate it, via Bill.

The progress report is that no SAS planes went down. Julio made it to Copenhagen, and is probably with Stine as I write this. Of course it’s 5AM or so he’s wide awake and Stine is asleep. Or maybe they’re both awake. That’s more like it. And that’s all I’ll have to say on that matter.

Bill and I watched Beetlejuice which he never saw before and he loved it, how could he not?

The other night Julio and I in our endless discussion talked about Bill and I. I once again professed my love for the big lug. There’s something about him, intangible, that I really love. I see it, I feel it. It’s quite real. The problems that happened were many and on both sides.

But I’d rather not get into that. I’m feeling pretty good. That’s why we’re going into counseling in January. January 9th to be exact at 7:15PM. Should be weird. How could it not be?

I have issues, he has issues. That’s what we have to work out.

But I’m feeling good, don’t want to deal with that right now. So what can I write about?
Good question. I’m like Kerouac right now, so anything can happen. In the sense that I’m buzzin’.

Rod 2.0 is up and running. I enjoy his blog. Slanted to the gay black male, but open minded enough to include anyone who has a brain. But it really helps if you’re gay. We’ve exchanged emails the past few days. He’s been encouraging in the past and it was my turn to do the same.

I love Bill very much and want to make him happy. I know he feels the same. La Di Da.

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