Daily Archives: December 22, 2005

I’ve done it again

Julio has flown off to Copenhagen to get married to Stine. Last night we hung out and I guess it was an informal bachelor party. Bill joined us for a little while, but mostly it was Julio and myself. I’ve known Julio for almost 20 years, he knows me pretty well. Can’t get away with any shit when he’s around which is fine.

He’s a good friend like that. I came home and had an Absolut after work and was joined soon after by Julio. We just fell into our roles and rapped all night. Talked about Stine whom we both love, talked about our upbringings, our father’s and death. Not exactly a swinging bachelor party despite my repeated offers to strip for him.

He refused to strip for me of course so no nudity was involved. My offer of a lap dance terrified him also. I’d probably crush him. He showed the ring to Bill and myself and quite a lovely ring it is. Hopefully he brought it with him on the plane. I know he did, he’s not the forgetful type.

We were up until 2-ish just rapping and drinking. After he left I waddled off to bed. Bill was quite aware of me in the bed as I probably just flopped onto him. Due to the Transit strike, he’s been getting up at 4:30. He says he repeated kissed me before he left, but I was in a vegetative state. And no feeding tube involved.

I woke up at my usual time and got in the shower, washed up, dried off and started getting dressed when I realized I was in no condition to go to work. Not up to snuff and it was my turn to not deal with the Transit strike today. Or deal with anything today. So I called in sick. I know, what the fuck, but believe me, it was for the best.

I will be in tomorrow, that’s a given. But today, uh uh, No way. If I made it in it would have turned out badly. I would’ve crashed by noon. I did the right thing for the wrong reason.

There were occasional moments of guilt and self loathing today followed by a low pressure system. Julio stopped up for some coffee, and was amazed as I was by how much vodka we drank. Tis the season you know. We didn’t kill the bottle, but caused it grievous bodily harm

Coffee, Tylenol and lot’s of water were the breakfast menu. He was packed up and ready to go. I am quite happy for him, and for Stine. She’s a great, pretty and intelligent woman and she brings out a really good side of a really good guy. I wish I could fly over for the ceremony but it’s not in my financial plan at this moment.

I wish them all the best that I can. A lovely couple. A safe trip there and back and a long and happy future for the both of them. Cheers!