Daily Archives: December 12, 2005

Needles in the Camel’s Eye

Today was back to reality day. And man was it ugly. Didn’t want to get out of bed, would rather have been under the covers all day. One of Bill’s talents is emitting heat throughout the night. And his climate control isn’t so bad either.

Got the bus, had nothing to read, so I dreadfully stared at the back of people’s heads. Worked my way up to the office via the subway, did the usual start up of office services. I had a meeting with the president of the company. Hard to tell if he’s alive or not. One should check for a pulse when speaking with him one on one about serious matters.

He was asking about my Critical Few Objectives, known as CFO’s. Each pee on at the company has to make a list on things that they can do to improve their situation and in turn make the company a better place. I was told about this weeks ago, but kept putting it off. Every time I started, I would notice there were too many expletives. Fuck this, fuck that, etc.

So I had to run and print out 2 copies of last year’s CFO’s. I promised to be on time more often, which was easy since I’m almost always on time. Keep my desk tidy, not to talk down to people (even when they do it to me). The last one was an actual quote. All this to find out what a cheap bonus I was getting.

I played grateful. I just wanted to get away from this impotent figurehead. All we did was talk about the same old shit I had been talking with him about for the past four months, which he did absolutely nothing about. And he said he would’ve. Asshole. The situation has gotten from bad to worse, and I blame his inaction.

We even talked about Hope. We talked about me being an office manager. His reaction was to ask if I could lead people I don’t get along with. The proper question should have been could people that don’t get along with me follow my lead. I think the answer is no. The writing on the wall has started getting clearer.

Then Christina had her meeting with him. Her’s was briefer than mine, since I had been there longer, Christina had been there since March. One of my CFO’s from last year was to delegate jobs better, but I usually wind up doing everything myself. She sits and shops and surfs and talks to her mother on the phone. Fine with me, just would like her to do what I tell her to do right away. But it usually takes a few repeats.

Then I had another interview with the company I interviewed with last Thursday. They called me back while at the office holiday party, and I arranged for a lunchtime interview with someone else. This totaled 5 people at the same firm that I’ve interviewed with. Seemed promising. But this guy wanted to know about my college background, and I perhaps answered honestly and therefore, incorrectly. He asked if I graduated from High School and when. I guess it’s really the only way to find out how old someone is without actually asking, which is against the law.
This was in the room where I had today’s interviews.

It’s also the second picture that I took while waiting to meet with someone there. So cheeky!

He also wanted to know about jobs that weren’t on my resume. He asked about HBJ, I even told him about Murdoch Magazines, but didn’t mention the major snowstorms that occurred almost daily in the slide room.

These interviews are tedious. It ended soon enough, and I was about to leave when Carl, someone I interviewed with last week told me 2 more people wanted to meet with me. So I sat back down in the conference room for a minute. Carl reappeared and said they couldn’t make it but asked me some questions, like ‘If we were to hire you, when would you start?’

I said January, since I’d like to give two weeks notice at work, and would be away for the last week of the year. I asked Carl if it looked good for me to get the position. He replied, “Well I am asking you these questions for a reason.”

That left me with some hope.

I got back to my desk, no one really didn’t notice I wasn’t there anyway. I asked Christina how much she was getting for her bonus, and it turns out she’s getting a bigger bonus than me. I was pissed, not at her, but the whole fucking unfairness of the fucking situation.

Then later, I got an email from a job search engine about a job that looked suspiciously like mine. I applied for it. I know what I was doing, and thought I’d let them know what they were up to. Fucking douche bags.

Met Bill after work and we walked from 56th and Park to 10th street and University in the Village. I told him about the day’s events. Bill was incredulous. He agreed that I should get the hell out of there.

Then we had couples counseling, or at least the final intake before the counseling begins. Trudged home in the cold and here I am.