Haunted by last night’s movie, Rent. It certainly was touching. Seasons of Love and the theme, No Day But Today mainly. Those are the most haunting songs for me at least. The walk home produced the two pictures last night with Bill. It was a good walk. The bus ride was nice too with Bill putting his arm around my shoulders. For those that don’t play on my team, a move like that upsets some people, when it’s between two guys.

We came home, I wrote, he went to bed. That’s where the real fun began. I won’t get into detail, but wow…

Drank 2 bottles of wine with Julio over the weekend. I had the average two day weekend, most everyone else had a four day weekend. We polished off the second half of a big bottle and then after that, moved onto the good stuff. One of the partners at work gave me a bottle of Ahnfeldt 2002 Merlot from the Napa Valley. It kicked our asses. Apparently, according to what I looked up online, it’s a 44 dollar bottle of wine. And they only made 200 or so cases. So it’s not in our usual price range. We’re not box wine drinkers, nor are we the screw top variety.

Not anymore at least.

So this wine kicked our asses. Mine more so. We even ate beforehand. I cooked burgers on the George. We watched the Bob Dylan movie, “Masked and Anonymous’. I really enjoy that flick, if only for his playing with his band. Some handsome guys in that band, though I thought they looked corny when I saw them all those years ago at the Beacon. Patti Smith opened, and she was the reason I went.

Was not so much into Bob then. We split halfway through his set. Patti was amazing. It was actually my first time seeing her. She didn’t wet herself. Neither did I.

After the movie, Julio buzzed along and watched SNL with Steve Carrell hosting and Kanye West as the musical guest. A pretty good repeat. Probably wouldn’t have stayed up to watch the whole thing if it wasn’t for the wine and the company. I’m not complaining, both were good.

I’d like to think it was a hangover from the wine that tainted part of the day. I had gotten so depressed over my work situation. It’s dire, at least mentally for me. It prevented me from enjoying things like reading the paper, though that in itself is usually depressing. I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to music. Julio helped get me out of the house, and into the city.

Twice in a weekend is major. I hardly ever do that. Not that I hate the city, just lay-zee. I do enjoy myself. We went to Niwaka so I could pick up my ring after I had it cleaned. Very nice and shiny. Looking like brand new. I promised myself that I won’t wash dishes with it on anymore. Don’t want to be lacking in luster. I like Niwaka, they tolerate my Japanese.

Co Nee Chi Wah, Origato, Hi. And a lot of bowing. All very new to me. I say Origato and they come out with a whole bunch of new words in Japanese. I blush. Julio, who could have a future as a diamond merchant if he only applied himself, was talking to a woman about rings. A regular Suaron he is. After that we went to the Wine Bar on Wooster where we drank more wine. A hair of the dog.

Lewis Lapham is retiring next year. He hung out the Beatles in Rishikesh. How cool can this guy get?

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